(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. Ma Pingan, Chief of the Political and Security Section of the Hantai District Police Department in Hanzhong City, thus began persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He relied on the 610 Office to receive certain privileges, which were above the law, in order to arrest practitioners at will, confiscate goods and property, and embezzle money unscrupulously.

In 2003, officials from the Hantai District Police Bureau attempted to transfer Ma Pingan from his position. Unwilling to concede his special privileges, Ma Pingan refused to cooperate and held on to his position with all means available to him. In the end, he became the head of a National Security unit, still carrying out evil deeds as before, because he initiated the unlawful arrest of ten more practitioners in Hanzhong City. These practitioners were sent to forced labor camps. The longest sentence was nine years. Ma Pingan, an agent of the CCP and one of the chief evil beings behind the persecution, was directly responsible for detaining, sentencing, brainwashing and torturing practitioners in Hantai District and Hanzhong City.

Ma Pingan, male and over 50 years old, is currently residing in an apartment on the 2nd Floor, East Side, Hanzhong City, Rice Mill Employee Residence. His son Ma Bo works for the Public Security Interpol in Xixiang County. His daughter Ma Yan is a student in Xi'an City. Ma Pingan himself leads a life of debauchery, is a frequent visitor of dance halls, and is living with a mistress.

Extortion and Plunder

Ma Pingan's mother is over seventy and lives alone in Hantai District Tower Lane. In 2007, three Falun Gong practitioners were reported by someone, apprehended and detained in the Hantai District detention center, because they had been distributing fliers. When other practitioners asked for their release, Ma Pingan's words were: "My mother has a broken leg. The hospital fees are over ten thousand "yuan", but I don't have the money." This was an implied request for a bribe.

For over ten years, Ma Pingan's persecution of practitioners has continued unceasingly. Due to the large number of such incidents, not all of them can be described here. A few particular instances are listed as follows:

On July 22, 1999, after Ma Pingan learned that practitioners were gathering in the Hanzhong City Center Square for experience sharing, he fined each involved practitioner one to four thousand yuan. In addition, he confiscated the bank book of a sixty-year-old retiree, Yan Suyun, plundering the entire sum of over 4000 yuan from her account.

Physical Beatings and Tortures

On February 8, 2000, six practitioners from Hanzhong went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong to the authorities. In mid March of the same year, Ma Pingan arrested ten practitioners from Hanzhong, who had recently visited Beijing and promptly sent them to detention centers. He directed police officers to utilize criminals, such as drug addicts and prostitutes to assault and humiliate these detainees. Practitioner Wu Yali suffered from several broken ribs as a result of these beatings. Zhen Cuiping suffered a broken sternum and was unable to lie down for more than one month, and was only able to rest while leaning against a wall. Wang Xinlian was robbed of over 1700 yuan that she carried on her, received beatings so severe that her jacket was worn out, and was shackled for over two weeks. Liang Fengying was dragged by her hair and thrown multiple times against a brick wall, causing severe injuries and disfigurement to her face. After one month, Wang Xinlian was sentenced to forced labor for half a year, and Yuan Shizheng was sentenced to two years. Ma Pingan extorted between 3,000 to 15,000 yuan from other practitioners as terms for their release.

Ma Pingan also ordered a teacher from the Jiaoshan Temple School named Zhang Zhixue, also a practitioner, to wait by the Hanzhong train station every morning to deter other practitioners, who were bound for Beijing and report back to him in the afternoons.

As the persecution intensified, Ma Pingan became more audacious in property confiscations, arrests, detainment, and extortion, totally disregarding the law.

Abortion of an Eight Month Old Fetus, Humiliation of Women

In March of 2001 under the instructions of the 610 Office, Ma Pingan led people from the Beiguan Office and Zhang Wanying of the Village Commission Committee, in an attempt to arrest and detain practitioner Zhang Hanyun in a brainwashing center. When Ms. Zhang could not be found, they proceeded to Lueyang County, where they sealed off her father's construction site and arrested him. They held him at the Jialing River Bridge, thus forcing her family to hand over Ms. Zhang, who was eight months pregnant. They aborted Ms. Zhang's fetus at a hospital in a suburb of Hanzhong City. Due to its size, they dissected the baby to bring it out. It was so horrible that witnesses could not bear the sight.

