NEW YORK-Results of NTDTV's Third Chinese International Photography Competition were announced. On Dec. 4, NTD Television, the competition's host held the awards ceremony at Calumet Photographic Gallery in Manhattan, New York. After two months of review, the judges selected 48 winners out of over 6,000 entries. Eighty-eight selected entries will be displayed at Calumet Photographic Gallery from Nov. 30 to Dec. 24.

The awards ceremony from the 3rd Chinese International Photography Competition was held at the Calumet Photographic Gallery in Manhattan, New York on Dec. 4 (The Epoch Times)

Gold prize winner in News and Global Events category, Afghanistan by Guilad Kahn, Thailand

Silver prize winner in the News and Global Events category, "Hold Me Tight" by Henry Lam, Australia

Silver prize winner in the News and Global Events category "The Great Book" by Wu Po-Hwa from Taiwan

Bronze prize winner in the News and Global Events category "Never Forget Tiananmen" by Cao Jinsong, Hong Kong

Bronze prize winner in the News and Global Events category "Wait" by Huang Zhiqiang, Hong Kong.

Bronze prize winner in the News and Global Events category, "Appeal" by Deng Tianfu, Macao.

In the News and Global Events Category, Guild Kahn from Thailand took the gold prize with his piece "Afghanistan." The silver prize was given to Henry Lam from Australia for his entry "Hold Me Tight" and to Wu Po-Hua from Taiwan for his entry "The Great Book."

In the Society and Humanity Category, Edward Dai from the U.S took the gold prize with his piece "The Way of Hope." Silver prize winners include "Bull Race" by Hubert Januar from Indonesia, and "Girl on Tightrope" by Hung Li-Ho from Taiwan.

The gold prize in the Nature and Landscape category was given to Huang Guangnan from China for his piece "Plateau Wonders." Silver is shared by "Ruoergai Ranch in Winter" by Huang Guangnan and "Songzanlin Temp" by Huang Yupei from Taiwan.

Competition Platform for Talent

NTD President Mr. Zhong Lee said during the awards ceremony that NTD started the Chinese International Photography Competition and other competitions to provide a platform in New York, the center of art and culture, to restore and promote traditional aesthetic concepts and showcase the talents of Chinese photographers.

Judging panel head for this competition Dai Bing said this year's entries are of a higher level than those of last year. He said, "The works are more and more clean and clear. The theme of the competition, which is to express light and nature, has been adopted by more and more people."

Award winner in the Society and Humanity Category Bill Xie said that the competition promotes beauty, nature and tradition, qualities which are very rare these days. He said, "I have seen many other photographic works. To be different and unconventional, photographers use all kinds of strange techniques which carry some negative messages."

Dai Bing said, "Photography is the beauty of an instant. A perfect work can be achieved, but cannot be pursued. The theme is the most important aspect. Like the gold prize winner in the News and Global Events Category, 'Afghanistan.' The artist recorded the scene of a U.S soldier blowing soap bubbles with an Afghan child. By exemplifying humanity, the photographer conveys the theme that people all seek peace, and that is touching."

New York photography enthusiast and immigration lawyer Martin Rothstein was very impressed by last year's competition, so he attended this year's exhibition. He said that after carefully looking at all the photos, he found that these photographic works express very rich meanings. They carry messages of humanity and philosophy.

One of the sponsors of this year's competition, John Dessreau, the general manager of Calumet Photographic Gallery, said the gallery is very proud to display these excellent works. He remarked that the works have outstanding themes and are highly artistic.

The exhibition is located at:
Calumet Photographic Gallery
2 W. 22nd Street, New York, NY, U.S.A.
Hours: 11/30-12/24, Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm, Saturday 9am-5:30pm

The exhibition is free and open to the public