(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Great Compassionate Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I was fortunate to obtain the Fa and start cultivating in 1998. After being persecuted for more than three years, I was forced to relocate to another city that was far away five years ago, and at that time I started a new cultivation path. I am grateful to Master for strengthening my righteous thoughts, which allowed me to come through safely all these years.

As a stranger in this city, I was basically in a state of "cultivating alone." Thanks to Master's arrangements, I was able to find suitable living and working environments. I was able to walk a steady path up to now because I often used the standard of the Fa to resolve conflicts with my colleagues. I am in charge of a very important department. My boss very much appreciates my work, so I clarified the truth to him first. Gradually I clarified the truth to my colleagues separately. The majority of them have quit the affiliated organizations of the Chinese Communist Party.

Since I joined the company, I have always respected my colleagues. I try my best to be considerate of others and cooperate well with other departments. I have a firm grasp of the priorities and organization at work, which has led to standardization of the management at the whole company. Interpersonal relationships among colleagues have become very relaxed, and we all get along well. There is no fighting among us. I have been selected as the outstanding employee every year. I am equipped with tools, such as a computer and printer, that allow me to do the three things well in this good environment.

Seizing the Time

While cultivating alone, loneliness will sometimes creep into a person's heart. Now I realize this is just a human notion. I quickly corrected this thought and started to seize more time to study the Fa and read articles on Minghui (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net). The feeling of loneliness has disappeared as I have more things to do.

During my first month of cultivation, I felt that the energy channels all over my body were unblocked. For a period of time, my body emitted the fragrance of sandalwood. After so many years of cultivation, I don't need to have dinner now. I can almost skip breakfast as well; oftentimes having only lunch will be enough.

I have saved a lot of time this way, but I still feel I don't have enough time. There are times when I slack off. Sometimes I can't get up at 3:50 in the morning. I realize this is due to my laziness and attachment to comfort. I believe that if we study the Fa more, we will realize how precious the Fa is, and we can do even better.

In order to seize the time, I strive to do things faster and better. I often have to deal with difficult problems due to errors made by people in my department. Once a cashier made a mistake and overpaid someone 30,000 yuan. The boss said this would be dealt with later. I did not pass the buck. Instead I learned from the mistake and vowed to do better next time.

I quickly wrote a sincere review and made it clear how to view people that make mistakes. I thought about how Master has dealt with our mistakes. I then applied Master's Fa principles in my work relationships. My boss approved it.

I think one important aspect of judging a person's diligence is looking at whether he has seized time. I'm really worried about practitioners who are still wasting time in daily trivia. But I also feel helpless to do anything about it. Everyone is unique. Some people just don't have a sense of urgency. Let's be diligent and not miss this one opportunity in all of eternity.

Getting Online and Visiting Home

In my heart I refer to viewing the Minghui website as "visiting home." Reading Minghui articles is, in fact, sharing experiences with fellow practitioners. I download the latest articles almost every day. I pay special attention to each day's "News from China" to learn the latest about practitioners in the cities that I am familiar with. I download all the latest brochures, information, and technical materials. Thus, I can keep up with the Fa-rectification process while cultivating alone.

Always Look Inward and Consider Others First

I have enlightened from Master's lectures that "looking inward" and "considering others first" are two magic tools we can use to eliminate the attachment to selfishness.

I told myself: "I just want to do well what Master tells us to do. I am determined to let go if I realize it is a human notion. The conflicts arising in my work environment are good for my cultivation. I should be grateful to those people who create conflicts for me." One of my subordinates sometimes has a voice and ways of expression that are annoying. As her supervisor I am often hurt by her rudeness. In the beginning I was able to keep quiet, but inside I felt bad for a while. I told myself that I would never hurt other people with this kind of tone. In addition to losing de, this also shows my lack of compassion as a cultivator.

When studying the Fa, I always asked myself, "When someone is hurting me, would I be able to thank that person as Master has said I should do?" Have I considered things from her perspective? I have tried to clarify the truth to her, but she would not listen. How can she be saved? Poor lady! Coupled with her bad temper, she lives a very tiring life! Looking inward, I still have the attachment of being respected by others. I realized that only when I reach the state of "no self" can I not be moved by things in the human world. One time during meditation, I constantly said to myself: "No self, no self, give up all human attachments." I subsequently entered a wonderful and tranquil meditation state. Whenever she has a bad attitude towards me, I tell myself, "This is a test for you." After this thought, I suddenly realized the wonderful and light feeling of letting go of myself. My true compassion also arose. When I looked at her, she became calm as well.

After doing well in conflicts, according to the requirements of the Fa, I am more convinced that the power of Dafa will melt my stubborn selfishness and enable me to meet the pure standards demanded by Dafa. I realized that only by doing what Master tells us to do can we say we are true practitioners and are truly diligent. I am determined to truly meet the standards of selflessness in Dafa. Whenever we find an attachment to selfishness, we should be determined to get rid of it. I have full confidence in the Fa and I have full confidence in myself.

The above are my cultivation experiences in the past year. I still have an area where I fall short, but I am confident that I can do well.

Through studying the Fa and sharing experiences with fellow practitioners, I have a deeper understanding of Master's Fa-rectification. I realized that the main body of Dafa practitioners is in Mainland China, and I am aware of the enormous responsibilities on my shoulders. My existence is melting the evil; my righteous thoughts are dissolving it; I am here to save sentient beings; my mission is being accomplished on this center stage of the cosmos. Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts illuminate the cosmos. Dafa practitioners in the Fa-rectification period will achieve mighty virtue from heaven to the human world. In return for Master's benevolent salvation, we can only be more diligent.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!