(Clearwisdom.net) This county has a population of about 400,000 and had only a few dozen Falun Gong practitioners when the persecution began in July 1999. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has never stopped persecuting these kind practitioners.

Those who have participated in the persecution include 610 Office head Gou Guangchan and Politics and Judiciary Committee deputy head Lu Yadong, who was also the county police department deputy head. These two people are the ones behind all the persecution Falun Gong practitioners have suffered. Others who have participated included Lu Zhengpin, former division head of the county national security division (from 1999 to May 2008), and current division head Mu Hongwei (from May 2008 to present).

Following is a list of incidents of persecution of Zhenyuan County Falun Gong practitioners over the past ten years:

About ten days before the 2000 Chinese New Year, all Zhenyuan County practitioners were all illegally detained in the Zhenyuan County Detention Center. The longest detention lasted more than two months, the shortest about a month. Regime personnel and police threatened the practitioners that those who refused to write the three statements would remain in the detention center.

Practitioners who were subjected to prison terms included:

Mr. Duan Weijun, 65 years old, a retired road worker, lived in Linjing Township's Peach Farm Village. He was detained in the police station in May 2004 and sent to three years in prison in July 2004.

Mr. Tian Suohai, 45 years old, lived in the Peach Farm Village. He was detained in the police station in May 2004 and sentenced to four years in prison in July 2004.

Mr. Xi Haoxue, 46, lived in Baozhuang Village, Linjing Township. He was held in a forced labor camp for one year, beginning in February 2001, and was detained again in May 2004. They put him in a metal cage with only his head sticking out. Many policemen shocked him with electric batons. He bit off his tongue in protest. His captors deprived him of food for a week and he became emaciated. A court sentenced him to seven years of incarceration in July 2004. He is still in Lanzhou Prison's Ninth Division.

Ms. Xu Huixian, 60, a retired teacher from Taiping Township, was detained in May 2004 and sentenced in court to one year in July 2004. She was fired from her job and had no income.

Mr. Chen Jianzhan, 37, formerly employed by Wugou Township, was detained in May 2004. He suffered inhuman torture while in detention. His family was forbidden to visit. He was forced to write a regret letter and forced to recite prison regulations. He had to write a so-called thought report every week that was carefully reviewed. If he failed, he was handcuffed or otherwise abused. Toilet use was limited to five minutes. His daily food lacked oil, but had lots of hot pepper. Many of the detainees suffered from constipation and anal bleeding. This is a "National Civilized Detention Center" under the Communist regime. In four months, Mr. Chen was so grossly mistreated that he hovered at death's door. Detention center officials were afraid of taking responsibility for his condition, so they released him. To avoid further persecution, the weakened Chen Jianzhan went into exile. A court sentenced him to seven years in his absence. The police frequently went to his home to threaten his parents. They even got in through the fence in the middle of the night, trying to arrest him.

Falun Gong practitioners who were sent to a forced labor camp included:

Ms. Qiang Weixiu, 39 years old, an employee of the Zhenyuan County Agricultural Machinery Bureau, lived in the Agricultural Machinery Bureau community and is one of the most severely mistreated practitioners. She went to Beijing at the end of 1999 to appeal for Falun Gong. Police arrested and held her at the county police department detention center for two months where she suffered from all kinds of excruciating torture (handcuffs, shackles, and being kicked). She was detained again without reason in March 2000. Ms. Qiang went on a persecution protest hunger strike but suffered more excruciating abuse (being handcuffed with her hands behind her back, force-feeding). She was released one week later. At the end of March 2000, she went to Beijing again to appeal. Police intercepted her halfway through her journey and detained her for one month. She returned home in August 2000, but Zhang Jiatao from Chengguan Police Station often went to her home and workplace to harass her. She decided to go into exile in July 2002. In August 2002, officers Lu Zhengpin and Gou Huifeng (who has since died) arrested her in Lanzhou City. Following two months of incarceration at the Zhenyuan County Detention Center, she was given to two years and nine months of forced labor. On the way to the labor camp, Ms. Qiang jumped from a steep cliff and broke her back. Driver Zhang Wutang and officer Fang Zhiqiang from Chengguan Police Station still took her to the labor camp, but officials refused to admit her. Instead of taking her home, the police took her directly to a private clinic on Anxi Street in Lanzhou City. They gave her injections against her will. They tried to get her in the labor camp again but failed. Once back in Zhenyuan County, they shut her in the detention center for another two days before releasing her. They also extorted 1,500 yuan in cash from her. Police officer Lu Zhengpin held her paycheck. She could not get paid regularly. The police arrested her again in May 2004 on her way home. Her third labor camp stay followed soon after--for two years and nine months. Since her injured back had not yet healed, she failed physical examinations in several hospitals in Lanzhou City. The police still tried to send her to the Labor Hospital (Kangtai Hospital) in Lanzhou City. She kept on a persecution protest hunger strike. The hospital didn't want to keep her and asked the police to take her back, but the police ignored their requests. At last, with requests from the Gansu Province Judicial Bureau, police arrived in Lanzhou City, threatening they would stay unless she was admitted. She was put in the labor camp again. Once released, Lu Zhengpin still held her paychecks. Lu Zhengpin deducted 6,351 yuan from her wages to compensate them for medicine and travel expenses.

Ms. Duan Xiaoyan, 39, is from Taoyuan Village. At the end of 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Police arrested her, took her back, and held her at the detention center for two months. She was handcuffed, shackled, and kicked. Around March 2000 she was detained again without reason. She went on a hunger strike to protest and had to endure more excruciating suffering--being handcuffed behind her back and force-feeding. She was released eight days later. By the end of March 2000 Ms. Duan went to Beijing to appeal again. The police intercepted her and put her in a labor camp for one year.

