(Clearwisdom.net) As a young Dafa practitioner, I now go to school. The fact that I do not have that many classes means that I have plenty of time to clarify the truth at Singapore's Merlion Park, urging people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). My experience at Merlion Park has brought home the urgency of saving people, and it has made me further understand the mission and responsibility of Dafa disciples to save sentient beings. Now I want to share those experiences with my fellow practitioners for mutual encouragement.

It used to be the case that we would spend a whole morning at Merlion Park without being able to persuade even one or two people to quit the CCP. Then, when a Hong Kong practitioner came to our site, it would only take her one or two hours to successfully convince over 10 people to quit the CCP. I was impressed and watched her as she talked to these people. I noticed that this practitioner would just keep walking among the tourists and would keep talking, regardless of how tourists responded. Tourists could decline to take and read the informational literature, but they would have to listen to her. Whatever she said, she was right on target. To her credit, she was very effective in convincing people to quit the CCP.

After she left, I started to do what she did. The first time when the tourists disbanded, I tagged along with some of them. Walking with them up and down the bridge for a short while, I managed to persuade six people to quit the CCP. This greatly encouraged me. Gradually, I started to understand the characteristics of those Chinese tourists' inner psyche. Their fear of taking the Falun Gong literature was a result of intimidation by the CCP prior to their leaving China. They had been threatened that taking Falun Gong materials meant they could be arrested. That was why they were hostile to us practitioners. Some of them were obviously fearful and even told us that they were being watched by intelligence personnel planted among them and that we should keep our distance. They had, however, their own time for photo-taking and sightseeing. When they were on their own was the best opportunity for us to explain the truth to them.

Opportunities alone were not enough. It still required righteous thoughts, compassion, wisdom, rationality, and determination. In order to maintain optimal righteous thoughts to best save sentient beings, I started to get up at 4:00 a.m. to study the Fa. After sending forth the righteous thoughts at 6:00 a.m., I packed up the informational materials and took off. I would use the one hour bus-ride to memorize Zhuan Falun. As I walked, I also tried to remember Zhuan Falun, making my best effort to immerse myself in the Fa. That was how I started my day. On the first day that I did the above, I successfully persuaded 11 people from one tourist group to quit the CCP. What's more, those who quit expressed their heartfelt gratitude to me. After they had quit the CCP, some of them would yell out, "Falun Dafa is good!" as they walked away. This lesson made me realize the importance of Fa study. With good Fa study, I felt that my words carried energy and what we were engaged in was truly sacred and grand. I did this with one tourist group after another. After two to three times, over 20 people would quit the CCP. I emphasized that I needed to get their explicit agreement to quit the Party. If they did not explicitly agree, I did not write down their names.

In explaining the truth to a big group, one needs to take care to not just focus on only one person, but instead to be mindful of making eye contact with each and every one of them. As soon as I discovered that the content was not of interest to them, I immediately changed the topic. I knew that I had to get hold of the crux of the issue and try to hit home with the truth within the shortest amount of time. At the same time, my countenance and body language needed to be appropriate, and I had to speak calmly. They needed to know that whatever CCP organization they had once joined, they must make a clean break from it.

Once I noticed that one member of a family clearly understood what I was trying to say. Seeing that the rest of his family was still doubtful, the clearheaded one urged them to nod their agreement (to quit the Party) as soon as possible. The rest of them all did.

Occasionally, I would crack a joke. I also offered to tell people about the local surroundings, gave them directions, took group photos for them, or helped them with translations. All in all, what I was trying to achieve was to put them at ease and help them to be free of fear or of hostility, so that they would be more receptive to the truth. After all, there are many ways to urge people to quit the CCP, but the key was to do it with wisdom and rationality. To me, wisdom and rationality can only be derived from Master's immense Buddha Fa. We are able to do everything as long as we are attentive to the Fa.

In the meantime, we need to be able to endure hardships; we need to persevere whether it rains cats and dogs or if the baking sun is scorching the earth. We cannot let sentient beings miss their chance to be saved. Once it started to drizzle. Since I did not have an umbrella, I held the truth clarification materials to my chest and bent over, covering them with my own body. Just then, I saw an older woman nearby, admiring the view, I greeted her politely and handed her a brochure. Raindrops fell onto the paper. She looked at me, and, after seeing me standing in the rain, bending over and getting soaked, she moved her umbrella to shield me. I took this chance to move the materials under the umbrella and started to explain the facts to her. She listened quietly, nodding every now and then. In the end, she quit the CCP. Just like that, standing under the umbrellas of many tourists, I managed to convince many people to quit the CCP. Sometimes, after they left, I would remain still and unwilling to leave, seeing them off with tears in my eyes. Some of them would look back from time to time, waving goodbye to me.

