Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding

 (Li Hongzhi, 2009, in the United States)

(Dafa disciples all stand, warmly applaud. Master smiles and signals for everyone to be seated.)  

It is a rare opportunity for the Minghui[1] staff to come together for a meeting; there aren’t many chances for you to share and exchange ideas together in person. So I thought I would join you today. And what I just said is especially true since some Dafa disciples have put all of their effort into the Minghui website, working tremendously hard. I am aware of that.

It can be said that among the websites that Dafa disciples run, this is a crucial one. From the day it was set up it was firmly established as a vehicle for Dafa disciples’ cultivation and their sharing of experiences, and meant to report on the persecution of Dafa disciples in a timely manner. So the role that the Minghui website has assumed has been particularly decisive, becoming a thorn in the evil’s side. This has meant that the site has had to emphasize security more than other websites, not letting the evil capitalize on any gaps, since the site is able to, in a timely manner, directly report on the persecution that Dafa disciples are suffering; [Minghui’s reports] are not based on third-hand information, but rather, on firsthand material that is acquired directly. Minghui has its own means of connecting with Dafa disciples in mainland China, and has managed to be quite steady in its operations over the years. This is directly related to the cultivation states of those involved with Minghui, particularly the Dafa disciples at the forefront, and their sense of responsibility. This has thwarted the evil. The unique nature of Minghui has meant that some of its participating Dafa disciples are relatively isolated, and have somewhat fewer opportunities to share with other students. That makes things all the harder for them.

Whatever the case, it is simply extraordinary that Minghui has made it through to today. In terms of the role it has played, it has powerfully exposed the evil’s persecution, especially in recent years. Since the time when the persecution began, it has furthermore provided a true picture of the cultivation state of Dafa disciples in a timely manner, and served as a point of connection among students. Students everywhere—be it in the mainland, outside China, or wherever it may be—can share experiences via the Minghui website. By giving Dafa disciples a channel such as this in their cultivation, each is able to promptly learn the overall situation of Dafa disciples’ cultivation; and the site serves as an indirect means of communication as well. This is excellent.

With the exception of Minghui and a few other sites that speak from a different angle, all of the websites [you have set up] report on Dafa disciples’ situation and persecution as normal media entities in society. But Minghui, however, is more direct by assuming the standpoint of Dafa disciples, and depicting how Dafa disciples’ cultivation is going as well as the persecution. Especially notable is the fact that it’s able to acquire firsthand information. That’s not something other websites can do, and so this suggests still furthermore what a decisive role Minghui plays. So no matter what, you need to do an even better job of running the site, and pay special attention to security—to keeping things secret from the evil.

As a cultivation form, Falun Gong has nothing to hide. But, with the wicked CCP persecuting us the way that it is, we have to be on guard. It is constantly deceiving the Chinese people, as well as the rest of the world, keeping the world’s people from knowing its past crimes and the realities of its persecution of Dafa disciples; it is hiding the true sight of its sinister face while using evil means in the persecution. So, we want to be on guard against it and disclose its evil crimes. You need to build up this vehicle [that is Minghui] further, and do even better with it. At the same time, you mustn’t slack off in your personal cultivation, for Minghui will do better and be more remarkable only if you can manage to do better as individuals and in cultivation.

Through exposing the evil, saving sentient beings, and helping Master to rectify the Fa, Minghui has established its mighty virtue, and it is truly remarkable. Perhaps in the future when sentient beings talk about it, they will refer to it as something remarkable, too. That is because Minghui reports from a different vantage point and is different from the other media [run by Dafa disciples], which operate as normal media in society. Another thing is, the website has managed to, despite tough circumstances, consistently maintain contact with the Dafa disciples in the mainland, and thus obtain firsthand information. That’s something other media haven’t managed to do, including the large, international media agencies. Pay no regard to what scope of influence the website has right now: in the future people will know its significance. And actually, even right now many major media, the intelligence agencies of most every country, and the organizations and individuals in each country that care about human rights in China are all visiting the Minghui website, and following it with interest. They know that [what it reports] is true. It’s just that, owing to economic interests, national interests, or because of certain international circumstances, they feign ignorance, and do not intend to, dare to, or wish to provoke the wicked CCP. In the near future people will all have to face up to this whole affair, however. More and more the truth is getting out, so whoever doesn’t face up to it, whoever can’t manage to face up to this reality, will have no future.

Don’t be fooled by how society is just going along as normal right now, busy as ever, with everything operating seemingly as normal. That is the way of human affairs, of course, but that is not what man is here for. The historical period during which the process of creating civilization for mankind took place is behind us now, as is the process of fully establishing a storehouse of culture that would allow man to understand Dafa at the final hour. So the present is meant for people to now use all of what they learned in the course of history so as to rationally face this final episode. How a person chooses, and what he chooses—it all begins now. But man constantly committed sins in the course of history, so as people make their choices, there are gods who use evil to interfere, and this has become an ordeal for people and sentient beings. A way out was offered, however, in order to allow those who still have good thoughts to be saved: Dafa disciples started to clarify the truth. Dafa disciples are now the hope of salvation for the people of each region. Having reached this point today, mankind’s history has entered its culminating stage.

In the final course of events, there are also factors involved that are meant to test Dafa disciples, for each Dafa disciple aspires to cultivate to Consummation. At the same time, Dafa disciples have a tremendous responsibility: more than just one’s own Consummation, each must shoulder the mission of saving the world’s people, the sentient beings. Never in history has that been the case. In the past, when someone was imparting the Fa or speaking about saving sentient beings, it was merely a case of strengthening and rounding out the culture that is mankind’s history. Christianity and Buddhism may have spread within their respective spheres over the course of history, but that was in fact to establish the cultural component whereby man understands the divine. Dafa’s spreading throughout the world is different, however. In this case it is all of mankind facing the question of whether each will, in the end, gain salvation. This huge stage before us today—the stage of mankind—was prepared for Dafa and its disciples. Whatever project or initiative it may be that you are involved in, or whatever it may be that you’re doing to save sentient beings, you should all be steadfast about doing it, and finishing it, well. That’s particularly true for the Minghui website, which in its brief years of operation has already established mighty virtue. Dafa disciples realize this, and Master is very much aware; even the world’s people admire it, and even the evil ones do. In this final phase you should do even better with it, and make it more powerful. You cannot let up. The more circumstances ease up, the less you can let up. The more comfortable things get, the easier it is for you to ease up in your thinking and relax. That won’t do. It is imperative that you do well with it. And that is in fact the point of the meeting you are having here today—to share together from the Fa, and improve on the basis of the Fa. It’s akin to each time we held a Fa conference in the past, where you could all discover where you fell short, make a leap forward in your cultivation, and thereafter better fulfill your role with the projects or teams you are on. The same holds true for today’s meeting. Through sharing today you can, going forward, do a better job of what you are supposed to do.

