(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

1. No One Can Block My Path to Offer Sentient Beings Salvation

I was a teacher in a high school and lost my job nearly ten years ago, when CCP-controlled school officials dismissed me after the communist party illegally sentenced me. My son was enrolled in this school, and I had gone there. I kept on sending righteous thoughts for several days before I asked Master to help me redeem my former colleagues.

After such a long separation from colleagues, some were happy seeing me again; some pretended not to see me; some gave me a contemptuous look. Whatever their attitudes were, I went there to clarify the truth to them and to save them. After greetings, I quickly changed the topic to Falun Gong. Many colleagues happily quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and thanked me for helping them to do so. Passing between classrooms, I saw the principal approaching. I walked smilingly toward him and said hello. He gave me a cold look, said nothing and passed me by.

His demeanor did not bother me, but I felt a little regretful that I didn't fulfill my responsibilities. Had the CCP not dismissed me, I could have saved many teachers in this school.

I strengthened my righteous thoughts and looked for the next person to clarify the truth to. Soon I helped a stranger who asked for directions to quit the CCP. It was Master helping me, letting me offer salvation to sentient beings one by one.

My son didn't do the bidding of his teacher in that school. One day, his head teacher called me, telling me to come to the school. This call made me feel weak all over, dizzy and made my heart race. Immediately I realized that the evil's interference could not affect me. Since the teacher asked me to speak with him face to face, I took this opportunity to rescue more former colleagues. I asked Master for help, to give me a pure and beautiful image to redeem those colleagues. I went to the school again, fresh and smiling, with strong righteous thoughts.

As soon as I walked onto the campus, a colleague listened to the truth and happily quit the CCP. I felt Master's presence, helping me. A political science teacher, whom I had not had a chance to speak with, was alone in the office that day. I explained the truth about Falun Gong to her for about forty minutes. She accepted happily what I said and quit the CCP.

On my way to the physical science office, I happened to see a colleague who worked in the same office with me. She also quit the CCP after learning the truth. Arriving at the physical science office, the colleague I was looking for was also alone there. Weren't these Master's arrangements? As soon as the colleague saw me, she said, "Whoa, you are still so young! Look at me. I have become so old." I told her it was because I practice Falun Gong that I stayed young still, and then clarified the truth to her. She was stubborn at first.

I asked Master for help. She suddenly asked about a fellow practitioner who worked in a government agency, saying, "She is so kind, and looks very beautiful and young." I told her that it was also because of practicing Falun Gong that the practitioner was so kind. I asked her if she wanted to quit the CCP. She immediately agreed. The colleagues I planned to rescue this time had all been saved. Then I went to see my child's head teacher.

2. Helping People with Predestined Relationships Quit the CCP at Every Moment

For years I have kept Master's teaching in mind,

"Dafa disciples are magnificent because you are here at the same time as the period of Master's Fa-rectification and are able to safeguard and uphold Dafa. If what you do is no longer worthy of a Dafa disciple, think about it, if under the greatest mercy since the beginning of Heaven and Earth and under Buddha's infinite grace you still can't do well, how could there be another chance?" ("Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples," Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Whomever I meet with at a workplace or in daily life are the people with predestined relationships with the Fa through me; I should save all of them.

3. Righteous Thoughts and Power Come from the Fa

I had personally experienced the evil's harsh persecution. Whenever I heard of practitioners being persecuted, I would have symptoms of a severe headache, rapid heartbeat and fever. I want to completely eliminate it through this sharing. It virtually restrained my divine side, and kept me lost in uncontrolled emotions without strong righteous thoughts.

I learned of the arrest of another practitioner one night. She was a key person in our local area, who took charge of distributing truth-clarifying materials. I began to collect first-hand information, how the evil persecuted this practitioner, but the only sure thing I knew was her disappearance. I didn't know any details. I went to the coordinator's home for more information, but found no one there. Every door and window of her house was closed. I sent a short message to the coordinator's younger sister, and then met with her, as well as the coordinator's older sister. The older sister looked pale; she was also detained for one night. They told me that the missing practitioner and the coordinator had been arrested and were detained in another city. I felt caught off guard.

I conveyed the information for the need to rescue them to other practitioners. For a whole day I sat in front of the computer, writing articles about rescuing other practitioners. Because of the great emotional pain in my heart, I lost my righteous thoughts and had symptoms of illness karma. I planned to write truth-clarifying letters, but my mind was blank. I didn't have any inspiration. I told myself, "I am a disciple who helps Master with Fa-rectification." I also asked Master for help. Gradually I felt I became taller and taller, and the painful, false self disappeared. I printed one hundred copies of materials, which urged the authorities to immediately release practitioners. At the same time I considered how to rescue practitioners and sent righteous thoughts with the group. I visited another practitioner's home to discuss the distribution of the materials, but she kept complaining about things to me. I felt wronged and left her home in tears.

It was dark and raining. I hurried to walk as my tears flowed. I wondered what to do next. I said to myself, "Practitioners are being persecuted now. Everyone feels the urgency and is thinking of ways to help. I am a disciple who helps Master with Fa-rectification! We should do better."

A very righteous and pure thought came to my mind, "Don't have any loophole in the whole body. Have compassion for each practitioner." I felt a strong power going through me. My tears stopped at once. I immediately left human emotions behind and no longer blamed the complaining practitioner.

The next step was that we needed to prepare to widely distribute truth-clarifying letters. In the evening I sorted through all the letters. I intended to use these letters to solve those hard-to-untie knots in the policemen's hearts, and hoped to offer them salvation as we rescued practitioners. I printed dozens of letters and gave them to other practitioners. Before we sent the letters out, the two recently arrested practitioners had successfully escaped with strong righteous thoughts.

Looking back at the whole process, besides the two practitioners' strong righteous thoughts, the power of the whole body successfully eliminated the evil in another dimension. Everyone had strong righteous thoughts during the rescue process and firmly believed that practitioners would be rescued. The truth-clarifying letters, compared to before, were less this time. But the arrested practitioners were already out of detention, while we were still in the process of preparing all the materials. Master's Fa came to my mind,

"Indestructible righteous faith in the cosmos's Truth forms benevolent Dafa disciples' rock-solid, Diamond-Like Bodies, it frightens all evil, and the light of Truth it emanates makes the unrighteous elements in all beings' thoughts disintegrate. However strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is." ("Also in a Few Words," Essentials for Further Advancement II)

My righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger.

When my thinking was not righteous and my mind was affected, those human emotions and other attachments I hadn't got rid of would come into my mind, affecting my righteous thoughts. As long as I remind myself at every moment that I am a disciple of Fa who helps Master with Fa-rectification, all interference will disappear.

I am a Fa-rectification era disciple who helps Master. I offer sentient beings salvation with compassionate thoughts and by the power of Dafa eliminate all the evil. Who can block my divine cultivation path?

I hope fellow practitioners will kindly point out whatever is improper.

Thanks, Master! Thanks, fellow practitioners!