On August 13, 2009, an article slandering Falun Dafa was posted on the Xinhua website. The article discusses the number of practitioners who were "transformed". In response to this article, we interviewed a practitioner who has experienced the "transformation process" used by the Chinese Communist Party on Falun Dafa practitioners. A transcription of the interview follows.

Interviewer: I heard that you were once "transformed" by the CCP. Could you please tell us what happened?

Practitioner: It was a humiliating experience for a practitioner of Falun Dafa. I started to practice Falun Dafa just as the persecution began. Although I had studied the Fa and practiced the exercises for only a short period of time, my illnesses were completely healed. I was illness free and always in good spirits. I became peaceful and hopeful for a happy life. However, beginning on July 20, 1999, the Chinese media began to attack Falun Dafa in a massive way and it was truly overwhelming. I felt tremendous pressure.

At that time, I was very depressed. I felt that Falun Dafa helped improve physical and mental heath by requiring practitioners to follow Truth-Compassion-Forbearance in everything they do. This means always putting others first, so as to achieve a state of selflessness. There is certainly nothing wrong with that and all practitioners understand this. I have come to understand that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) says one thing and does another. I know that the CCP has lied to the public, such as with the Tiananmen Square Massacre. However, I still did not want to believe that the CCP was lying and slandering Falun Dafa on such a large scale again, so I felt very hurt inside.

Interviewer: What happened next?

Practitioner: The people in charge of the TV station and bureau asked me to renounce and criticize Falun Dafa. They promised to give me fame and profit. They talked to me a lot about their "understandings". However, I didn't listen to them, even though I had only practiced Falun Dafa for a short period of time, I had truly come to feel the purity and beauty of the practice. I couldn't go against my conscience, and forsake good for evil. So frankly, I talked about my true experience and understanding after I became a practitioner.

After the Secretary of the CCP committee heard what I said, he blew up and shouted, "We are against Falun Dafa and all you can talk about is how good Falun Dafa is! That won't do! You must criticize Falun Dafa!

Soon after, several different groups of people took turns trying to convince me to talk against Dafa. After a few hours had passed I still could not find anything wrong with Falun Dafa. They were trying to force me to lie! The Secretary became more and more agitated and unreasonable. Next, someone wrote a few lines and asked me to copy them onto a blackboard. They placed the blackboard behind the camera and asked me to read the words out loud. Even though I did not feel right about doing this, I complied so as to hurry and end the session and make things easier for them. They had not yet had an opportunity to go for lunch. So I read the script hastily in front of the camera. Thus a report attacking Falun Dafa was fabricated!

Interviewer: They took advantage of your confusion, naivety and kindness. Can you tell me how you were able to return to the cultivation practice?

Practitioner: Once I realized what I had done, I not only hated myself, but also those who forced me to lie. As a result, I lost my hope in life, and felt muddle-headed and in great agony. I didn't want to carry on with my life. This kind of pain is detrimental to any kind hearted person. They accomplished their goal, however, I ended up in hell. The CCP attempts to have good people turn bad. As long as it can achieve its goal, it will use any means, and there is no sense of morality. I saw the deceitfulness of the CCP.

After that, I suffered from extreme mental torture for a few months and I lost myself. I felt that I had let Teacher and Dafa down. I wanted to resume cultivation, but felt too shameful to come back. Some of my former students who had not seen me for awhile said, "Teacher, you look much older!"

My good nature and rationality finally returned and made me re-open the book, Zhuan Falun. Teacher's great benevolence quickly drove away my confusion and I became light-hearted again! After this experience, I became more clear headed and steadfast in the path of returning to my original self!

Interviewer: Do you still hate those who persecuted you?

Practitioner: After 10 years of cultivation and having been through numerous tribulations, I do not have even a trace of resentment any longer. I only feel pity. In order to satisfy their desires for fame and gain, they were used by the CCP as the tool to destroy people's kind nature and morality. They also sold their conscience, and ironically, they felt that they were smart! In this important historic juncture, those who do not agree with Truth-Compassion-Forbearance and continue to hold onto the CCP's deviated theories and lies, don't you think that they deserve pity?

In summary, I'd like to thank you for this opportunity to apologize to people who were deceived by the false report that I assisted in producing. I also hope that everyone will disregard the lies dedicatedly fabricated by the CCP as soon as possible, and come to know the truth while being good people of sincerity, compassion and tolerance. Have a good life and a bright future!