(Clearwisdom.net) My parents began practicing Falun Gong in 1996 when I was in the first grade in elementary school. We often listened to Master's audiotapes of teaching the Fa. I went with my parents to do the exercises. I could sit in the lotus position for a long time until my parents finished doing the first four sets of exercises. After that, my feet felt numb yet comfortable.

Cherish the Great Opportunity

After the persecution begin in 1999, I was deceived by the Communist regime's slander. I slacked off in studying the Fa and doing the exercises. I felt that I was isolated. My parents were concerned and always reminded me to resume practicing cultivation. However, I always told them that I was too busy to do the exercises or study the Fa. Now I realize that the old forces were trying to stop me from continuing cultivation. But benevolent Master did not give up on me and arranged for me to continue on my cultivation path. Master said, "In fact, I treasure you more than you treasure yourselves." ("Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia")

After I resumed cultivation, I became better and better both mentally and physically. One day, when I was doing the second set of exercises, I felt Falun circling around me at a high speed. I also felt Falun circling in my hand. When I was doing the third exercise, I had the same feeling. I knew that Master was encouraging me to practice. I finally stepped back on the path of returning to my true original self!

Eliminating Karma, Dafa has Settled Grievances

One day, when I was doing the second set of exercises, a feeling of nausea suddenly came over me. Then I fainted. My father asked me to recite Hong Yin. My mouth was frozen and I could not say a word. I said to myself, "The karma is so heavy! What can I do?" As my dad recited Hong Yin aloud, I followed along silently in my heart. I soon recovered and was totally fine, and I thanked Master for eliminating my karma. I also realized that my first thought was not based on the Fa.

The next evening, when I was doing the second set of exercises, I felt like I was going to faint again. I persisted in doing the exercise, but I was gasping for air. Then I had a vision that I used to be an army general and I killed a lot of people. They had come to seek revenge on me, and were interfering with me. Moreover, many of my followers had also come to help me. I also saw my armor. I was wondering whether I should fight with them or not. Then I realized that as a Dafa practitioner, I should do things according to the Fa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I said, "I am sorry I killed you. However, now I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Do not interfere with me, otherwise, you will be punished. I will beneficently settle everything I owe you if you can wait until I am fully enlightened, I will let you stay in a good place." Their resentment then disappeared and they left. One of them stopped and looked at me with his horse standing beside him. I understood what he was trying to tell me. He was saying, "Remember what you said today." I answered firmly, "Absolutely!" Then he left. I felt fine again after they left. I was moved and realized it was Master and Dafa that helped me eliminate the karma and settle the grievances.

Looking Inwards and Cooperating Well

When I was on summer break, I was involved in producing truth-clarification materials. While I worked, I always heard amazing music in other dimensions. I knew that compassionate Master was encouraging me.

The more material I produced, the more I developed an attachment to doing things myself, being too engrossed and showing off. In my family, I was the best at the use of computers. I always complained that my father did things too slowly. When my parents asked me for help, my ego became inflated. I wanted to take over doing everything because I thought I was much better than they were. One day, I had printed many booklets and need to put them in order and staple them together. My dad said, "You can leave them over there. Your mom will do it." I became angry and said, "Why can't I do it?" Then I cut the paper into two unequal pieces. I felt very embarrassed. From then on, I cooperated with them and did as they asked.

One day, I had an argument with my mom and left the room. Afterward, I felt ashamed. I knew a Dafa practitioner should not do things that way, but if I went back, I would lose face. I thought of Master's words. I realized that it was a xinxing test for me to see whether I could let go of the attachment to self. I went back into the room. My mom was still busy and it was as though nothing had happened. I realized if my xinxing improved, everything would change.

I often got into conflicts with my dad. One day, while I was adding some ink to the printer, my dad saw that the printer had run out of paper. He rushed to put in some paper in the opposite direction. I yelled at him, "See what you did! You wasted a lot of paper! Don't get involved when I am doing it! Stay away!" I immediately looked inwards and felt ashamed. Obviously my dad did not want to waste paper either. Master said, "Sure, the driver was going too fast. But he wouldn't hit somebody on purpose. He didn't mean to do that." (Zhuan Falun) My father did not mean to waste the paper and ink. My attachment of doing things myself, being too engrossed and showing-off were exposed.

Every night, each of us made a summary of our own cultivation and found many attachments. We would look inwards whenever we encountered some conflicts.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts and Telling People the Facts About Dafa

I still remember the first time my parents taught me to send forth righteous thoughts. I had a strong feeling of compassion and my tears flowed. Then I read Master's lectures and understood the meaning of sending forth righteous thoughts. My true self must have experienced indescribable delight. Master has awakened and revived our long-lost genuine nature. He is also helping us fulfill our prehistoric vows.

It does not matter where we are and what time it is when we are sending forth righteous thoughts. As long as our heart is pure, it will have miraculous effects. One day, I saw a big banner publicizing Communist ideology hanging on the building of my school. I sent forth righteous thoughts toward it. Within three days, the wind blew the banner over onto the top of the building, out of view. Another day, I sent forth righteous thoughts toward a blood red flag and it disappeared. Last week, my mom and I went to distribute truth-clarification material when we saw two men doing morning exercises right where we had to go. I sent forth righteous thoughts to ask them to leave, and they left. After we posted the banners and came back, they were there again. It was just amazing. Master is always by our side, taking care of us.

Although it has been three years since I started cultivation again, I only began to tell people the facts about Dafa this summer. When I went to my hometown to visit my relatives, my aunt asked me to talk with another aunt who was not a practitioner. I knew that Master had given me this opportunity to get rid of my attachment of being afraid of talking to strangers. Initially, I did not have a calm mind and my voice trembled. My aunt, however, was waiting to hear the truth. She talked with me and asked me some questions about Dafa. Gradually, I calmed down and spoke easily, and the fear disappeared. My aunt listened to me carefully and agreed to quit Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. Master was encouraging me and I began to tell others about the facts of Dafa.

I am no longer a little practitioner, but a young one. Although I still have a lot of attachments to get rid of, Falun Dafa has taken root in my heart. Only if I let go all of my attachments and cultivate diligently, can I return to my original home and fulfill my prehistoric vows.

Thank you, benevolent Master!

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