Master isn’t just saying these things because they are pleasing to hear. Minghui really has played an enormous role. Cultivators do, of course, sometimes do things or consider matters with human thinking. That does happen sometimes. Were everyone to consider things with righteous thoughts, then I would say they’d have no need to cultivate. (Laughing) And when there is human thinking, there are problems and things that fall short; there are problems with cooperation; and interference to things as a result of fear. All of this does come about. But whatever the case, on the whole things are progressing in a healthy manner, and the main body is doing extremely well.

You talked about a lot of things in your morning session, so perhaps you have some questions you wish to ask me. It wasn’t easy for us to gather together. We can explore together any questions you may want to bring up with me, and I will answer the ones that I can. (Brief pause, enthusiastic applause)    

Disciple: Is what Minghui publishes only needed during the Fa-rectification period, or is it something that will be passed on to later generations?

Master: I think Minghui's content is precious material collected in the course of Dafa disciples' cultivation. There won't be any persecution in the future, so Minghui won't need to be concerned with keeping things confidential or exposing the evil's persecution then (laughing), since the situation will have changed. But Minghui is a media outlet, so although it reports openly on how Dafa disciples' cultivation is going, I think it will, being a media outlet, probably be passed on to future generations. Even if you do not pass it on to them, posterity will dearly cherish the term "the Minghui website." But, it could even be a major media entity that operates in regular society. I think that may well be the case. (Master laughs) (Everyone applauds)

Disciple: During its first ten years, Minghui focused on ensuring that cultivation-related content met a certain standard and focused on exposing the persecution in the mainland. Going forward, should it increase its efforts to explain the truth to well-educated people and mainstream Western society?

Master: To date Minghui has been giving a direct snapshot of Dafa disciples' cultivation. As for ensuring standards, a media outlet should certainly do a good job of it, and that's especially true for Minghui. You are all cultivators and know what should and shouldn't be reported on. If incorrect views, or understandings that are lacking, were posted online--especially on Minghui--it would affect newer students.

You can discuss among yourselves and decide whether to strengthen your efforts to explain the truth to certain groups in the time ahead. But as a website, Minghui's path has already been set. It is your path, it is your approach, and it is your website's direction. The way you are handling things now is a reflection of your own best judgment, so you should carry on as you have. Unless the persecution ends and there is no need to expose the evil, with the truth being known to all--at which time things will have changed--[your approach] should not change much.

Disciple: The flawless performances by Shen Yun can really have the effect of saving sentient beings and can have quite an impact on people. Meanwhile, the work that Dafa disciples do is often quite rough, they don't try to have class, and they hardly pay any attention to the actual results of what they do.

Master: (Laughing) Are you referring to some of the approaches and methods people are using for their promotions and ticket sales? Shen Yun's performances are, naturally, of a high caliber. That's been established. At the very least we can say that at present no other production is on par with Shen Yun's. How we first brought Shen Yun to the public was somewhat unrefined, however. With anything there is always a process, whereby one goes from not being able to do something to being able to; and as one gradually gains experience and skills, one learns to do things well. There is indeed a process.

At present Master is personally overseeing the Shen Yun things, and that's because the bar is high in terms of technical sophistication as well as the coordination of all the various elements involved, each of which entails a specific expertise. Many Dafa disciples wanted to do this, but the results weren't all that ideal back when they tried. I wanted to guide to maturity the Dafa disciples who wished to validate the Fa and save sentient beings with this art form, and of course, once I got involved, it became something entirely different. If I do something, I will make it the best, the best in the world. (Master laughs) (Applause) Promoting the show and selling tickets, however, rests upon the Dafa disciples in each area. And since there are discrepancies in the cultivation states of the students in each place, there are big differences in how well they collaborate, and there have even been differences in how the idea of selling tickets and the idea of presenting the show itself has resonated with the students. So, there are bound to be differences in approach and quality. Also, you had never done these things before, and the students in some areas knew nothing about such things. So, you have to go through that process we discussed of learning how to do something from scratch. You will gradually learn how to do these things and gain that knowledge, and the quality will gradually improve.

Disciple: I have a question regarding the full-time staff at Minghui. They have been working on the site full-time for the past ten-plus years, without any income or an ordinary job, and so they have begun to start looking for regular jobs. Under the current circumstances, would it be all right to apply for ordinary sources of funding?

Master: Having full-time staff can ensure that Minghui goes smoothly and its reporting is free of interruption, which is important. I think that you are all deepening your understandings through today's meeting. But you have to be the ones to figure out how to resolve such challenges and you have to be the ones to put in the effort. The task of running Minghui well is a job of tremendous importance and one that saves people. Try to resolve the challenges that have emerged by working and discussing together.

If you want to apply for ordinary people's funding, you can do that. The situation was different a few years back. The evil was really abundant at that time, affecting all of humanity and controlling all groups of people. Things are different now. People are now waking up and most of the evil has been cleared out, so the evil has lost its ability to control the general public. That being the case, you can give it a try and see how it goes.

Disciple: With Minghui work it's necessary to ensure security and keep a low profile. This results in those of us outside of China often feeling pressure from our surroundings, and some of us find it hard to make the best use of our abilities or coordinate our efforts with others. When other projects have tried to persuade students who work on Minghui to join them, some have even bluntly said, "You're still working on Minghui at this point in time?"

Master: Whatever point in time it may be, you will still need to work on Minghui. There is obviously a problem with that kind of remark. Even though Minghui doesn't visibly influence society as much as other media entities might, and it might not have much content that's of interest to ordinary people, it nevertheless portrays the cultivation state of Dafa disciples without filtering and reports about the persecution that they are subjected to. So it is pivotal and important. In a sense, the other media outlets don't have the ability to do that right now. If one of the other media outlets were to cease to exist, there would be others to do its job. But if Minghui were not around, no other media outlet could replace it. That's why I say that not only does Minghui have to continue, but it has to be run well.

Disciple: We want the English version of Minghui and its editions in other languages to function as effective instruments for informing mainstream Western society about Falun Gong, and as effective resources for Dafa disciples who interface with government. Websites ought to be a cost-effective and efficient means for this. We are not sure, though, whether print materials are also necessary.

