(Clearwisdom.net) The CCP's persecution of Falun Gong continues after over 10 years. The Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group has received many comments from people from around the world. They condemned CCP's persecution and expressed their sympathy towards Falun Gong practitioners. The following are some selected comments.

Ramachandran Vaidyanath

From: Ottawa, Ontario. Canada

"It is most painful, poignant and tragic to read these true to life stories of torture and murder of men and women of conscience for wanting to follow a spiritual practice of elevating their mind nature, moral character. Compared to 9/11 which is termed "Terrorism" where the governing State apparatus can monitor the safety of the citizens and punish the terrorists, this is the worst kind of Terrorism. It is committed by an autocratic state against its own most vulnerable people, because they are peaceful and spiritual.

When an authoritarian State perpetrates this on its own people, by holding itself above the rule of law and the State-controlled media bad-mouths and ostracizes a ring-fenced group of prisoners of conscience, it is no different than genocide.

I applaud the courage of conviction of these vulnerable spiritual practitioners."

Robert W. Dudek

From: USA

"The crimes of the Chinese communist government against peaceful followers of Falun Gong are crimes against humanity and as such deserve our strongest condemnation and action. Nobody should conduct any business with the perpetrators of such crimes and they should stand trial for their actions. I hope and pray that all Falun Gong followers in China will be free soon."

Steve McLean

From: New Zealand

"Stop the persecution of this very good and peaceful practice. Stop the violation of human rights of all groups. We can not keep silence! We should tell the truth as it is and not as it is shown by China oriented mass media. They misinform the world on a large scale."

William Sheridan

From: United Kingdom

"Stop the persecution of peaceful practice. This crime of the Chinese Communist Party against humanity must be punished."

Dijana Kotarac

From: Zagreb - Croatia

"This is really sad. The Chinese government is cruel. This attitude is truly unacceptable. they should be stopped - through severe economic measures, as they are only sensitive to their financial reports."

Imo Beck

From: Germany

"I will boycott products made in the PRC. So sick of it."


From: Melbourne, Australia

"Stop torturing people, STOP this CRIME against humanity!"

Binghamton University

From: USA

"Unless China starts respecting the inalienable fundamental rights of human beings it will never be able to achieve the place in global society that it thinks it should occupy."

Jessica W. Weldon

From: Ireland

"This is a tragedy. Something must be done to stop this!!!!!!"

Julia Quantrill

From: Australia

"Speechless, terrible atrocities, China is portrayed as a forward moving nation, this is more backward than I ever thought possible!!!!"

Stephen Lewis

From: USA

"Persecution of religious minority groups in China cannot go on if America is to deal with China as a cooperative partner."

Merlin B. Brinkerhoff

From: Canada

"China has become a world power and needs to show leadership in matters of human rights. She must cease from persecuting adherents to the Falun Gong."

Lori Logan

From: USA

"This has got to STOP - I will not buy any products made in China."

Margaret Griffiths

From: United Kingdom

"[China:] Please stop the torture immediately and respect human rights."

Shiran Bershadsky

From: Israel

"Stop this genocide in China."

Dr R.J. Rowell

From: Highlands of Scotland

"Stop the torture- it solves nothing.We must respect Human Rights."

Navdeep Singh Sarao

From: India

"Please stop the persecution!"

Alimin Zheung

From: Indonesia

"Stop the persecution of Falun Gong"

Zellhofer Sabine

From: Austria

"I am sad that humans can do this!Stop this immediately!"

Kim Tostenson

From: U.S.A.

"The persecution of Falun Gong practitioners is another crime against humanity and a form of genocide...for all our sakes this madness must end! China should never have been granted the Olympics and now more than 10,000 innocents have paid the ultimate price for that terrible mistake! When will the world stand up and scream 'No More'?"

Nikolai Tschudin

From: Switzerland Buchs

"I know that the persecution will come to an end!"

Fionnuala Kelly

From: New Zealand

"The Chinese Government is a brutal, cruel regime when acting against any group or person who stands up for human rights. Its inhuman actions cannot be countenanced and pressure needs to be exerted to stop these barbaric practices."

Junghie Elky

From: USA

"Please stop the torture and persecution. The Chinese Government must see it as inhumane and not to their benefit."

John-Charles Carey/Newswriters Network

From: USA

"The World is watching. We must do more."

Solomon J. Herbert

From: United States

"How can one human being do this to another human being? This and all torture must stop immediately."

Kate Maybury

From: Australia, Sydney

"The mistreatment of innocent human beings must stop. The Chinese Communist regime is just as bad as the Nazis who killed and persecuted the Jews in WW2 for no reason other than their religion.
This is another genocide which must stop now. May God smite the regime for doing this. This is not about religion but more so of the disgusting treatment that these innocent people endure because they believe and practice Falun Gong.
Stop the persecution now!!"

Arek Rusek

From: Canada

"This crime has gone on for too long , Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong in China!"


From: USA

"Stop persecuting your own people !!No Human Being can do such thing !!!"

Stop buying "Made in China".

Daniela Lopez

From: Mexico/Chihuahua

"Please stop the violence. We want a world of peace!"

Holly Kellum

From: Colorado USA

"When in response to genocide we say 'never again', we should mean it."

Mary Rose Gearty

From: Ireland

"Torture solves nothing and fosters hatred and fear. Stop it."