Greetings Venerable Teacher, and Greetings Fellow Dafa Practitioners.

In recalling my Fa-rectification cultivation experiences during the past few years, I have understood just how much Teacher has given me. As Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, we assist our Teacher to rectify the Fa, break though the old evil force arrangements, and save sentient beings while enlightening to the Fa principles.

This life is most fortunate. I would like to share with everyone how I passed a few large tribulations on the path of Fa-rectification. As practitioners we are to embrace and enlighten to the Fa principles, and quickly assimilate to Dafa as we eliminate our ties with the old cosmos, and strive to fulfill our ancient vows to assist Master during the Fa-rectification period.

1. Experiencing the Power of Righteous Thoughts and Compassion for the Very First Time

Between 2001 and 2002, I clarified the facts to my co-workers. After the management team heard I had praised Falun Gong, under pressure from their supervisors, they made a decision to reduce my wages, and pay only my basic living expenses.

After reading Teacher's lecture Guiding the Voyage, I understood right away that it was the old forces trying to "test" practitioners. In Guiding the Voyage, Teacher indicated to us that the old forces arranged this persecution, and that Teacher didn't acknowledge it at all. Teacher showed us how to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil from the old dimensions. I reinforced Teachers Fa in my mind, and vowed that I would never acknowledge economic persecution by the old forces.

Instead I went to talk to the vice-president of the company, and clarified the facts to him thoroughly about Falun Gong and the unlawful persecution. In addition I talked to him about good and evil, and that evil always persecutes a righteous way. I used examples of what happened during the "Great Cultural Revolution." I recited some poems from Hong Yin and kept sending forth-righteous thoughts for him, to eliminate the evil forces around him. I had very strong righteous thoughts and I spoke nobly with a single wish in my heart, to save him. Eventually the evil controlling him was eliminated and in the end he said, "Whether we cancel this decision or not is up to my boss." So we went to talk to the president of the company and I clarified the facts to him and asked that my full pay be reinstated. When I enlightened to the Fa principles of practitioners clarifying the truth to save people, I had met the requirements of the Fa at my level, and compassionate Teacher removed this tribulation for me. The decision to reduce my salary was soon canceled and I didn't lose a penny of my pay.

Through this encouragement from Master I managed to clarify the facts to the management of my company. This was the first time I experienced the power of Dafa, and I truly understood what righteous thoughts were and how compassion manifests. With powerful righteous thoughts and the heart for saving people, I had negated the old force arrangements. At that time, there were still many practitioners who were not clear about what the old forces were or how to negate their arrangements. This first experience laid a foundation for me to understand these Fa principles, which helped in my future Fa-rectification cultivation to negate all the tribulations arranged by the old forces.

2. Cultivating Thoughts of the Divine, and Breaking Through Illness Karma

In 2006 and 2007, I developed symptoms of a very painful stomachache, and as soon as I ate anything, I would vomit. I was in so much pain that I couldn't sleep, and this state lasted for several months. I was very clear on the principle that practitioners have no illnesses, and that any symptoms of illness I experienced were in fact the result of old forces manipulating rotten demons and evil specters to interfere with a strong hidden attachment in me.

I looked within to see where I fell short and then I found my attachment to fear. I realized when I was handing out flyers, I was quite timid and I also had strong sentimentality towards my family members that I hadn't been able to let go. Because of the attachments I had not let go, I hadn't been doing the three things well, so I was taken advantage of by the old forces. Thinking about all that, I began to put in more time for Fa study and upgraded my efforts to clarify the truth to more people. I also continued sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all interference.

