Today, I read a fellow practitioner's article entitled "Why Did Our Divine Power Still Not Work?" published on the Minghui website. Recently, I have been thinking about this question as well.

Teacher said:

"... the situation during the Fa-rectification is presided over by Dafa and it changes according to what is required so that Dafa can save sentient beings. The fact is, at this time Dafa disciples have to do divine things, because for Dafa disciples their personal cultivation is no longer first and foremost. Saving sentient beings and reconstructing the colossal firmament during the Fa-rectification are the purpose. You have to do Fa-rectification things and things to save sentient beings, so you need to clear away the obstacles presented by this environment and validate Dafa." (from Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference)

A few years ago, before the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held its 16th Member Representatives Convention, it tried to force the Falun Dafa practitioners on their blacklist to recognize and accept the persecution. Some of the "610 Offices" claimed, "We'll take practitioners to forced labor camps if they refuse to give up practicing Falun Gong." In my local area, some fellow practitioners were forcibly taken to brainwashing classes. Some were forced to quit their jobs. I felt a lot of pressure too. Therefore, I studied the Fa more to strengthen my righteous thoughts. I repeatedly read Teacher's Fa on sending forth righteous thoughts and completely denying arrangements of the old forces. I asked myself, "How should I deny them; completely deny them? I am a serious Falun Dafa disciple. I'm a practitioner who walks on the path to godhood. I can't let people watch how we get persecuted." With this thought, I said, "Cut off the persecution." I felt my body become enormous and my dimensions became all clear. I knew the persecution of me was over. The test was gone. I call it a test instead of a tribulation since I passed it.

The next day, the Secretary of the CCP Standing Committee and the Chairman of my institution asked me to talk with them. I hurried there. I had always wished for an opportunity to talk to them! The second I arrived, I said, "Please allow me to say two sentences first. First, if a person's actions are always good, it's because his heart is good. Secondly, if a person's actions are not good, it's because his heart is not good." I was trying to set the tone for the talk since the meeting should be under Dafa practitioners' control. They agree to what I said. I continued, "I am a true Falun Dafa disciple that always consider others first. How do you want me to be transformed?" They couldn't bring up the topic of sending me to the brainwashing class. During the whole "talk," it appeared their minds were under my control all the time. Whatever I wanted to say, they'd follow and they repeatedly said, "We do not intend to discriminate against you." I said, "You've been doing very well. You are not involved in persecuting practitioners. Therefore, you will have a bright future." After talking to them, I felt it was magic. It was really easy to use "righteous thoughts" to control the "human mind."

To do divine things when saving sentient beings is to completely deny the old force arrangements and validate the Fa. When faced by the evil persecution or when the attempt is made to force torture upon us, we need to not only firmly believe in Teacher and the Fa and show people our perseverance during the persecution, but also let people see how magnificent the Fa and practitioners are. The Fa created all lives. Who dares to damage it? Who is able to damage it!