(Clearwisdom.net) The behavior of a practitioner in his daily life is very important. If it is good, it can validate Dafa. Otherwise, it will bring a bad name to Dafa. In our daily lives, what people see is a practitioner's behavior. Each move or action that is not done well will leave a bad impression on people and create a bad name for Dafa.

Recently I encountered such an event. Our company needed to cut back because of a drop in sales, and surplus staff were to be moved to remote locations. Most people preferred not to move and the manager and workers were all under a lot of pressure. Our unit needed to cut three people; two spots were filled by people who volunteered because they were near retirement and did not care where they went. But the last position still needed to be filled. One morning, one of the volunteers came to me and suggested that I join them so that the problem could be solved. I declined and said that I still had ten years before my retirement.

As a matter of fact, the company had had to cut back twice before, and both times, I was among the ones to be transferred. The first time, I had already arrived at the new workplace to report. But while I was waiting, my old company asked me to go back, and I ended up staying where I had been. The second time, I did not do anything and let it be. As a result, nothing happened. Cultivators know what was happening.

This time, the person who asked me to join them was also among the ones scheduled to leave but ended up staying at the last minute. Part of the reason he asked me to join him was because I cultivated Falun Gong. Since they all knew that I cultivated in Falun Gong, if I did not volunteer to go, people would feel that we were no different from others.

So I told everyone my thoughts, "They have volunteered to be transferred. Although my retirement is still ten years away, and I do not truly want to leave, I will volunteer to be transferred so that you guys do not have to worry since we still need one person to go, and no one else wants to be transferred. Don't thank me, thank Falun Dafa instead." Two workers shouted simultaneously, "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." I felt so happy hearing this and almost cried. So I wrote a report to the manager, and said at the end, "The one you truly need to thank is Falun Gong."

I got everything prepared and waited to be transferred. But nothing happened, and I was told to keep working at my old job, while my colleagues all thanked me when they saw me. I asked them to thank Falun Gong instead. Now at the corner where I work, "Falun Dafa is good" is the most often heard sentence.

What I did was something done under a special circumstance. Other people may not encounter the same. But always remembering that one is a practitioner and one must protect the name of Dafa is every disciple's responsibility. One person said to me: "You're an alright person." This made me feel the weight of the title "Dafa Disciple."