Master: The non-Chinese editions of Minghui are indeed very important for the many nationalities out there, and governments and human rights organizations are reading them. When you provided a factual picture of Dafa disciples' situation before, not many people wanted to read. That was partly due to the fact that evil elements were controlling people; another factor was that people took their own interests into consideration as they chose between a powerful state controlled by the wicked CCP and a vulnerable group like Falun Gong, and decided not to face the issue. Things are different now. The evil elements that controlled humans have been eradicated, and people are awakening. Back when the evil elements behind the CCP were controlling people, the world's major newspapers and television stations almost invariably lacked the courage to report on the matter. But now they do so, and do talk about it. They have started paying attention to the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong's students. Some things are subtly undergoing changes, so as for specific approaches to take, you can give them a try if things seem feasible.

Disciple: We feel that Minghui's coverage of events around the world needs to be enriched, and we hope to bring back fellow cultivators who used to work at Minghui. May we tell them that Minghui's coverage of events outside of China remains important? If they don't firmly believe in Minghui's importance, it's pretty difficult to encourage them to work hard on the international reporting.

Master: I said it a moment ago: Minghui is very important. The first-hand information that it gets from China is definitely reliable, and no other website approaches things from the same angle--that is, as a window into Dafa disciples' cultivation. Then as Dafa disciples, you must have a positive view of Minghui, regardless of whatever ordinary people may think. There are some who don't see Minghui in a positive light, and I would say they've got a problem. At least that much is certain. Since Minghui directly reports on the cultivation state of the main body of Dafa disciples, it plays the pivotal role of facilitating the exchange of experiences among Dafa disciples around the world, and that is something no other media outlet can do. Nor can they report from Minghui's angle. So that is what sets Minghui apart. Of course, it's inevitable that there will be shortcomings. But, as you cultivate and mature, you will improve when it comes to those things and grow stronger in the process.

Disciple: For years there has been a severe shortage of DVDs for mainland Dafa disciples to distribute. Can we have cultivators from Minghui or who used to work for FGMTV resume making programs for the mainland that clarify the facts about Falun Gong?

Master: I can't get involved in the specifics of these things. If those students have the conditions and the time that's needed, then you can go ahead and work together with them. I have no objection. If they are already working on other projects or initiatives, though, then you will have to see about coordinating things. Discuss it with them. Those DVDs used to do a lot of good. You can do what you described if conditions permit.

Disciple: We are tired every day, and we've done a lot of work. But still, we haven't seen noticeably better results in saving people. Something seems to be blocking us.

Master: There are sure to be challenges, and you will indeed be tired. Those of you at the forefront have little time to rest, I know. You said that the results you are getting saving sentient beings, saving people, aren't noticeable. I don't think that's the case. Minghui's work is being referenced and watched by various media, and they will learn about [Dafa's] situation from the things the site reports. Also, more and more ordinary people are coming to recognize Minghui, and some will read Minghui after they get to know Dafa.

Disciple: I've come to realize that in order to save people more quickly, we should, first and foremost, help the students in China who have not stepped forward to do so as quickly as possible. Small Fa-study sites have been set up in some parts of China, and people help one another at these, which has a great effect. Can we use Minghui to encourage students in China to form small Fa-study groups, so that they may better share experiences with one another and help each other out while still being safety-minded?

Master: Fa-study groups, practice sites, and experience-sharing conferences--these are what I have given to you, and I have always supported their use. But the cultivation state of some students is such that they neglect safety to some degree, and on the spur of the moment, when excited, they forget everything; or in other cases the problem is that people go to extremes; and then there are some who are attached to showing off. Any of these issues will cause us losses or endanger other students. It is okay to do what you asked about, but such things can't be done carelessly.

Disciple: Some students in China are very experienced at clarifying the truth, and can get passers-by to do the "three withdrawals" within three to five minutes. Some students have told people that they will be saved if they say, "Falun Dafa hao." However, some fellow cultivators believe that if in such a short span one can't manage to explain the facts about Dafa and the persecution that well, then, even if the person agrees to the "three withdrawals," he is not guaranteed salvation. Other students believe, however, that since the person formed such a good thought, he will be saved.

Master: Once someone declares his withdrawal from the wicked CCP, he is no longer under the control of the wicked CCP's evil elements or the gods in this universe that Fa-rectification hasn't yet dealt with, and he becomes a being that has taken a stance. Such people belong to the future, and will be looked after by gods who play positive roles. His remaining life and the future prospects of his being will be reworked. The instant a person's true thought emerges, everything begins to change.

When someone quits the wicked CCP, he is no longer under its control. And once he is not controlled by it, he immediately undergoes a change. And what kind of change is it? His body is cleansed of the poisonous elements and factors of the wicked CCP, and he looks differently at matters of Falun Gong and the persecution that it has been subjected to. This comes about as a result [of his own act of breaking from the Party], so he will enter the future. However, if he says, "I oppose the wicked CCP, but I don't approve of Falun Gong either," that amounts to him not yet taking his stance, since there is no third choice.

Disciple: Minghui has basically set the standards for, and contents of, flyers and pamphlets for clarifying the truth. But as far as TV programs go, our fellow cultivators outside of China haven't produced any complete DVDs since "Courageous Journey Between Heaven and Earth" five years ago. Students in China have now consolidated into one DVD various short programs that raise awareness about Dafa and short films that expose the CCP, such as the one about the Tiananmen Massacre and the one about the earthquakes. But the quality is lacking. I know that producing a good DVD for clarifying the truth is a big project, but since they can be so powerful, I wanted to suggest that our fellow cultivators outside of China who have the means make this a priority once again and resolve this dilemma. I don't know if it's appropriate to make such a suggestion when these Dafa disciples are so busy.

Master: If you have the means to do such things, then you can work on them together. If not, then don't force it. If you don't have any other projects under way, if you aren't working on anything that urgent, or if some students haven't been involved in any projects and yet have the needed skills, then you can give it a try.

Disciple: Can Minghui organize theme-based discussions on some common problems, such as having fear, being attached to time, or relying on ordinary people, etc.?

Master: You can discuss together anything that's related to cultivation. You can write articles or run a short-term column. But yes, you should coordinate your efforts well on such things.

Disciple: I wish to ask revered Master how to regard the hiring of righteous lawyers by students in China as a means of taking legal action. In many cases, these lawyers speak righteously and firmly in court, but the students involved are not spared sentencing. There are also students who believe that if we don't hire attorneys to make a "not-guilty" plea for us, it means that we are acknowledging the evil's persecution.

Master: Here's how I look at it. If you have the means or the conditions are right, then I think you should hire attorneys. And why do I say that? Aren't Dafa students supposed to cultivate while conforming maximally to the way of ordinary people? Then consider that the wicked CCP is claiming that it is "great, glorious, and correct" and telling the world that it respects the rule of law. Well, then I would hire a lawyer and see. Every word that some of the attorneys who have defended Falun Gong and Dafa disciples have said in their arguments has made good sense, and that has had a great impact. Although the outcomes have varied, the way that those remarks expose the evil persecution amounts to clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. Minghui and other websites have carried reports about the persecution of these lawyers, and that has further affirmed that the wicked Party's legal system is a sham; it has further exposed the wicked CCP's true nature. That's why attorneys should still be hired.

