Epoch Times Staff

Feb 5, 2010

Mr. Nunn was enthused by Shen Yun's performance in Dallas, Texas, on Feb. 6. (The Epoch Times)

DALLAS--Classical Chinese dance and music took the stage at the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas on the evening of Saturday, Feb. 6. This was the last of three shows performed by the New York-based Shen Yun International Company in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. Nunn, a senior executive with an outsourcing company, goes to many dance shows, but this was his first time to see classical Chinese dance on stage.

"The show was very entertaining," Mr. Nunn said. "The classical Chinese dance was exciting."

Shen Yun is billed as the premier classical Chinese dance company in the world. Classical Chinese dance requires some of the most rigorous training of any dance form. It is one of the most expressive dance forms and dates back several thousand years.

"It was very colorful and with the elements of Chinese religion interwoven in the dance, overall an entertaining performance," said Nunn.

Mr. Nunn was pleased to see a live orchestra traveling with the dance company. "I thought the music was beautiful," he said.

The live orchestra consists of dozens of performers who combine Western classical music tradition with Chinese instruments to create a unique musical score that accompanies the dancers' movements.

Shen Yun has three dance companies and three orchestras. While one company performs 10 shows in Los Angeles, the other Shen Yun companies will be performing in Worcester, Mass.; Dallas; Springfield, Ill; St. Louis, and New York.

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