(Clearwisdom.net) (By a correspondent from Shandong Province) In order to force Falun Dafa practitioners into giving up their practice, guards at the Shandong Province First Women's Labor Camp and Shandong Province Men's Labor Camp use very cruel torture methods.

The guards at the Women's Labor Camp hang female practitioners in the form of a cross by their handcuffs, with their feet barely touching the floor. Practitioners who are menstruating are not allowed to use sanitary products, nor use the restroom. The practitioners are given very little food each day, just enough to barely sustain them from dying. When urine spills on the floor, the guards and criminal prisoners use practitioners' clothing to wipe the floor, then force practitioners to wear the wet and dirty clothing. Many practitioners have been tortured in a similar ways for multiple-month durations. They are in imminent danger.

The guards at the men's labor camp tie practitioners' penises with ropes. This blocks the urine flow, causing the entire body to swell. It is extremely painful.

We are calling on all people of justicice to stop such inhuman tortures.

September 19, 2009