Hiring an attorney and making a defense in court can itself thus serve to save people. Whoever attends the court hearing, be it someone sent by the wicked CCP or an ordinary citizen, is going to hear the facts clarified when presented with the lawyers' just reasoning. Doesn't it serve to bring out the goodness in such people? Some judges have fallen silent as they listened, hanging their heads. And some police have even had admiration afterwards, saying things like, "Well said!" when they left the courthouse. That meant that these people's goodness was awakened. What is it that the evil fears? Isn't it exactly this that they fear? That's why I think that hiring lawyers is necessary. When the world's people have the courage to step forward and speak out, and when they see that it is evil to persecute Falun Gong, isn't that when the wicked Party will fall apart? People will know that retribution awaits the perpetrators, and realize that the wicked Party will be held accountable when it falls. And those involved in the persecution will realize that they too will be put on trial in the future. Won't people think of these things? Won't that stun and frighten the evil? And wouldn't this help to curb the persecution? The evil is afraid of the defense those attorneys will make, and so it doesn't allow such defenses. So isn't that all the more reason this should be done? But that said, don't force things if conditions aren't right, and don't go to extremes. Don't insist on doing it even if the conditions aren't there just because Master said what he said. Make sure you keep rational as you go about assisting Master with Fa-rectification.

Disciple: Students in China are making Dafa books themselves, given the circumstances at present. Some students think that making Dafa books nice and elegant looking is a show of respect to Master and the Fa, while others feel that our limited resources should instead be spent on truth-clarification materials for saving people.

Master: That's right. Making the books so elegant and beautiful really isn't necessary right now in the mainland. Given the current state of things, no matter how elegant you might make them there, they won't match the quality of printing that's done outside of China. So why bother with all that effort, then? As long as you have books to study the Fa with and that can serve to save people, that's enough. Paperback editions are just as good. It's not the right time to get elegant. You should instead put all your effort into saving people. If you need to make the books a little more elegant in order to save people, then that's okay. But, if that's not the case, then focus your efforts on the "three things."

Disciple: How can Minghui play a larger role in saving people outside of China?

Master: The path that Minghui has taken is how it should be. Aiming Minghui's efforts at the people outside of China is not one of the site's specific tasks. But over time, and as the world comes to understand Falun Gong better, people will increasingly rush to read Minghui. That's because they will have realized that Dafa disciples are their hope for salvation. Things will change at that time, but right now Minghui is focusing on the main body of persecuted Dafa disciples after all, and, unlike other media outlets, it is more of a window into Dafa disciples' cultivation.

Disciple: When Dafa disciples are handing out materials at tourist spots or airports outside China, at many such places they mainly distribute third-party newspapers and flyers that talk about quitting the CCP. Materials that introduce Dafa more directly aren't used prominently.

Master: Falun Gong's profound teachings are impossible for ordinary people to understand, and they cannot be told at high levels. If you want to introduce Dafa in a direct manner, your informational materials should explain the most simple and plain points, such as what Falun Gong is. Talk about Falun Gong at a simple and basic level, such as how to conduct yourself and how effective the exercises are. No matter how many years you spend clarifying the facts, that is the most fundamental content that you always need to explain. Many people don't comprehend what Falun Gong is about due to their lack of basic knowledge, and so this will always be something that you need to explain. None of the higher and more profound parts of Falun Gong cultivation should be explained to ordinary people, for such things would only have a negative effect on people since ordinary human beings can't grasp them. You may feel that you've been able to fully grasp them, but that is because you have done cultivation for a long time and come to understand things bit by bit. If you want an ordinary person to understand Dafa at such a high level all at once, the person can't, and your doing that would amount to pushing him away. So you shouldn't explain things to ordinary people at high levels.

Disciple: When some ordinary people in mainland China saw Dafa disciples distributing third party newspapers, they remarked, without even reading the newspapers closely, that Falun Gong was "getting political," or they thought that we were teaming up with democracy activists.

Master: You do need to pay attention to this issue. You must have clarity of mind and save people in a rational manner. Nowadays people do know, however, that the wicked CCP is bad, so if they say that you're in with the democracy activists or that you're part of some democratic party, you don't have to be too concerned about it for now. You could think of [what you're doing] as, "I just want you to see the wicked CCP for what it is, and after you do so I will tell you what Falun Gong is all about." It's fine to take things one step at a time. And actually, many people would like nothing more than for Falun Gong to now get into politics and topple the wicked CCP (audience laughs). The majority of Chinese people have that thought. Even though Falun Gong doesn't want its power and we aren't getting political, you do need to discern whether what ordinary people are saying is meant in a disapproving way or is simply a reflection of their shallow understanding. By doing so you will be able to handle things as fitting the situation and be more effective at remedying the problem.

Disciple: When clarifying the facts, many mainland students pass out only the Nine Commentaries and focus solely on social issues and withdrawing from the CCP. They seem to think that talking positively about Falun Gong is outdated.

Master: You can write some articles for Minghui about your understanding and share this perspective with students in the mainland. You can talk to them and tell them. We have to inform people about Falun Gong. The most basic things, like what Falun Gong is, should never be left out. We must talk about it. People who haven't heard the truth and don't know what Falun Gong is, or people who are prejudiced against Falun Gong, don't know about or understand things on a most basic level, and their biases were caused by the wicked CCP's indoctrination. So you do still need to inform them about Falun Gong, and in fact, you should make this a focus.

Disciple: Dafa disciples from the mainland working in science and technology send their greetings to their revered Master! Almost every grade school student in the mainland, from elementary school to high school, has been poisoned by the wicked Party; they have been indoctrinated with bad things about Dafa. Would it be okay for us to focus on these students and their teachers in our current efforts to clarify the truth, and help them withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations? This is somewhat easier to accomplish, and we can support that effort by providing informational materials.

Master: Of course you can do such things. As for such specific questions, I can only say that when you spot a problem as you go about clarifying the truth, you should go ahead and address it.

Disciple: We have found that one of the main reasons certain areas suffer severe persecution is that there aren't enough materials there that expose the evil locally. Also, what materials they do have generally don't go into detail about the evildoers' family members, especially their children. As a result, the evildoers don't feel the weight of public opinion bearing down on them, and some have acted even more brazenly. We have learned such lessons many times. I'm not sure, is this the right way to look at it?

