(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

While reading the experience-sharing articles from the Seventh Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China, I was moved to tears. Master has given us another opportunity to improve ourselves. In the past, I always felt it was hard to write articles. I suddenly realized this was a notion to obstruct me. Master said, "The Fa gained, you now stand divine" ("Salvation Far and Wide", Hong Yin ). Master has bestowed on us boundless wisdom and abilities. I must break this old notion and share my own experiences with fellow practitioners.

1. Reborn After Practicing Falun Dafa

I'm a doctor in the military and have been practicing Dafa for 12 years. Before practicing Dafa, I had many diseases. However, as a doctor, I couldn't solve my own problems. At that time, I was barely able to work for half a day daily, and I felt my life was reaching the end, although I was just over 30.

In the early spring of 1998, I met a Dafa practitioner and started my cultivation then. I went to the fellow practitioner's home to listen to Master's Fa lecture on tape and was very excited for an inexplicable reason. I had a good sleep that night. Twenty days later, all the symptoms of my illness were gone. I was fully recovered.

Master guided me to the path of returning to my origin and to the path of assisting Master in Fa-rectification. It's hard to describe my appreciation in words towards Buddha's infinite grace.

2. Studying the Fa Diligently Is the Premise for Saving Sentient Beings

I deeply understood, through my 11 years of Fa-rectification cultivation, that studying the Fa diligently is the premise for our validating the Fa and is very important. When studying the Fa, whether I'm at home or at a study group, I always sit straight with my legs double crossed, and I hold the book with both hands with no words under my fingers. Doing so helps me to study the Fa with a calm mind and with greater attention. I often look inward, based on the Fa principles, to find any attachments to eliminate and improve my xinxing. Whenever I encounter conflicts in my daily life or during my clarifying the truth about Dafa (such as being blamed, scolded or reported), I would immediately recite a paragraph of Fa and then forgive the others with a calm smile. A righteous mind cannot be touched by any situation.

I started to clarify the truth among my family and relatives. My father works at a military unit, and some other relatives also work at the military-related units. After July 20, 1999 my father and other relatives were afraid to support me. With my depth of Fa-study purifying my mind and my being persistent in clarifying the truth, they gradually realized how evil and corrupt the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is, and they started to support me. Almost all of my relatives, close to 100, withdrew from the CCP and its associated organizations. More than 10 of them have read the book Zhuan Falun.

3. Clarifying the Truth at the Military Units

There are about a thousand employees in the military unit I worked in. They all know I practice Falun Gong. They have seen the changes in me since I practiced Falun Gong and the sufferings I had after the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong. They understood me.

When I was detained, my colleagues and the leaders in my work unit came to visit me. Some of the senior cadres held my hands with tears in their eyes. Many of them have suffered under the CCP's previous persecutions. Once, during an attempt to kidnap me at my work unit, I escaped and had to leave home and wander around. A leader in my work unit stood up and said he would protect me.

I take any opportunities I get to clarify the truth to people I meet, colleagues, their family members, or visitors. After I retired, almost every day I would visit people at a work unit and at their homes to clarify the truth to them. And I would stand along the road to clarify the truth to people passing by.

Once, I went to a colleague's home to clarify the truth. His wife and son were at home. I started with the CCP's corruption, the current calamities, the CCP's cover up of the truth, and the persecution of Falun Gong. At that time, his wife suddenly interrupted me, "If you came for a social chat, stay as you want; if you want to talk about something else, you are not welcome. I'm a reporter. I know more than you." At that embarrassing moment, I immediately thought of Master's words,

"You should always be benevolent and kind to others, and consider others when doing anything. Whenever you encounter a problem, you should first consider whether others can put up with this matter or if it will hurt anyone. In doing so, there will not be any problems." ("Lecture Four" in Zhuan Falun)

I said with smile, "Ok, let's talk about something else." The tension eased up. Then I suddenly saw there was a statue of Bodhisattva Guanyin on their balcony. I asked, "Do you believe in Guanyin?" She said her husband believed it, so did she. I said, "I used to have many diseases, especially rheumatoid arthritis, which almost made me paralyzed. I had been taking care of my mother who was paralyzed in bed, for 16 years. At that time, I could no longer do so anymore. I tried using all kinds of pain killers, both Western and Chinese medicines, even the pain killers for cancer, but it was no use. I was even unable to work for just half days, and I was only over 30 years old. Later I heard a young doctor chatting at work with another one. His mother recovered from her diseases after reading a book. I jumped in to ask what the book it was. They told me it was a Falun Gong book."