I read Teacher's lecture on illness karma, and I suddenly became enlightened to it. For a long time, I hadn't treated myself as a god in the making and because of that, how could I be powerful enough to stand up against the persecution by the old forces, given they are gods? As soon as I had that thought, I became very strong, and I felt as if I were a god standing between heaven and earth. I was not only a god, but a god of the new heavens and a god who was not restricted by the old cosmos principles. I instantly felt that my righteous thoughts could split mountains, and I was able to clean up all the rotten elements of the old cosmos. Therefore, under my continuous powerful righteous thoughts, I was able to clean up the evil specters interfering with my "illness karma," and the pain and symptoms disappeared right away. Once again, I came to realize the power of righteous thoughts, or more precisely, the power of divine thoughts.

This was another leap forward on my cultivation path. I hereby would like to remind those who are lingering under the illusion of "sickness karma" to please look within yourselves and quickly cultivate your divine thoughts. Only Fa rectification gods can snap out of the restrictions of the gods from the old cosmos, and have such mighty power.

3. Looking Within Unconditionally, Learning to Treat Practitioners with Divine Thoughts, Eliminating Gaps among One Another

I'd like to remind everyone here that Dafa is very profound, and Teacher is extremely great. In order for us to elevate as one body and have practitioners assimilate with this Dafa, Teacher has used His boundless power. There was something appearing the same on the surface, but their inner meanings are quite different.

A few months later, after I had broken through the illness karma mentioned above with my divine thoughts, I had a relapse of the same "illness" symptom. I was very confused, and complained to Teacher in my mind, "Teacher, I felt that I had divine thoughts, why did the "illness karma" return to interfere with me again?" At the beginning, I didn't want to look within, as I felt that I couldn't find any attachments, so I began to look outward at other practitioners in my group.

At that time, there were two practitioners I often had contact with, and I had seen quite a few of their attachments and seen things that they did that were not in accordance with Fa principles. There was one practitioner who always complained about me, so I thought that the reason why I had this relapse was probably because she added many negative elements into my dimensions. This thought was not right, and as a result I was under the illusion that I was being interfered with by "illness karma" again.

Yet there was a side of me that was clear. As a practitioner, one must look within unconditionally. Looking outward is the same as taking a deviant path. Even though there was interference from fellow practitioners, this wasn't the cause of my illness karma resurfacing. I understood that if there was nothing for me to improve in on the Fa, then this illness symptom would not have had taken place again.

So I said to Teacher in my heart, "Teacher, I am determined to no longer look outward. I will look within, and assimilate to the requirements of the Fa. With this firm thought, Teacher also saw my determination, and the righteous Fa principles manifested in me at my level.

Every unrighteous thought that a practitioner displays is a deceptive manifestation of the true self of the practitioner. These thoughts are all notions and illusions created by the old forces for the purpose of attempting to create interference and gaps between Falun Dafa practitioners. Enlightening to that understanding, in an instant I was able to distinguish between my true self and the false self. I said to Teacher from the bottom of my heart, "Teacher, there has never been a gap between other practitioners and myself. Our true selves have all been composed of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Evil can never separate us."

When my righteous thoughts came forth again, I learned how to treat all practitioners with my divine thoughts, and the illusion of "sickness karma" disappeared.

4. Using Righteous Thoughts to Strengthen Practitioners, to Help Them Awaken from Old Force Restrictions

A fellow practitioner and I began to look within whenever we had a conflict, and we exposed many of our own attachments. At one point during our cultivation, evil forces controlled this practitioner and at that time he was unable to enlighten to an issue that was separating us. After I calmed myself down, and looked within to find the problem, not only was I able to stay calm, but I could also be tolerant for this practitioner.

We, as practitioners, should be responsible to the Fa, and all other practitioners. Therefore, while sending forth-righteous thoughts with this practitioner, I made full use of the Fa principles and my supernatural capabilities and I had managed to strengthen him, by eliminating all the restrictions forced upon him by the old forces. After I finished sending forth-righteous thoughts, he became clear on where he fell short, and the two of us formed one strong body.

After enlightening to all these Fa principles, my gratitude to Teacher is beyond description. Dafa is truly miraculous and profound, and Teacher is truly benevolent and great.

Please point out anything inappropriate. Heshi.