(Clearwisdom.net) I'm an older woman and I live in the countryside. I have always wanted to write down the magnificent things that have happened to me since I started to practice Falun Dafa, but I'm not well educated and didn't have the courage to do so. Recently I've read some articles by fellow practitioners talking about how they benefited from practicing Dafa and how grateful they are towards Teacher, and I decided that I should write down my experiences as well. I owe these experiences to Teacher and Dafa, and I should let people know the magnificence I've experienced from the Fa.

Before I practiced Dafa, at age 55 my whole body was full of illness. I had emotional problems. Every time I caught a cold I would have a nosebleed and a bad headache; I had poor eyesight; I had a small sarcoma at the corner of my right eye. I also had other illnesses including a constant runny nose, throat tumor, tuberculosis B, hepatitis, nephritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. I wet the bed every night since I couldn't control my bladder. I was so desperate that I wanted to die.

On my husband's birthday in 1999, my younger brother brought me the book Zhuan Falun. He said I should practice Falun Gong. I used to practice different kinds of qigong and they had harmed my body, so I said, "I don't want to learn anything anymore." My younger brother left the book for me and said, "Read the book first. Then you can decide whether you want to practice it or not."

Two days later, I thought, "Well, since the book was brought to me, I might have some predestined relationship with it. Let me read it." That night my husband had a dream where some people came and took me away, saying they'd cure my illnesses. I realized that this book is supernormal and decided I should practice this qigong system.

Previously, it felt like my stomach was full even when I didn't eat anything. I was weak and I couldn't do much work. However, the first day I read the book, I burped a few times and I felt my stomach was very light. Over the next few days, I kept burping. I became very comfortable and I started to have a good appetite. After I read the book once, I was so happy that I cried. I had so much suffering in my life. After reading the book, I came to know why. I put the book in a good place. Then I knelt down and kowtowed to Teacher's picture three times. I swore that I would be a determined disciple of Teacher and the Fa.

On April 9, I started to watch Teacher's Fa lectures. The next day, I was working on seeding when it appeared that my nephritis became worse. However, I felt different. Before, I wouldn't be able to do any work. This time, I could still work. I knew that Teacher was eliminating karma for me. That night, I sat on a brick bed, which hadn't been heated, for two hours. After I went home, I didn't feel sick at all. In fact, my nephritis was gone and I no long wet the bed at night. I was so glad. Falun Dafa is magnificent! Many years ago, when I had my kids, I got a kind of postpartum illness that resulted in my legs being crooked when I walked. My legs were sore for the first few times that I practiced the Falun Dafa exercises, but then my legs returned to their normal shape since Teacher fixed my leg bones.

One day when I was coughing, I spit out a purple-red ball of blood. Over the next three days, I kept spitting out blood. Then I spit out cement-colored stuff for two days. On the sixth day, bloody strips came out of my nose again. Some of them were as long as chopsticks. It happened several times a day and I kept going like that for three days. I braved all of these with my firm belief in Teacher. Meanwhile, I calmly explained my understandings to my family so that they didn't have any misunderstandings about this process. At the same time, I continued to work. Eight days later, I became totally healthy!

Teacher cleaned up my body several times. After that, all my illnesses were gone. It is Teacher that gave me a second life.

There are many other miracles that have happened to me. I'll always keep Teacher and the Fa in my heart. It is such a good feeling to be blessed by the Fa. I will try my best to work on the "three things" that Teacher has asked us to do. I will follow Teacher back home.