Not every tourist was as receptive to the truth. Some were quite indifferent. After I spoke for a while, all I got from the other person was, "Get lost!" Some would start to curse; some acted as if they would push me into water; some did shove me; and some tour guides accused me of harassing their guests and threatened to call the police. I faced all that with a heart unstirred, because I believed that Master was with me all the time, and nobody could ever move me. I would remind myself that they were just lost and ignorant of the truth, that they were also kings and lords from various levels; with tremendous faith in the Fa, they had descended here to be saved, and they were just poisoned by the old forces. If we were not here to save them, they would not have a future. Their being destroyed would mean the destruction of countless firmaments and countless beings. These thoughts would free me from any possible negative feelings toward them and their behavior. I only felt sad for their being lost.

I recall a family I met a few days ago. As I was approaching them, they started to swear, saying I was an embarrassment for the Chinese people and that I sucked the fun out of their sightseeing. My heart did not move. I sincerely said to them, "If I truly disturbed your seeking fun, I apologize, but you have to know that I mean no harm. All I want to do is to tell you the truth about Falun Gong. In China, with the taxpayers' money, the CCP has built prisons and incarcerated those who follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. By contrast, the corrupt officials, murderers, and scoundrels are above the law. This phenomenon only bespeaks of the impotent and corrupt nature of the CCP. It has done little for the people, but it excels at scheming, with the scoundrels oppressing the good people. The persecution of Falun Gong is actually Jiang Zemin's vendetta. He could not countenance the fact that there were more people seeking guidance in Falun Gong than in the CCP. His personal volition overrode the dignity of the constitution, and crimes violating citizens' human rights have now been committed. Because he controlled the military, the police force, the media, and the courts, he could do whatever he wanted to. How is it that the havoc left by the decade's long Cultural Revolution did not wake us up? Back then, did the intellectuals commit any crimes at all? Yet the CCP would humiliate them by shackling them with signs of disgrace and turning them into "counter-revolutionaries, ox-monsters and snake demons!" Back then, those intellectuals caved in silently, yet we Falun Gong nowadays dare to speak up! The fact that we dare to face down violence with courage is because we practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and have no fear of violence or power and stand tall and proudly between heaven and earth!"

One of them turned back and said, "We know as well as you that the CCP is no good. But of what use is it for you to stand here and merely talk? What difference does that make?" Just then, the man who had said I was an embarrassment for the Chinese chimed in, "Indeed! You just talk. Look at the Uyghurs! Why don't you follow suit and start to fight the CCP until it topples?"

To that question I replied, "As cultivators, we are not interested in politics. If the CCP did not set out to persecute us, we would not go about exposing it. Now that it has murdered so many practitioners and stripped Falun Gong practitioners of their basic rights, we have to resort to this peaceful, non-violent means to tell the Chinese people the truth and urge our compatriots to quit the CCP for their own safety. Over the past few decades, the CCP has committed so many crimes. It has not only created disaffected people but has incurred the wrath of the heavens! The disasters have been non-stop! The CCP is doomed! Under this baking sun, I have been speaking with you for a long time. I am doing this for own my interests; I am doing this only for you to be safe when calamities hit and the CCP is wiped out. It is better to be safe than sorry and believe what I have said!"

Seeing that they kept nodding their heads as I spoke, I took this opportunity to assign them pseudonyms to quit the CCP with. In the end, all of their party of four had agreed to quit the CCP.

There have been quite a lot of tourists these last few days. Each morning an average of over 10 or more have quit the CCP. Unfortunately, there are only a few practitioners clarifying the truth at Merlion Park and we have been quite short of hands. We did miss quite a few people who had predestined relationships with us. I sincerely hope that those who can will come to support our efforts. This is an important place, and saving people is such an urgent task. It feels everyday like an intense battle between good and evil. I have endured a lot here, yet I feel extremely fulfilled and rewarded.

Master with his grand benevolence has given his all for the sake of saving the sentient beings. We need to do our best to help Master rectify and validate the Fa and persevere in saving the sentient beings. Let's keep pace with the Fa rectification period, realize our pre-historic vows, and go home with Master!

The above is from my limited understanding in cultivation. I would appreciate it if any fellow practitioners could kindly point out any discrepancies.

August 6, 2009