Master: Those are indeed some of the contributing factors. You can report [the kinds of details you described] on Minghui, have students gather more precise information about the evil and report it, and have local students vigorously expose those bad people. These are things that Minghui should help with, and you should tell what I said to the students in those areas that haven't done this or done enough of it.

Disciple: Some family members of students who died because of the persecution have hatred towards Dafa as a result. Should we treat these family members who are themselves victims of the persecution and who have difficulty understanding the truth the same way we would ordinary sentient beings?

Master: Of course you can. You must make the facts clear to them. Get them to realize who killed their family member in the persecution--the wicked CCP.

Disciple: Is it permitted for students to buy materials for clarifying the truth from local production sites? For example, to pay one yuan for a CD or even less for a pamphlet, etc.

Master: Usually such materials are provided free of charge. If a production site has problems with funds and starts charging students, then what will students who have no income or a low income do? Looking at it from the perspective of saving people, sometimes even when things are free it's hard to give them to people, and if you start charging money, it's even less likely for ordinary people to want them. So wouldn't that be making it harder to save people? In some areas our Dafa disciples are financially well-off, and they can all chip in and support a production site together. But that wouldn't work in areas where students are not doing so well financially.

Disciple: Can production sites charge at cost for Dafa books that they make?

Master: I have long since said that it is permitted to recoup your costs when making Dafa books for sale.

Disciple: Since wording corrections have been made [in the books], should people in the mainland mass-produce the new versions at this time and give them to students for free?

Master: That depends on what people can manage to do. If you have the means to do so, then go ahead and produce them. Otherwise you can hold off for a while. As for giving them to students for free, you can go ahead if you really are able to. These are pretty specific things, however, and you will know what to do after giving it some thought.

Disciple: Greetings to Master on behalf of Dafa disciples in Changchun. Your disciples miss you. Before the persecution, those serving as assistants at the assistance centers played big roles, and now, in the persecution, they have suffered a great deal. Many of them are not doing well at present, and we feel that it's such a pity. With the Fa-rectification drawing to a close, what will become of these people? How should we go about helping them?

Master: When clarifying the truth, we treat everyone the same. The evil's persecution has caused the assistants a great deal of suffering. But I do not recognize this persecution of our students, and [evil elements] are being thoroughly destroyed during Fa-rectification. The evil is still madly persecuting Dafa disciples in this time before Fa-rectification arrives, however, and that is why I say that those who can make it through are most remarkable. Assistants from the former assistance center and other sorts of coordinators were once cultivators just like other students. It's not that they became assistants because they excelled at cultivation; perhaps they didn't cultivate as solidly as even the average student. They were in fact made coordinator or assistant because they were willing and able to do things. When clarifying the truth to them, you need to find where they are stuck.

Disciple: After the persecution began, wave after wave of cultivators came forward to take on coordination roles, but wave after wave they suffered persecution. Everyone is working hard, but our coordination hasn't managed to reach the level we had prior to the persecution.

Master: The evil's persecution simply cannot touch students who really have strong righteous thoughts. When the evil's persecution was at its worst, such students didn't give the evil any gaps to capitalize on. Those that truly had strong righteous thoughts could withstand [the persecution]. Those that didn't have strong righteous thoughts, however, found it hard to withstand. You might be quite happy when a veteran student who hadn't stepped forward before does step forward, since now you have another set of helping hands. But don't forget that it was human attachments that kept him from stepping forward, and those human attachments will bring problems with them. It was fear or cultivation issues that led the evil to arrest such a person. But that said, if his righteous thoughts are truly strong and he has come to understand things at a high level, then even if he is coming back to the path and starting anew, he can still fend off persecution. Only if that is the case will he be relatively stable and not experience problems.

Disciple: At present the coordinators in mainland China don't go about things the same way that those in the Dafa Associations around the world do. Sometimes it's obvious that what fellow cultivators are doing is wrong, and in some cases directly impacting our safety, yet the coordinator will refuse to change his approach even after much discussion. We are left to try to ensure our fellow cultivators' safety just using righteous thoughts. What are we to do in such cases?

Master: Yes, there are indeed some that are reckless like that. The evil will capitalize on their gaps, and that is what brings about the trouble you described. They are not diligent and pay no attention to others' safety. If everyone could look at things rationally and do things with righteous thoughts, the situation would be completely different.

Disciple: Nowadays there are quite a few people leaving Dafa for some religion or other, and the circumstances vary. Some still count themselves as Master's disciples, but hold on to deviant notions. We have spent quite a bit of energy trying to help them. Some have returned to us, while others still stubbornly cling to those trivial religious things. We know that Master has watched over them all along, but aren't sure what more we should do.

Master: Do a good job of explaining things to them and hit the right points, and they will regain their clarity if you can help the person to see where his understanding is off. For most of these people the issue is fear. Right now those religions aren't being openly persecuted, but if and when they are, let's see where these people go. It is fear at work.

Disciple: There are a lot of people in Changchun that have predestined connections with Master, and they admit that Master is a great person. But we run into great challenges when we go deeper as we clarify the truth to them. What other methods can we use to save them?

Master: If you are clarifying the truth on a deeper level, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have found the problem and applied the right solution. Wherever they are mistaken, that is where your discussion should head. There are also some factors left behind by the evil at work as well as lies that have been manufactured during the persecution. Once you find the fundamental block that they have, you will be able to resolve it.

Disciple: Is it appropriate for mainland Dafa disciples to participate in the "Interim Government of China" movement? (Master: No, that's not appropriate.) Right now almost all of the people who have joined the online "interim government" group are mainland Dafa disciples, and the group keeps trying to convince mainland students to join.

Master: I don't want Dafa disciples to participate in ordinary people's affairs. The "interim government," the democracy movement, and various democracy groups identify with Dafa disciples and are friendly towards us, but you cannot, on that account, mix ordinary affairs in together with cultivation and the historic responsibility that Dafa disciples have. Dafa disciples shouldn't participate in ordinary affairs. To put it another way, Dafa disciples are a group of cultivators, and the only reason they can forsake everything and thwart the evil is because they have the Fa in their hearts. It's a problem if Dafa students are carrying out ordinary people's business. And if the group were to actually fall apart, then all those who put their hope in Falun Gong would lose hope too.

Disciple: There was a Dafa disciple from a poor region who wanted to hire an upstanding lawyer after being arrested and file a lawsuit, but the legal costs were to be a hundred thousand yuan. Financially it was too much for this Dafa disciple's family, and there was basically no fellow cultivator in the local area with financial means. So, he had to rely on help from his whole group of fellow cultivators. Should that be considered collecting funds?

