(Clearwisdom.net) Soon we will have the Shen Yun DVDs ready again for 2010. I think that not only Dafa practitioners are anxiously awaiting this; that in fact people around the world are awaiting as well. I would like to share a little bit of my experience regarding Shen Yun.

I feel there are so many benefits from watching Shen Yun. First of all it can purify people's thoughts and eliminate the contamination of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) culture. Although the Shen Yun performance is not the same as Teacher's lectures, it is an expression of five thousand years of Chinese culture, the wonders of Dafa, and the truth of the persecution of Falun Dafa.

The lyrics especially have the effect of purifying the soul, edifying the ideology of compassion, providing guidance, unlocking people's hearts, and opening up the seal of people's long forgotten memories to make them aware of their reasons of existence, the true meaning of life, and understanding of the truth of Dafa. This allows them to choose their glorious futures. This is an inspiration to the people of the world, and to Dafa practitioners as well. Although I cannot see into other dimensions, Shen Yun has shown me the grand stage of the art of the heavens of Buddhas, Daos, and Gods. Seeing Shen Yun has given me a feeling of transcendence from the secular world. Everything appears so authentic that I feel as if I'm immersed in it. It has really reinvigorated my faith in cultivation.

A person's mind can be thought of as a container. It is filled with what's put into it. After viewing the vile CCP television programs, the mind is just filled with lust, violence, and all kinds of evil human emotions. When the mind is filled with the pure truth, compassion, and beauty of Shen Yun, the evil Party culture will be cleansed. I don't even glance at those CCP TV programs now and I have completely eliminated my attachment to television. Hence I make a case to all practitioners who still have this attachment to stop watching television because your mind will only be filled with bad things. While we study the Fa we're cleansing ourselves of these bad things, but if we then watch CCP TV programming, aren't we putting it back in? Isn't this the same as poisoning ourselves? If we have the time, why not watch Shen Yun? Everyone loves watching Shen Yun. At the same time, it forms a field to eliminate evil. If even we Dafa practitioners don't love watching Shen Yun, how could the people of the world love Shen Yun? Isn't our environment transformed by us? My personal thoughts are that the recent obstruction of Shen Yun in Hong Kong may be due to the factors in this area. Hence, I suggest that all mainland Chinese practitioners watch Shen Yun often to form a field to welcome Shen Yun's early arrival to mainland China.

Because Teacher is involved in Shen Yun and Dafa practitioners perform in it, Teacher has said the energy given off during a Shen Yun performance is no less than that of Teacher's Fa sessions in the early days. Even though we're not physically present, the inner meaning of Shen Yun is really of great benefit to our cultivation and truth clarification. Aside from its inner meanings and its excellent performances, what has really touched me deeply about Shen Yun is the coordination of the entire Shen Yun body, the performers, producer, director, costumes, props, backdrops, pictures, colors, lighting, orchestra director, orchestration, instrumental performances, acoustics, dances, performances, expressions, movements, etc. The coordination and synchronization of it all is simply unbelievable. The overall coordination of Shen Yun has really set an example to us mainland China practitioners. I think if every practitioner from mainland China could coordinate just as well in validating the Fa and clarifying the truth, the environment in mainland China already would have been long established. More people would have been saved and Dafa practitioners would have experienced fewer losses.

February 9th, 2010