(Clearwisdom.net) In "Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference," Teacher spoke about how to better manage and operate Dafa practitioners' media companies, in order to get into a positive cycle in ordinary society. Through studying this "Fa", I realized that I had developed attachments in the day-to-day work of the companies that I run. And in solving these issues, I came to some understandings about how good management techniques might be applied to running Dafa practitioners' media companies better, too.

I had thought that I only needed to do what I should do and let things "follow the course of nature." (Zhuan Falun) I was worried that I would accumulate karma with my efforts to manage things efficiently, become attached, etc. But, isn't being scared of an attachment itself also an attachment? Although Teacher has made arrangements for us, practitioners are still required to validate the Fa in society.

In the beginning of managing several of my companies, I couldn't handle it well. I always went to extremes and thought that once I let go of everything, I would get good results; I put all my hopes on Teacher. However, wasn't that the same as letting Teacher do all the work? When there were issues at work, such as when staff members had problems or didn't work diligently, I used the excuse of following "the course of nature" instead of dealing with the issues as a practitioner. To put it frankly, I was actually giving up and was waiting for a "miracle" to resolve problems at work. Afterwards, I realized it wasn't right that the company's operations were having huge problems--I had no money to do Fa-validation work and many conflicts occurred. I began to look within, and asked myself if I had really let go of attachments, and if I had met the requirements of Dafa.

We must do the three things well. However, it costs money to make truth-clarification materials, and we can't buy equipment without money. When we experience financial problems, we can't expose the evil crimes of the Chinese Communist Party and save more people. Therefore, we need to be successful in our jobs, and be financially secure so that we have resources to do Dafa work.

Teacher also requires every practitioner to do their job well since that record is to be left to the future. After I understood this, I began to make adjustments in my company. When staff members made mistakes, I would educate them about traditional Chinese culture, on having good faith and the importance of professionalism. I also discussed their career plans. I found that the staff easily accepted what I told them and the approach had a positive affect. Teaching them about traditional Chinese virtues and explaining the truth to them was a way of disintegrating the Communist Party culture from their thoughts. Eventually, the company performance improved and the work atmosphere became harmonious. As a result, I have more resources and time to do Dafa work.

"Real-life experience has shown that the human style of management is quite effective, so why don't you use it?" ("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference")

Teacher has affirmed society's style of management, so is this accidental? As long as something is good for the media run by Dafa practitioners, we should comply with job allocation and coordinate well. We should not hold onto our own opinions or to how we do things. Our media faces much competition from other companies. Therefore, I feel that in order to solve our current problems, every person involved in managing the media should acquire some experience with regular society's style of management, and then summarize a set of guidelines to conform to the media managed by practitioners. This is probably to be left to the future.

Here are my personal suggestions:

  1. Establish a corporate management system and conform to the market management strategy. A company should have a system, and not restrain anyone. It should have direction.

  2. Set company structure by clearly defining each position's responsibility. When an issue arises, there should be someone such as a team representative to solve it, instead of everyone acting according to their own ideas. This would better improve work efficiency.

  3. Establish company goals. Everyone should have a goal, without the attachment of doing things.

  4. Set up a system of examination and assessment. Make adjustments for those with lower ability and arrange them to do other things. Our resources must be optimized; do not have the attachment of competition.

  5. Establish the company's environment by using the Fa as a guide, and based on the market. Create a harmonious and a positive team.

  6. Strategize on the analysis and deployment of tactics--understand the market, understand competition from other media, make detailed plans with analyses, and benefit from investing in advertisement.

  7. Build an effective human resources system.

  8. Participate in society's media events, promote the public relations image, establish professional relations, and strive for professional cooperation.

This is my limited understanding, please correct me if there are any mistakes.