Master: If the fees were too high, that itself was a problem. You need to find a lawyer with a sense of justice by clarifying the truth. Taking legal action can really serve to expose the evil, save sentient beings, and protect Dafa disciples. If the local Dafa disciples can arrive at a clear understanding of the matter, and if you all can work together well carrying it out, then I think your effort would be a good thing. But, if the sole purpose is to avoid being captured and persecuted by the evil, then there isn't that much mighty virtue involved. There shouldn't be anything wrong with people helping each other out and donating some money to hire a lawyer. But if it's a coordinator who is telling everyone to donate money for a lawyer, if the cost is large, and if not everyone agrees, then I would want to look at the person's motive.

Disciple: Is there a security risk in having a Dafa disciple who is on the evil's wanted list assume the role of coordinator?

Master: In order to protect Dafa disciples, I think you do need to consider security.

Disciple: The Chinese website's literary quality still hasn't improved after a long time, causing readability issues for ordinary people--especially intellectual types. Is this a factor that has impacted our rate of saving people?

Master: Now that's not something I have heard much of. The primary goal of Minghui's reporting is to expose the evil and display the true state of Dafa disciples' cultivation, so it's fine as long as you can just maintain a normal quality of prose. There is no need to try to become a literary or artistic publication. Of course, it would be better if your writing were especially good. But, if you're saying that Minghui's writing is so poor that it can't save people, well, I wouldn't agree with that.

Disciple: Minghui Weekly (Overseas Edition) is currently being published in places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Dallas. Fellow cultivators believe that it has had a good impact clarifying the truth. Could we pick another of Minghui's publications that clarifies the truth and publish it outside China?

Master: You can try distributing Minghui's work out in society, but it is after all unfiltered reporting on how Dafa disciples are suffering persecution and how their cultivation is going, so you will have to consider how well ordinary people will be able to accept it.

Disciple: When clarifying the truth to politicians in the West, we have found that some legislators who are social liberals have shown support for Falun Gong students' efforts to stop the persecution. Is there anything that we should watch out for here? Or could we, for example, encourage them to show their support for Falun Gong as a group?

Master: Yes, you can do that. When clarifying the truth we aim at people, and do so to save people, regardless of who they are. If they were willing to pass a resolution against the persecution, that would be meaningful and, at the same time, wouldn't the CCP just love it!

Disciple: Right now Minghui is carrying some clips produced by NTDTV of audience comments on Shen Yun's performances. Can we mass-produce these a bit and use them as part of our materials that are meant to popularize Shen Yun?

Master: That is something that NTDTV and the other media entities could do on a broader scale, but Minghui should not do the same. Minghui shouldn't veer off its course.

Disciple: Is the vigor with which people are currently distributing Shen Yun DVDs in the mainland appropriate? Is it okay to tell people about Dafa while we are working to promote Shen Yun widely? Some fellow cultivators have said that it's best not to create an obstacle for people before they watch Shen Yun, as they would then think it's something related to Dafa.

Master: That's right. If you can't convey the truth to them at that moment, then it's best not to say anything at first. The recipient will change after he has watched the DVD. Then, when you go and approach him to clarify the truth, he will be receptive to what you say. If you try to clarify the truth to him before he watches, and you don't succeed, he will watch it with a bias. If he has even just that one thought in his head, the effect as he watches won't be good since that thought will act as a block for him.

Disciple: When some fellow cultivators in the mainland submit an article, they ask us to just pass it to the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times if Minghui won't publish it. Is doing that a safety risk? Presumably they should try to keep just a single line of contact and have it be with Minghui.

Master: Yes, you can do that if you don't have any safety concerns. But if you do, then you need to handle the issue rationally.

Disciple: Master previously mentioned that at a minimum over fifty percent of the sentient beings in the mainland should be saved. How does the situation look right now? If we could continue to be diligent and have righteous thoughts, would there be a hope of exceeding that goal? Could we reach sixty to seventy percent?

Master: When the gods at each level saw the state of things in this world they made certain arrangements, with the result being that at every level the arrangement was that but one out of ten people on the earth would remain. Based on how much you have done so far, the number is not enough. It's not that I want to keep some specific amount. Rather, we should save as many as possible, and at a minimum half should be able to remain; or ideally, it could be seventy or eighty percent. So that's why I have asked you to do your utmost to save them. I know that the majority of the people in this world came from above, which is a scenario different from what the gods saw when they made those arrangements back at the beginning. Had they realized what kind of human beings would be here today, that they would come from higher planes, they would not have dared to set the figure at one out of ten people back then. But as it stands, the evil has arranged things to such an extent, and they are things that no one can retract. So, faced with this kind of evil-wrought impediment, we cannot let up in our efforts to clarify the truth.

Disciple: Since the French editions of the Clearharmony and Minghui websites have a limited number of translators, they currently share their translated articles with one another, and this has meant that the content of the two sites is extremely similar. Some fellow cultivators have wondered whether it's necessary to keep two websites with practically identical content going.

Master: If the French students could manage to have enough manpower, then the sites should try not to be so similar. But, if the manpower is not enough, then it's hard to say. But what Clearharmony can do is to report on some other things. Minghui can't change its special character, however. They are different.

Disciple: The German edition of Clearharmony would like to, since it's short of manpower, team up with Minghui and share resources.

Master: It can only be said that the Minghui reporting part [of the Clearharmony website] be shared, and that way manpower is saved. But the other content will still need to be produced by Clearharmony itself.

Disciple: Dafa has been spreading throughout many countries. How should we better capture this grand spreading of Dafa on the Minghui website?

Master: That's not what Minghui primarily needs to do. Just report on it as normal and that will be fine. What Minghui mainly focuses on is the development of the main body of Dafa disciples' cultivation, with a special concern being to expose the persecution that's taking place in the mainland; the main thrust of its reporting is about the cultivation circumstances of Dafa disciples in the mainland. You can do other things as a supplement. But, you cannot break off from this path that you are now taking, the path that you have blazed.

Disciple: Publication of the French edition of Falun Gong has been halted, though it is still in circulation among our students. Would it be all right for us to give the electronic version of it to newcomers free of charge?

Master: Yes, you can do that. It has always been available online, on the Dafa websites, and Falun Gong materials have always been made available for download there free of charge. You can do that.

Disciple: Before, when we were doing quality control on our coverage of news outside of China, we didn't shy away from the slogan, "Dissolve the CCP, stop the persecution." However, we didn't give this phrase any special prominence in our reporting since we were concerned about giving Dafa disciples the mistaken impression that this was some kind of "direction" to follow. Plus, we had observed that some students were really making this into a big thing. Did we handle it appropriately? Or were we worrying too much?

