(Minghui.org) The universal edition of the Heartfelt Words brochure was suspended after the third issue. The reason was because Heartfelt Words was similar to another universal edition, the Truthful Words brochure.


To make better use of current resources and manpower, it was decided that Heartfelt Words be suspended, and Truthful Words and People be published as the only two universal edition brochures. Of these two, People, based on its style and content, is accessible to everyday people in townships and towns, while Truthful Words is better suited to city residents. Either brochure can be used in as a template for your local editions. Regions where Heartfelt Words was published as the local brochure, with contents from Truthful Words or People, may still be used, while the name on the cover of the brochure may continue to be Heartfelt Words in certain areas.


Editing Group, Minghui Website Truth Clarification Materials


June 22, 2009