Be Vigilant

Cultivation is about removing human thinking and attachments. Some practitioners follow human thinking as they go about validating the Fa, and in the process satisfy a wish to do what they enjoy. When their ideas are not adopted or when their shortcomings are pointed out, they become resentful and even have no scruples about doing wrongful things, and very much reveal that only by causing disruption can they vent their hatred. All of this goes directly against my requirement that Dafa disciples cooperate well with each other, validate the Fa, and save sentient beings. When those kinds of human-thinking-born attachments drive you to align with the opposing side in your actions or on some particular matter, is that the conduct of a Dafa student? Isn't that precisely doing what the evil wants done? If the bad things you've done have caused sentient beings or practitioners who haven't studied the Fa deeply to be unsavable or lose their opportunity, when the day of Dafa disciples' Great Consummation arrives, how could you not be held accountable and suffer the consequences? Could you still achieve Consummation in that case? If you cannot achieve Consummation, then what are you cultivating for? I have always said that this cosmos has a principle: whatever a being--whoever it may be--does, he must face the consequences and make up for any losses caused. This especially holds true in the Fa-rectification period. I have long pondered, "What am I going to do with you students who are still not rational at this point?" I can help you eliminate a great deal of karma, but you must face on your own what you are to face, and neither Master nor anyone else can do so on your behalf. You have to, yourself, get through the attachments that are to be removed and the tests that need to be passed.

The online Qingxin Discussion Board that Dafa disciples used to run was frequently exploited by chaotic demons who are special agents, and when certain practitioners with attachments were added to the mix, the board turned into a forum for them. After the board, which wasn't having a positive effect, was shut down, some practitioners actually went looking for some other online forum. Are you really that attached to doing that? Do you really not understand that it was a demon who came knocking at your door, thanks to your human attachments? When that chaotic demon special agent named "Tang Qi" found gaps to exploit and got so out of hand online, wasn't that solely because he saw your human attachments? Hasn't he dared to be so brazen because practitioners who lack righteous thoughts gave him a forum? There are some who went further, regarding him as a "second master." Could someone who thinks that way still be my disciple? My daughter has always been by my side, yet when that rotten demon special agent Tang Qi made up lies about her, some people believed them--even to the point that they lost their sense of reason and echoed those lies, completely refusing to listen when other Dafa disciples pointed out the problem. And there are those who went still further, circulating widely the crooked words and lies of that rotten demon special agent, leading some students who hadn't studied the Fa deeply and some new practitioners to go astray. If, when such people indeed end up going astray because of that, they lose their chance to be saved and thus face the prospect of being weeded out in the future, how are you going to pay for what you've done? And that's not all, for the responsibility you must bear for having disrupted the Fa is itself immeasurably large. Scaring people is not Master's way, so I'll just give those students who are failing to pass muster a stick warning. Cultivation is about removing human attachments, so how could you go looking for a forum for them? How could you be so incredibly attached while cultivating?

Your wish is to help Master rectify the Fa, and that is something that can only be achieved with righteous thoughts. The main, predominant group of Dafa disciples who are validating the Fa and saving sentient beings is excellent, and no past cultivation form or religion can compare. This is your glory, and Master's glory. I am truly happy about the Great Consummation that's in store for you in the future. Walking the final part of the path well is a must, and it is Master's wish for you.

Li Hongzhi
August 4, 2009