(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, revered Master! Greetings, Fellow Practitioners!

I am a younger practitioner. I want to share my cultivation experience in three parts.

1. Assuming My Responsibilities Involving Technology

I am a computer technician and have worked in this field for almost ten years. I know computers very well, but have just learned how to break through the internet blockade. At first, like other people, I just used software to break through, to read Minghui website articles. Reading the introduction on Clearwisdom (Minghui), I learned that two different kinds of computer technology exist between that of ordinary people and the skills that we practitioners use to break through the Internet blockade. Practitioners helped me to become proficient in breaking through the blockade. With raised xinxing I quickly learned the techniques. But I felt uncomfortable accessing regime-blocked sites to download large size files, because I feared vicious Chinese Communist Party officials would track me down. Instead of addressing my attachment of fear, I even found an excuse - that under normal circumstances I did not need to download large size files. Even if it was needed, I could always find practitioners to help me download them. With that kind of mentality I did not learn how to download files from the censored websites. I only thought of protecting myself, but failed to think of other people.

Many practitioners longed for the Shen Yun DVDs early in 2009. Even though I also wanted to have them as soon as possible, I did not download the program. It was not until a practitioner said to me: "Unless you download it, who else in our group would know how to do it?" I felt ashamed and again discovered fear and the attachment to relying on others.

I searched for instructions and quickly found the website address for Shen Yun downloads and also learned how to download large size documents. While doing that, my fear was eliminated to a large degree. Eventually I had enough courage to download Shen Yun documents. I learned that once my xinxing was raised, Master would help me gain more wisdom.

This event made me aware as a practitioner with technical background I must be responsible to do my part, and carry on my tasks instead of shirking them.

Because of my job, I did not like to go by myself to homes of practitioners whom I did not know. Usually I liked to have a volunteer coordinator whom I knew well to go with me, to fix computers for these unknown practitioners. During one visit I went to a practitioner's home with the local coordinator to install a computer system. When I finished, the practitioner told me it was inconvenient to download things and asked me if I had a better idea. I modified some of the methods and recommended the fellow practitioner use the modified system to avoid the problem. After returning home and re-examining what I had suggested made me aware that if he used the method I suggested it would expose him to possible danger when accessing the Internet. I knew I should immediately go to the practitioner's home to fix the problem. The coordinator told me that he could not go with me. I felt uncomfortable going there alone. On second thought I realized it was more important to protect the practitioner's security. Laying aside my fear, I went to his home by myself.

2. Offering Salvation to People I Meet at Work

My company is a very good place for me to clarify the truth since I need to collaborate with everyone who works there. I always make sure that I speak and behave like a cultivator, and try my best to guide my colleagues toward Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance when we talk. Gradually, they all like to work with me.

I believe that everyone in the company is there for me to rescue - managers and ordinary employees alike. I send righteous thoughts whenever I can. I also write down the names of those I have clarified the truth to, and those who have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. My job is not very demanding, which gives me spare time to read articles on Clearwisdom. One day the article I was reading said (paraphrase): "sentient beings are all waiting for you to save them; to clarify the truth or not is up to you, to hear or not hear you is up to them." After that I often reminded myself to clarify the truth to people to fulfill my duty. By telling them the truth I have offered them an opportunity to be saved. To achieve the best result, I must use my mind to clarify the truth to rescue them. I am not doing it to merely finish a job.

My attachment to lust probably had not been entirely eliminated. Several female colleagues at work asked me out. Under normal circumstance I would simply refuse them; however, to clarify the truth to them, I kept in basic contact with them. A few times I was almost moved by ordinary emotions; whenever it happened I would remember Master's lectures and practitioners' experience sharing articles. I also reminded myself that as a practitioner I should not be moved by ordinary people's emotions. I have come to this world to assist Master with Fa-rectification, but not to live as an ordinary person. In my opinion, the current time and special circumstances do not allow me to marry an ordinary person.

3. Thinking from the Perspective of the Whole Team, Harmonizing the Fa Everywhere

To be a genuine practitioner, I need to cultivate myself every day. Everything that I come across is related to my cultivation. One of my relatives is the volunteer coordinator of our local area. She knows many practitioners who all trust her. Whenever she brought materials to us we would duplicate them, or spread them among ourselves right away without any doubts of the validity of the articles. But problems can occur. In one instance she brought truth-clarifying DVDs that were not directly downloaded from the Clearwisdom website. We should have compassionately reminded her that if the materials are not downloaded from a rightful website, we should not promote them among ourselves, nor should we distribute them to ordinary people.

If we do not let the coordinator know when we see problems, she might believe that she/he has done nothing wrong and she/he will hand the materials to other practitioners; thus leaving the door open for serious problems to occur, which can create a bigger loophole. Compassionately pointing out problems is being responsible to practitioners and our whole team. I have come across situations like this many times. But, because of my hot temper, sometimes when I point out other practitioners' problems I tend to raise my voice. Because of that, practitioners found it hard to agree with me. A few practitioners later told me my problems and suggested I should be more compassionate and serene when I communicate with them, and that my improved attitude would lead to better results.

To validate the Fa to the people in our local area, I continuously learn the most updated techniques. As soon as I became proficient, I should immediately teach practitioners how to use the new skills, so that they could teach others to use these skills, too. The new techniques will become more powerful in offering salvation to sentient beings. For example, after I learned how to transmit recorded messages via cell phones to people to learn about the truth of Dafa, I taught other practitioners to do it. I could only make 100 such calls daily. After learning it from me they taught more practitioners, and eventually about 100 practitioners joined our team. Together, we could make 10,000 calls each day.

Master gives us everything we have, including our skills with which we should offer sentient beings salvation. I should increase my skills to the maximum to clarify the truth so as to meet Master's expectations.

This article is simply a brief account of my personal experiences. Please, compassionately point out anything that is not correct.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!