In 2002, a 63 year old practitioner, Yang Xiu'lian, and her daughter, Wei Caixia faced inhumane torture in the Hantai City's detention center, because they had been making and distributing truth-clarification materials. Ma Pingan instructed the police to employ criminal drug addicts to force Ms. Yang to talk. They ruthlessly pressed her head back, causing severe injuries and fractures to her neck. The also forced Ms. Yang to stand against a wall with her legs spread wide open. Then two men held her arms, two held her legs, and two others inserted toothbrushes into her vagina, while the rest of them took turns pinching her breasts, causing them to bleed. Ms. Yang suffered excruciating pain as a result of this abuse.

In 2002, Xu Yiqin, a practitioner from Mianxian, was detained in the Hantai City's detention center because she persisted in practicing Falun Gong. Ma Pingan instructed the police to have her handcuffed behind her back at all times, while she had to share a room with a criminal drug addict for forty days. After the torture was over, she was sentenced to a forced labor camp for three years.

Unlawful Sentencing and Extortion

In 2004, Ma Pingan arrested several practitioners, including He Zhongwu. He forced Mr. He to change his so-called statement of guilt on multiple occasions because he did not want to return the money he had received through extortion. After Mr. He had already been detained for three months, Ma Pingan finally issued an illegal certificate for his arrest. When Mr. He saw through the deception and reported it to the authorities, Ma Pingan once again used his powers and conspired with the chief of the Hantai Provincial Investigation Department to secretly falsify evidence. They rounded up and sentenced three practitioners from the No. Eight Group of Jiunv Village in Qili Township--Peng Shiyan, Liu Shunhui, and Li Fengming--along with He Zhongwu. Mr. He received nine years of imprisonment, while the other three received seven years, bringing serious harm to them and their families.

In 2005, Ma Pingan arrested a number of older practitioners at their gathering site. Under false charges, these practitioners received up to two and a half year labor camp sentences, including large fines. Ma Pingan extorted 4000 yuan from practitioner Ji Suqing. One of his subordinates went to her work unit and forced them to hand over another 6000 yuan from her wages. When one of the practitioners had no income, Ma Pingan took 5000 yuan from her son-in-law's salary at the Hanzhong Public Health School.

In 2008 before the Olympics, under the instructions of the 610 Office, Ma Pingan again led people from the National Protection Military Police unit to arrest practitioners and seize their property without restraint. Practitioner Yang Hua from Hanzhong City was sentenced to nine years, Wu Yali to five years, and practitioner Xiao Yan'ping from Nanzheng County to three years in prison. These three are currently held in the Xianxi Provincial Prison and are facing maltreatment. Practitioner Ye Hao was sentenced to five years, and Li Qingmeng to four years in jail.

In November of 2008, during a court hearing for practitioner Yan Ping from Nanzheng County, Ma Pingan brought men into the court house and took photographs of the other practitioners, who attended the hearing. Ten more people were arrested during this incident. In the end, Xu Yiqin from Nanzheng and Li Qingfeng from Chenggu both received a sentence of more than one year of forced labor in the Xi'an Provincial women's prison.

Taking advantage of the situation during the Olympics, Ma Pingan even led people from the community to the home of Guo Jianzhen. When no one was present, they broke into her home, plundering nearly every single valuable item.

In 2009, in the name of protecting the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the CCP's rule, Ma Pingan arrested a dozen or so practitioners. Zhang Qing, Liu Wei, and Cong Xueling remain detained up to this day. Malicious incidents like this occurred three times during this past year.

The cases listed above are but the tip of the iceberg during these past 10 years of the persecution. In addition to Ma Pingan, the following people have all been accomplices in many arrests, captures, confiscation of properties, and persecution of cultivators, and have committed undeniable crimes: Pei Guangming, the Vice President of the National Security unit, as well as Li Youzhi, Liu Deyou, Xu Guolu, Yu Jing, and others.