Mr. Zhang Feng, over 30, was a staff member of the Zhenyuan County Industry and Commerce Bureau. He went to Beijing in May 2000 to appeal. Police officer Lu Zhengpin arrested and took him back. He was detained after one month and had 7,000 yuan cash extorted from him. By the end of 2000 he appealed for Falun Gong again and walked home. The police arrested him at home the evening of February 14, 2001. Officer Lu Zhengpin put him into a labor camp for one year and six months. Following Mr. Zhang's release in September 2002, Lu Zhengpin sent him immediately to the Qingyang City Drug Addiction Treatment Center. That lasted more than two months.

Ms. Zhang Xuxia, 26, is a staff member of the Zhenyuan County Shangxiao Clinic. She was put into a labor camp for two years.

Ms. Zhang Rongjuan, 39 years old, from Chengguan Town was put into a labor camp for one year.

Mr. Tian Runhai, 43 years old, from Taoyuan Village, was arrested and put into a detention center on November 3, 2000. While there, because he kept on practicing Falun Gong, his captors handcuffed him behind his back and also shackled him in 25 lbs chains. This lasted for 27 days until he was sent to a forced labor camp where he remained for one year. He was penniless upon his release and had to beg all the way home. The then-head of the detention center was Qin Moyu and the deputy head was Liu. Others that participated in mistreating Mr. Tian were Li Guomin, Hu Guoyong, and He Jinhua.

Mr. Cao Ming, over 40, from Shangxiao Township, went to Beijing in April 2000 to appeal for Falun Gong. Lu Zhengpin arrested and held him at a detention center. During the second half of April, Zhenyuan County sentenced criminals in an open trial. They also took innocent practitioners Mr. and Mrs. Cao Ming and Mr. and Mrs. Cao Zhongming (who went to appeal with Cao Ming) to a large drilling ground to the east of Zhenyuan County. They were roped and shown to the public. By the end of 2000, police detained Cao Ming and Cao Zhongming without reason. They were forced to watch the "Tiananmen Square Self-immolated Incident" and ordered to write the three statements. In May 2004 Cao Ming was once again detained in the police station and was sentenced to two years of forced labor in June 2004. Because he failed the physical examination multiple times at Lanzhou, camp officials refused to admit him, so Lu Zhengpin took him back to the Zhenyuan County Detention Center and detained him for almost two months.

Mr. Mao Yanlu, about 30 years old, is a staff member at the Zhenyuan County Fangshan Public Health Center. He was sentenced to a labor camp for one and a half years.

Mr. Li Zhanting is in his 20s. Police officer Mu Hongwei arrested him on May 24, 2008, because someone reported that he spread truth-clarifying materials. He was sentenced to a year and a half stay in a labor camp. He had previously gone to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong around 2000 and was held in a detention center. He was just a high school student then.

Other detained practitioners included:

Ms. Gao Qiong, in her 40s, a self-employed businesswoman, went to appeal for Falun Gong in August 2000 and was detained for 15 days. In 2009 the police barged into her shop and extorted 500 yuan from her on the pretext that she wrote on paper bills.

Ms. Li Lixia, over 20 years old, was a teacher at Mengba Town Primary School. In March 2000, she asked for justice for Falun Gong in a bar exam. Police officer Lu Zhengpin from the station's national security section interrogated her. Since then, the school staff has monitored her and subjected her to other unfair treatment. During 2001 Ms. Li went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. After repatriation, she was held her in a detention center more than 50 days and had 3,000 yuan in cash extorted from her. In November 2001 police station officials detained her for 30 days, claiming she had sent Falun Gong-related letters. They extorted 1,000 yuan from her.

Mr. Zhang Jianbin, about 40, was a staff member of the Zhenyuan County Salt Industry Company. He went to Beijing to appeal at the end of March 2000. He was arrested and ended up in a detention center for one month. He was handcuffed with his hands behind his back.

Mr. Mu Haitao, about 40, is from Zhenyuan County. He went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong at the end of March 2000 and was arrested and held in detention for one month. He was handcuffed behind his back.

Ms. Jiao Liping, over 40 years old, is from Chengguan Town. In 2000, the police arrested her, ransacked her home, and held her in a detention center.

Regime officials and police in Zhenyuan County have continued to persecute Falun Gong up to the present time. On July 8, 2009, Zhenyuan County 610 Office agent Gou Guangchan and officer Xi Youren from Dianqu Township Police Station ransacked practitioner Zhang Feng's home. They confiscated many private belongings, extorted 5000 yuan in cash, and also threaten they would put Zhang Feng into a labor camp.

Details about the persecutors in Zhenyuan County, Gansu Province:

Gou Guangchan, Politics and Judiciary Committee and 610 Office deputy head, participated in the persecution. Vicious and sneaky, he is responsible for behind-the-scenes malicious local incidents. 86-13309341392 (Cell)

Lu Yadong, police department deputy head: 86-13993421506 (Cell)
Xi Youren, Miaoqu Township Police Station officer: 86-15095576767 (Cell)
Pei Yaxin, Miaoqu Township Police Station head: 86-13884134539 (Cell)
Mu Hongwei, National Security Division head
Chang, National Security Division political head
Mu Yao, Political and Judiciary Committee head: 86-934-7131138, 86-13909349821(Cell)
Zhao Zhongning: Police Department head: 86-934-7121633 (Office), 86-934-8229153 (Home), 86-13369346669 (Cell)