(Clearwisdom.net) Some time ago, I participated in coordinating practitioners as a whole body in my neighboring town. For a long time after July 20, 1999, there were no coordinators in this town and practitioners had differing opinions on setting up Fa-study groups, so there was not an environment for practitioners to share and exchange understandings as a whole. Later on there were a few coordinators, but they were still unable to form one body. The conflicts between coordinators and practitioners were sharp and they did not cooperate. They mistrusted others, were unwilling to accept each other, and had a strong discriminatory mentality, thus creating divisions between practitioners.

When I shared with a practitioner in the town about the conflict between her and a coordinator, I found where the problem was: The spread of gossip and distrust between practitioners were the main issues that had caused the divisions between practitioners. When there was conflict between two practitioners, they did not speak sincerely and try to resolve the problem based on the Fa's principles. Instead, they let other practitioners pass on their messages. Moreover, there were elements of not cultivating speech in the process of passing on the messages, thus conflicts were built up between practitioners. The practitioners held grudges against each other, found fault with others' shortcomings, and were egotistic. All these elements led to the deepening of the conflicts and widening of the divisions. We are enlightened from the Fa that we should not say things or spread messages that do not conform to the standards of cultivators, because by doing so, it will encourage practitioners' attachments instead of eliminating them, damage our improvement, and compromise our and fellow practitioners' safety. Actually, conflict itself is not something to be afraid of. As long as we can look within whenever we encounter anything and let go of ego, we can dissolve the contradictions and improve together. Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing we encounter in our cultivation practice, nothing is coincidental if we think of it with rationality. We should take it as an opportunity to improve ourselves.

If the divisions in the whole body last too long, they can cause interference for the practitioners as a whole in terms of our saving sentient beings and doing the three things well. There would be a loophole among all practitioners. If we can cultivate ourselves and eliminate our attachments to ego and being unwilling to be criticized, fix the loophole, cooperate well, and form an indestructible whole body, we can better fulfill the three things that Master requires us to do well.

I have enlightened that any human attachment that we have not cultivated away is a wall that blocks our path toward Consummation. It can also act as a substance, an element of division, that prevents us from forming a united whole. By cultivating away our divisions, we can better harmonize the whole body and perfectly harmonize Dafa.

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