(Clearwisdom.net) With the rapid advancement of Fa-rectification and Dafa practitioners' diligent cultivation and truth-clarification, many people, including police officers and law enforcement personnel at all levels, have learned the truth about Falun Dafa. The cultivation environment in many regions has become more lenient compared with when the persecution just started.

Some righteous people, including the police officers and law enforcement personnel mentioned above, have protected local practitioners in different ways, helping to avoid many losses in several regions. Actually, this is not unexpected when people learn the truth about Dafa. However, I find that some practitioners, even diligent one, still have attachment of zealotry, ignore the issue of safety, and depend on those righteous people. The old forces have taken advantage of these human attachments and caused many avoidable losses. For those who originally learned the truth of Dafa, these actions created many obstacles for them in choosing a bright future for themselves. This was the result of some practitioners' immaturity and lack of understanding of the Fa.

Practitioners must eliminate the attachment of zealotry. No matter how well we do in Fa-rectification, we shouldn't have this mentality, because this is a Fa-rectification requirement, and we must meet the standard. If we do something well, it is because we met the standard that Dafa required of us at a certain level. The power of the Fa gives us our capabilities. We are all cultivators, so we have nothing to be overly proud of.

Some practitioners did not pay enough attention to safety and relied on the righteous everyday people who knew the truth, assuming that they would protect practitioners and not persecute them. They didn't realize that this was also an attachment that needed to be eliminated, an attachment of dependence on non-practitioners. If they don't eliminate it, the old forces will take advantage of and make trouble for those righteous people and even cause them to become bad or force them to persecute practitioners.

We are required to cultivate ourselves well and save more sentient beings during the Fa-rectification period. The purpose of saving sentient beings is not to obtain their help and protection. I think that, in this regard, we need to be in accordance with what Teacher said:

"Keep in mind: One should gain things naturally without pursuing them." ("Learning the Fa" from Essentials for Future Advancement)

In China, no matter how relaxed the cultivation environment is, it is not rational to be lax about the issue of safety. All coordinators, practitioners at materials production sites, and all other practitioners should take note of this problem.