(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Xing Liqiu and Ms. Wang Guoxin from Decheng District, Shandong Province were illegally arrested by officers from the Dongdi Police Station and the Decheng District Police Sub-department on October 12, 2010, while talking to people about Falun Gong at a market. They were held at the city detention center for 48 days.

Liu Dawei and Duan Huijuan, from the Decheng District Police Sub-department, headed a group of officers that subsequently took Ms. Xing and Ms. Wang to the Jinan Women's Forced Labor Camp on November 30, 2010. During Ms. Wang Guoxin's detention, prison guard Zhang Xikun and other staff did not let her family visit.

Ms. Wang's daughter had gone to the detention center to inquire about her mother at around 8:00 a.m. on the day the authorities were moving her mother to the forced labor camp. She saw a group of officers, headed by Liu Dawei and Duan Huijuan, shove her mother and Ms. Xing into a car. The daughter went forward, grasped her mother's arm and refused to let go. Four or five officers then violently pulled them apart.

One of the officers pushed Ms. Wang's daughter very hard. She then questioned the officers, “Why are you sending her to a forced labor camp without notifying our family?”

Ms. Wang Guoxin and Ms. Xing Liqiu were then taken away. The officers cursed at Ms. Wang's daughter before they left, and threatened her, saying, “If you make trouble for us again, we'll detain you too! There is no requirement to inform a family when someone is sentenced to forced labor.”

Ms. Wang was sentenced to 15 months of forced labor and Ms. Xing was sentenced to 21 months.

Prior to practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Wang was partially paralyzed from rheumatoid arthritis. After learning Falun Gong, she lived her life anew by the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance” and strove to be a good person. Gradually, her health recovered, and she was able to return to work and support herself.

The persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, and Ms. Wang has since been detained and sent to forced labor camps many times. Her husband divorced her because he could not bear the pressure and suffering any longer. A family was thus broken up by the Chinese Communist Party.

List of units and individuals who took part in the persecution:

Liu Yingwen, director of the Decheng District 610 Office: 13805349640
Wu Zhenyuan, head of the Political and Security Section of the Decheng District Police Sub-department: 13805340373
Zhang Xikun:13853498626
Liu Dawei: 13853495328, 86-534-2691003 (home)
Pan Guohui, head of the Dongdi Police Station, Decheng District: 13336275866