Master: The process of dissolving it is a process of reducing and eliminating it. For one thing, that reduces the persecution of Dafa disciples, and secondly, it expands the scope of people who can be saved. And actually, exposing the lies of the wicked Party as we clarify the truth has the effect of dissolving it, and that is what's happening, for that evil regime is sustained by deception. So as for the Minghui website, it is fine if you stick to the attitude [on this] that you have had so far. Never in history has any cultivation way had some form of connection with political power. But there is something you all know, namely, that whether it was Christianity, Buddhism, etc., all of them sought to vanquish evil. Be it Satan, Māra King, or whoever it was--including the evil demons that did harm to people--monks and Dharma masters alike would deal with them via religious rituals. In the old days of Christianity and Catholicism there were masters or specialists who expressly handled such things. Whatever the case, in no case did they take aim at evil beings who had seized political power.

As soon as some people hear about "dissolving the CCP," they have trouble understanding it. But the truth is, what we are doing is rescuing sentient beings that have been held hostage by the archfiend, by the Evil One--we're giving them deliverance. Many people ask, "What does this have to do with our cultivation?" Indeed, the cultivation done today is different from that done in the past, for Dafa disciples are on a mission. Of the numerous, abundant, countless living entities, why was it you that became a Dafa disciple? How come you are Dafa disciples right when this massive cosmos is going through a process of renewal and re-creation? That is how great the responsibility of Dafa disciples is, and that responsibility entails saving sentient beings when they are no longer any good and when the world's people have been held hostage by that wretched fiend, the wicked CCP, and have no hope. Furthermore, the sentient beings today came from the heavens, with each, moreover, being the representative of a system of cosmic bodies. Saving one person thus amounts to saving countless, measureless lives, and the mighty virtue that lies behind that act is simply enormous. Would you say that's something an ordinary person could accomplish? Could he be worthy? He couldn't be. Only those who are worthy of being Dafa disciples could accomplish that, and only they could dissolve that wretched fiend.

Something as major as this is certainly going to be directly connected to the Fa-rectification, and that is why I call you "Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples." Then, what difference is there in the cultivation of Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples and the Dafa disciples of the future? The cultivation of the future won't have such a great mission or responsibility associated with it; what will then be essential is one's own personal consummation. Then today, when Dafa disciples are faced with such great evil in the world, an evil which has not only held hostage the world's people but on top of that is persecuting the Dafa disciples that could save them--an evil that has destroyed so many sentient beings in its past--and at this very moment so many sentient beings are being destroyed, then if our disciples don't take action to save them, who will? Though I don't recognize this persecution, it has, after all, taken place, and people have been persecuted. So we must act to save them. That means that we have to let people know that the wicked CCP is the earthly form of the devil, and we must remember that the point of dissolving it is to save people. Our goal isn't to dissolve it, but to save people. We don't dissolve it in order to seize its political power, but to liberate the Chinese people that it has held hostage. So we want to use all of our strength to tell people the facts, to save sentient beings.

Once everyone has learned the truth, the persecution will have no way to carry on, and the wicked CCP will fall from power. But what we do is not for the purpose of toppling it; rather, it is for saving sentient beings. The persecutor will have brought itself down, and the sentient beings will have dissolved it. The wicked CCP is the archfiend, and so when we dissolve it we aim at the evil factors behind it, at the sinister Party's form in this world, and not at actual people. And that is why we ask people to quit the Party, to break from the wicked Party and escape from the evil's grip. With the exception of a handful of evil ringleaders who are evil beings incarnate, we don't regard anyone as a demon; it is that people have been ensnared by it, rather. That's how to view things. So then as far as Minghui goes, just handle this well, and it will be fine if you aren't direct about, or speak somewhat less about, dissolving the wicked Party or you choose to report on this less.

Disciple: When we want to introduce Shen Yun to ordinary people, may we send Shen Yun's web address to ordinary organizations or individuals via email?

Master: There shouldn't be any problem with introducing them to Shen Yun's website. But, if you do it in such a manner that it comes across as obnoxious junk mail, then it will have a bad effect. So you have to do it sensibly and in an intelligent way. Don't annoy people.

Disciple: The full team at the Japanese edition of Minghui sends their regards to Master. We will continue to work hard, and do a better job of mirroring the Chinese edition of Minghui.

Master: Yes, I believe it. I can say that because you have been working on the site all along, and what you have done really wasn't easy.

Disciple: In many areas where the xinxing level overall is inadequate or the cooperation isn't good, people are hesitant to invite Shen Yun to perform or they're afraid of incurring financial losses by putting on the event. It's hard to move things forward. I'd like to ask Master to give us some direction on this. I'm afraid that if we still don't put the show on, it will be too late.

Master: There's actually nothing that hard about presenting a Shen Yun show. It's only because people don't understand what's involved that they think it's hard. You just have to find a hotel, help them to settle in, and provide lodging. Then you prepare some food for them each day; buying box lunches or fast food is okay, too. And anyone can do the work of interacting with the theater. But make sure that whoever is interfacing with the theater has agreed upon it with the local Dafa Association and undertakes this task on behalf of the local Association. Then when you're interacting with the theater you can play for them the video produced by NTDTV that introduces Shen Yun and the video of audience responses, and they will know what it is after watching it. You don't need to say anything, and they will ask you themselves whether you are hoping to get them to book the show or whether you want to rent the theater yourself. Most of the time our students work on the ticket sales themselves. So it's really quite straightforward. You will want to make sure the costs are spelled out clearly when you sign any contracts. As for tickets, a certain amount can be apportioned to you and then you're responsible for selling those while the box office has a portion that it's responsible for; and after you have sold however many you managed to, you can return the remainder to the box office. You will want to return the remainder to them since each ticket represents money equivalent to the ticket price, and finally, you can settle the account with them. Or, if you were only renting the venue, then you will just need to settle one thing, which is the total cost of the place. What's most critical is all the exhausting, demanding efforts to sell tickets by our students. The steps involved are straightforward, though. It's not complex.

But there's one thing, which is, in Western society there are gradations of class, and the same holds true for venues. This is something crucial to note. If your venue is high-end, mainstream society will come; if it's not, mainstream society won't come. You need to be clear on this. Don't be so keen on looking for a bargain. If mainstream society doesn't attend, your audience will be small.

Disciple: Can Minghui reporters tell the stories of support given to Falun Gong by students' family members?

Master: If they're positive, of course they can. Anything like that is fine. If conditions permit, you can go ahead with things like that. Such things can have the effect of saving people, since they depict Dafa disciples in a positive light and people's positive attitudes toward Dafa disciples.

Disciple: Could the Clearharmony website publish Master's writings? Or should it just remain Minghui that does so?

Master: I only publish them on Minghui because doing that helps to maintain its credibility. Other sites run by Dafa disciples and meant for our own community can republish them, and it will help guard against those fake sites that cause trouble.

