(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) has spread to over one hundred countries worldwide. More and more people are coming to learn it. You can see Falun Gong practitioners everywhere you go. Since the Falun Gong bookstore, Tianti, opened in the Chinatown area in Toronto, Canada, the staff there have been conducting nine-day Falun Gong classes from the first day to the ninth day of each month and are playing DVDs of Master Li Hongzhi's lectures and of the exercises. New practitioners are coming to learn, one after another...

Tianti Bookstore, the Falun Gong bookstore, in the Chinatown area in Toronto, has been running the nine-day Falun Gong classes each month as well as DVDs of Master Li Hongzhi's lectures and the exercises.

Determined to Memorize Zhuan Falun

Xiao Gao and Xiao Weng attended the nine-day classes in April and again in May this year. Both of them are new immigrants from Fujian Province and now live in Chinatown. They have been practicing Falun Gong for a year. Xiao Gao has undergone tremendous changes. Xiao Weng said, "In Chinatown many of our fellow countrymen have witnessed the benefits Xiao Gao has gained from practicing Falun Gong. Before, he was very skinny, like a skinny monkey, and looked very pale. Now his face is rosy, and he has become stronger and better tempered. Our fellow countrymen know in their hearts that Falun Gong is good. Seeing Xiao Gao become another person after he started practicing Falun Gong, I am more determined to practice. Actually, I have sensed the Falun that Master has planted in my body. While doing the second exercise, the Falun Standing Stance, I can clearly feel the Falun turning.

Xiao Gao looks very happy all the time. He said very honestly, "My original purpose in learning Falun Gong was to apply for refugee status. After reading Zhuan Falun, I found it so good that I became determined to practice. The more I practice the exercises, the more I want to practice. The more I read the book, the more I want to spend all my spare time studying it. I then decided to memorize the book. I work in a supermarket and leave home at 8:00 a.m. and don't come back until 9:00 p.m. The work is very tiring. After practicing Falun Gong, I have become stronger and gained 20 pounds."

Enter into a State of Ding within Ten Minutes of Meditation

Xiao Gao continued, "Actually if I just wanted to apply for refugee status, I didn't necessarily need to learn Falun Gong. You can go become a Christian and it is easy to be granted refugee status. But I really want to learn Falun Gong. I am so lucky. After reading Zhuan Falun, I knew what I had come across. I said to my friends that Falun Gong is too good to be missed.

"I find Falun Gong to be really good. I thought to myself that all those who came to learn Falun Gong just to apply for visas and then quit practicing once they got their visas are so pathetic. You have read Falun Gong books and should know that the CCP's propaganda is false. You have already obtained the Fa and then you give it up. You really don't know what you have missed.

"Every day on my way to and from work I can study one lecture of the Fa. Every day I practice the five exercises without a break in between and I find it very effective. When I sit down to do the sitting meditation, I can enter into the state of ding within ten minutes and feel so wonderful. My mind becomes more and more pure and my heart is very serene. Oftentimes Master's Fa resounds in my mind. I have become less and less attached to conflicts in everyday life. There is nothing that I cannot let go of. I get along very well with people around me and my family is in harmony." Xiao Gao said happily.

My Family Members Become Supportive from Originally Opposing Me

Xiao Gao said, "Before, my family members opposed my practicing Falun Gong. Now they know that Falun Gong is good because they have seen the mental and physical changes I have experienced. My mother and mother-in-law are very devoted Buddhists. I then told them Master's Fa on the Buddhism at the Dharma-ending period. Master said:

"Sakyamuni stated that by the Dharma-ending time monks in temples would have a difficult time saving themselves, not to mention those lay Buddhists who are being looked after by no one. Though you have a 'master,' that so-called master is also a practitioner. If the master does not truly practice cultivation, it is useless. Without cultivating the heart, no one can make it. Conversion is a formality of everyday people. Are you a member of the Buddha School after conversion? Will Buddha then take care of you? There is no such thing. Even if you kowtow everyday until your head bleeds, or even if you burn bundles of incense, it is still useless. You must truly cultivate your heart to make it work. By the Dharma-ending time, the universe has gone through very big changes. Even religious places of worship are no longer good. Those with supernormal abilities (including monks) have also discovered this situation. At present, I am the only person in the world teaching a righteous way in public. I have done something unprecedented. I have furthermore opened this door so widely in the Dharma-ending time. In fact, this opportunity does not come along in one thousand years or ten thousand years. But whether one can be saved--in other words, whether one can practice cultivation--still depends upon oneself. What I am telling you is a principle of the enormous universe." (Lecture Three in Zhuan Falun)

Now all my family members support me. I also helped them to withdraw from the CCP. I have also learned to go onto the Internet to publish quit the CCP statements for my relatives and friends.

Finally Xiao Gao said with great appreciation of Falun Gong practitioners, "All those Falun Gong practitioners who hand out flyers in China Town, rain or shine, wind or snow, winter or summer, are the most wonderful people. I received many materials from their hands and eventually became a Falun Gong practitioner. Looking back I feel they are all very noble and honorable."