Several days ago I finally understood the meaning of,

"What is given up is not one's self

It's all foolishness in the maze"

("Discarding Attachments" in Hong Yin II)

It happened as it was approaching the New Year. I had made some Dafa related posters which have pictures of Dafa spreading to the world and looked good hanging in the hallways of buildings.

Two fellow practitioners said they did not want the posters. I was a little upset because they had been approved by other practitioners. Why were they not good now? I thought again, why I am upset? What is being "upset", what kind of human heart is that? It is regarding oneself as infallible and being unwilling to accept criticism.

Several fellow practitioners from nearby once told me that I always measure others with my standards. Since I am a coordinator, I often hear praise. After some time passed, the heart of "commanding" was beginning to form and I would become upset whenever hearing criticism. I began cleaning up the substance of resisting criticism. It was a fierce fight, "What I did was right." I would think. The substance was very stubborn, and I felt pain while eliminating it. It was like cutting flesh. Whenever I was eliminating it, I felt the pain. I told Master, "Master you were able to see through everything, you are so right." After just two days I felt much lighter.

Ever since then, I am able to listen different opinions and better understand others. I understand the difficulties Master encounters even more and I cherish every chance there is to make improvement.