Disciple: In Geneva, and Switzerland more broadly, our preparations for presenting Shen Yun and our cultivation environment haven't been the same as those in other countries. What's unique about Geneva, or Switzerland?

Master: It's not that there is something unique going on. Bringing Shen Yun to Geneva and Switzerland is the same as anywhere else, or at least, arranging the show during the period when Shen Yun is on tour is the same. The only difference would be if it is ordinary people that book the show, in which case our students don't need to get involved in ticket sales. In that scenario students don't need to participate, since it is ordinary people that are selling the tickets, and it was they that booked the theater. That's how it is. If the company is coming to Switzerland as part of its tour, however, then students do need to get involved. When it's touring time and the show hasn't been booked by others, whoever tells students that they don't need to get involved is wrong.

Disciple: Master has said that beyond the Three Realms the Fa has already been fully rectified, and that the majority of human beings came from higher planes. May this be understood to mean that whether or not these people are saved, their original cosmic bodies have already been saved and entered the future?

Master: Many Dafa disciples came from high planes, and some are from very high planes; and indeed, Fa-rectification has been completed in those places. One can foresee what things will be like when a Dafa disciple completes his cultivation, as Master has been helping him to reconcile and perfect things during the Fa-rectification process. But if somewhere along the way this Dafa disciple fails to cultivate that high, then that [corresponding] world will disintegrate and one will be developed and reconciled for him anew at whatever height he has been able to cultivate to. If in the end the person is not able to complete his cultivation, then there will be nothing, and there will not be a cosmic body for him in the future, nor will there be a place for him; all that he had represented will cease to exist, and he will be exactly like an ordinary person.

Disciple: There aren't many students in my area. If Minghui posts reports of exclusive interviews with these students, will it reveal them to the evil?

Master: That is an issue. When sometimes there aren't many students in a given area, and you identify where you are from when publishing the exclusive interview piece, then it's very likely the evil will guess that student's whereabouts. So, Minghui should definitely use discretion when it comes to such things and not reveal them. Keep their safety in mind.

Disciple: The television program "Minghui Focus" once played a very good role in clarifying the truth, but, because of manpower issues, it was halted. We would like to resume this program, and have tried for a period of time. However, for various reasons, we haven't managed to restart it so far. Having heard Master's Fa teaching today, I wonder if this program isn't in fact needed?

Master: Did I say that? With whatever you do, it's up to you to do a good job of working together and discussing with one another. This question is too specific. I won't oppose whatever it is you do; as long as it involves clarifying the truth, I will be supportive of it. The biggest issue for you is to manage to cooperate well. It's up to you to figure out how to turn an idea into concrete work, and decide whether or not you have the ability to do it. Provided that what you are doing is to save people, I am all for it. All of what Dafa disciples do should be to save people and clarify the truth.

Disciple: There are some major cities in the mainland that still don't have local truth clarification materials, such as a local version of Minghui Weekly or small pamphlets to clarify the truth. Is this a situation where we should step in to help our fellow cultivators in the mainland to make local truth clarification materials, or should we wait for them to do so?

Master: As it turns out, the manpower is very limited here outside of China. If you take on all the hundreds of cities in the mainland and try to make truth clarification materials for them, you really won't be able to. This kind of thing takes good coordination, as well.

Disciple: We encountered difficulties while trying to book a venue. Was that a result of our not having sued the Chinese consulate for its persecutory behavior?

Master: Sometimes when you're applying for a venue, right, the biggest challenges you encounter aren't just things inherent to presenting Shen Yun, but rather, they owe to the wicked CCP having caused trouble behind the scenes. But whatever meddling they may do, what I think is, Dafa disciples walk their own path, and as long as you proceed with things having righteous thoughts, naturally you will succeed. You won't be able to do a good job with what you have to do, however, if you let them rattle you. Yes, you can sue them. Exposing them for all the world to see would help your ticket sales, in fact. But if your manpower isn't sufficient, then give it some thought and then proceed. First deal with the main task at hand, and then afterwards you can take them to court. But suing them isn't the point. The point is to expose them. The wicked CCP doesn't realize how ugly it looks to the outside world. For example, wherever Shen Yun goes to perform, the wicked CCP's consulate or embassy gives the foreign diplomats stationed in that city a round of calls, telling them not to go see Shen Yun perform. Yet the outcome is that they go buy tickets and watch the show. Many of them don't even know about the performance before the calls. Their doing that amounts to giving Shen Yun a round of free advertising. And when these people go to buy their tickets, they ask why they (the wicked CCP's consulate or embassy) are doing that, which gives us a perfect chance to clarify the truth to them. I have long since said that if the wicked CCP simply refrained from doing anything it would probably be better off, for as soon as it does something it turns into a scandal and botches things up.

That's all I have to say. What a huge responsibility it is that Dafa disciples shoulder. Each and every one of the projects and initiatives you are doing to save people was proactively organized and pushed forward by Dafa disciples, and these things have had a huge impact as you've carried them out. The results of your clarifying the truth and saving people have been really apparent. This makes me truly happy. Back at first I was quite worried about the detail-level things, worrying that you wouldn't handle them well and that you would have a hard time dealing with the challenges you faced. So back then I was very worried. Now I am not. All of your efforts are going well, and it's not too often that I give the various project coordinators a call. You have matured, and things are going better and better. The path that each of your media entities has taken was blazed by you. You have decided for yourselves the direction of your media, and have managed to gauge well what you can and cannot do. That's especially so for the Minghui website, as it has done excellently in this regard. It has handled things rock-solidly all along, and no major problems have come about; its development overall has been healthy. And in the course of all this, just by being problem-free you have dealt the evil its greatest blow.

The steadiness of Minghui, its state of being that's impervious to interference, and its timely reporting--these things at first made the wicked CCP hate it with a vengeance. And now, it is simply petrified of it. As for the world's people, not all have gone along with the evil. Among the people who were deceived, some used to oppose Falun Gong and yet now they have come to admire it. This tells just what an enormous impact your truth clarification really has had. At the very least, you have all been able to see the state of students in China and abroad and the exchange of information that takes place, and from that information you know about the overall situation of things, what the state of Dafa disciples' cultivation overall is like, and the specifics of the evil's persecution of Dafa disciples; you have also come to know how Dafa disciples have resisted the persecution. Indeed, however the state of Dafa disciples' cultivation may be, there will be some who have traveled the path well and some who have traveled it poorly. But whatever the case, Minghui has really achieved a downright outstanding effect with its timely reporting. This makes Minghui something outstanding, and the students who are involved are extraordinary.

Thank you all! That's all I will say. (Enthusiastic applause)

[1] “Minghui” as used in this translation includes the Minghui sites in all languages.

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