(Clearwisdom.net) Li Jiliang, in his 80s, is a retired official in Jingmen City, Hubei Province. He was the first director of the Jingmen Materials Bureau. Because he practices Falun Gong, his pension has been revoked for the past seven or eight years. During these years, the elderly couple has depended on the wife's pension to survive.

Mr. Li's grandson, 31, is simple and honest. He was an assistant of Tian Changbing, Director of the Jingmen Police Department and the party secretary of the Jingmen Politics and Law Committee. Tian Changbing's pictures were posted on websites run by Falun Gong practitioners. Tian suspected that his pictures were passed to Mr. Li by his grandson, and then Mr. Li passed the pictures to Falun Gong websites. As a result, three month ago, Mr. Li's grandson was transferred to a lower unit with his post reserved for two years. However, he did not know the reason for his transfer. However, this was a poorly kept secret in the Jingmen public security bureau.

As a director, Tian Changbing often makes public appearances, so his pictures appear on Jingmen websites and newspapers. However, Tian Changbing insisted that only he had the picture which was posted on the overseas website, so he concluded that Mr. Li's grandson passed the picture out. I personally think that there was no need for Falun Gong to get his picture via this channel. There are many ready-to-use pictures on the Internet. Why take the trouble to do that? Out of my conscience and sympathy, I suggest that Director Tian go online and take a careful look. Do not destroy the prospects of a simple, honest young man. Mr. and Mrs. Li are a couple in their 80s. Let these elderly people practice in peace. What's the disadvantage to practicing? Why take the trouble to get involved in this?