(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing in April 2004 with the intent of pursuing better health. I had just given birth to my second child, and my health was deteriorating. I had spinal problems--bone spurs and a herniated disc. I easily caught cold and had an irregular heartbeat. I lost the ability to take care of both children. It ended up that I could only take care of one by myself, but I had to send the other to a daycare. I suffered greatly. I read a lot about Buddhism, Taosim, and gods, but could not find a serene place for my mind.

Then I read a newspaper article a university professor had written. He endorsed Falun Gong. I was excited and felt that this was what I had long been looking for. Quickly, I bought Dafa books from a bookstore. Following one of the book's instructions I began the practice. When I practiced the exercises I felt someone was there who showed me a smiling face and offered encouragement. I did not know then that it was Master's fashen, but it did not surprise me. After doing the exercises, I read Zhuan Falun. I was deeply moved by the contents of the book and experienced what Master mentioned in the book. My whole body and mind were changing.

After a week of practice I experienced a miracle. All my illnesses disappeared, and I was full of energy. I could carry heavy things and run upstairs without stopping and clean the house without feeling tired. I was able to take care of both of my children. We had a brand new family life. Amazed about my changes, my husband started practicing Falun Gong with me. We experienced the goodness of Dafa. We no longer had fights. My participation in group practice and Fa study raised my xinxing daily.

To offer salivation to the people in Mainland China, I got involved in explaining the goodness of Dafa and exposing the persecution of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the Internet. I used to be scared at the thought of putting my hands on a computer and did not even know how to handle the mouse. Lacking firm righteous thoughts, for a while my computer always had trouble, but I persisted. With Master's protection and other practitioners' help, I continued truth clarification online. From 2007 on, I used practitioner-created software that had features explaining the goodness of Dafa and exposing the CCP's evil actions and asking people to quit the CCP. So far, due to just my efforts, more than 5,300 people on the Mainland have declared they would quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Sometimes I cannot believe what I have done.

Before adapting this software, we composed our own texts and called people to offer them salvation. Talking to people online sometimes made a connection to our own attachments. We would meet people of all kinds, with all kinds of thoughts and reactions. Some were suspicious, some scolded us, some were sex offenders, and some had twisted minds. Some people's minds were deeply poisoned by the CCP culture, some were combative and wanted to fight or argue, and some were very kind. All kinds of people we encountered online were very much like Master mentioned in "The World's Ten Evils" from Hong Yin.

Talking to people online seems like traveling around the world and encountering people of all kinds. At the beginning of my truth clarification efforts, I was so scared when making phone calls to people in Mainland to exhort them to quit the CCP that my hands would shake. However, after having gone through the trials of clarifying the truth online, I could face people with ease and ask them to quit the CCP without the attachment of fear.

I would like to strongly recommend the software application mentioned above, which is a great tool to offer more people salvation by asking them to quit the CCP online.

Master said, "The cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master." (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun). As long as we utilize our computers to talk to people online with our best mindset, we can feel our grand Master's great compassion and sense of joy by working with Master on Fa-rectification.

Once I had serious illness symptoms, but my thought was firm: "I will not accept the old forces' arrangements." I seated myself in front of the computer as I normally did, and all the illness symptoms suddenly disappeared. In another incident, my husband gambled, which led to a family financial crisis. Nevertheless, I persisted in talking with people online, offering them salvation, and felt Master's protection. My husband suddenly stopped gambling after he received hints from a dream. He was back to work and back to a normal life.

The publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party exposed the history of the CCP's evil actions, and people in Mainland China began awakening and giving up hope for the CCP. More people expressed their wish online to quit the CCP after reading the Nine Commentaries. Long-entrenched and rigid CCP culture collapsed quickly.

Witnessing my progress in online truth clarification, other practitioners from my practice site wanted to be involved in this project as well. Now we have a small experience-sharing group to exchange ideas about online truth clarification. We learn from one step to the next. We were encouraged by reading an article published on the Minghui (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) website that a practitioner in his 80s is involved in an online truth clarification project.

Of course, cultivation is not easy. There are tribulations, with each practitioner faces different problems: how to divide the time between Dafa projects and family life, how to understand other family member's feelings, how to overcome limited computer knowledge, how to be patient, and how to break through the CCP's Internet blockade. Those are factors influencing the outcome when we talk to people online. Nevertheless, letting go of attachments enables us to overcome difficulties.

Dear Dafa practitioners: I think we are in the last stages of Fa-rectification. Many people are waiting for salvation. We need to utilize our time and cultivate diligently. Once I did not go online for several days. The online people called me online and wrote, "Please come and provide us salvation! You are here to offer us salvation! Thanks!"

Along with Fa-rectification, more and more people understand. You hardly need to explain--they are there waiting to quit the CCP, so many people! We just need to help them complete the registration. I hope more practitioners might become involved in online truth clarification and provide a service to help more people quit the CCP.