I then stopped and said to the colleague's wife, "Sorry, I got onto the subject again." She said, "It doesn't matter. Please continue." I continued my story, "I borrowed the book the next day and read it all afternoon. The book was about how to be a good person following the principle Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. That night I had a good sleep. I hadn't had such a good sleep since my neurasthenia began. Since then, I've had no more neurasthenia. Now I have no illnesses. I try to follow the principle of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance to be a good person. It's so wonderful. However, the CCP has been brutally persecuting people who want to follow this path." Then I told her about the truth of the Tiananmen Self-immolation. I said to her, "Now there are so many disasters. How can heaven allow the CCP to persecute good people? Follow the will of heaven. Keep away from the evil party. Have you joined the party?

She answered, "Yes." She agreed to quit the CCP and said to me, "Can you talk to my son? Protect him as well." She stood up and called her son from another room. She said to her son seriously, "You have heard what the auntie said. Can you tell her in person whether you want to quit the party?" Her son said, "I would like to." I was really happy for this family to be saved.

4. Be Indomitable in Saving Sentient Beings

I realized it was not enough to clarify the truth by just talking to people for a limited time. Master has encouraged us to have informational material distribution sites everywhere. With the help of fellow practitioners, I set up a site to distribute truth-clarifying materials. I realized, while clarifying the truth face to face, that distributing materials such as the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Shen Yun Performing Arts and materials from the Minghui website will help more people to learn the truth in greater depth so more people can be saved.

I have been to my father's work unit, where there were about 1,000 employees, to clarify the truth and advise people to withdraw from the CCP. I grew up there and many people know me. Many people agreed to withdraw from the CCP, dozens or even a hundred people per week.

People's minds were poisoned and brainwashed more seriously in my work unit. I have been reported to my work unit, to my father's work unit, to the police station and to the residential community. After I clarified the truth to him, the head of the politics and law committee in my work unit reported me to the head of the police station and to my father. I was not moved. I wrote truth-clarifying letters to the head of the police station and to other related people. I continued my effort to clarify the truth to him. Several years later, he finally agreed to withdraw from the CCP when I once again met him and clarified the truth to him.

The former head of the security section at my work unit had led a search at my work place for Dafa books; however, he didn't find anything. I tried to clarify the truth to him, but he refused to listen to me. He collaborated with the head of the politics and law committee and tried to persecute me. He tore down the truth-clarifying posters at the gate of my work unit. Later, he was fired. I didn't have any grudge toward him and continued to clarify the truth to him and his family. One day when I met him and clarified the truth to him again, he finally understood and agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

Once I was reported to the police when I was distributing truth-clarifying materials. More and more people came to see what was going on, and they surrounded me. While waiting for the police to arrive, I started to recite the Fa,

"'I'm Li Hongzhi's disciple, I don't want other arrangements or acknowledge them'--then they won't dare to do that. So it can all be resolved. When you can really do that, not just saying it but putting it into action, Master will definitely stand up for you." ("Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference")

I sent out the powerful righteous thought, "I'm a disciple of Master. I'm doing the most glorious and righteous deed. Who dares to touch me? Master, please help your disciple to leave from here." Then I walked away. When I arrived back home, I looked inward and realized the evil took advantage of the loophole since I had an attachment to doing things.

Recalling what I have done on the path of assisting Master in Fa-rectification, regardless of how dangerous and difficult, I have come through. I know I am still far from Master's requirements and can also see this when I compare myself with fellow practitioners. I will strive to be more diligent in advancing in order to live up to the expectations of Master's merciful and arduous salvation.