(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I read a booklet put out by Minghui (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) that contained an article entitled "Eliminating the Attachment of Relying on Others." Looking at my cultivation state, I have further understood the attachment of relying on others, so I want to share some of my thoughts with my fellow practitioners.

I started practicing Falun Gong in1998. At that time, I was only just over ten years old. My mother began practicing Falun Gong before I did, and when she went to Fa study sites to study the Fa, I thought that was unusual, so I firmly followed her to the site. Just like that, I began my journey of personal cultivation. Soon after, all my family members, one by one, became practitioners. My mother was in charge of all the family matters in my home, so we got used to following her lead for everything, including the matters of our own cultivation, for a long time. My father, my younger sister, and I developed a serious attachment of relying on her to make our decisions for us. Recently we learned a big lesson concerning this issue. Not too long ago, my mother was illegally arrested, which was similar to the circumstances recounted to the article "Eliminating the Attachment of Relying on Others." The article mentioned that, if you want to harm a fellow practitioner, you should depend on him or her.

Before her arrest, my mother would wake me up every morning to practice the exercises together. I never got up in the morning by myself. Occasionally, when my mother didn't get up on time, even if I had woken up, I would still lie in bed with the thought, "Let me wait for her to get up first, and then we will do the exercises together." I never woke her up, so that our whole family could be diligent together.

When it came to Dafa matters, I usually regarded my mother's opinions as the most important instead of sharing my own understandings of the Fa with her. Actually, this was caused by my attachment of admiration for her knowledge of society.. Moreover, my mother took care all my family's housework, which I had never thought to help her with, even a little. Because of this, my mother didn't have enough time to study Fa. These difficulties are also reflections of my attachments to selfishness and seeking an easy and comfortable life.

I want to kindly remind those young practitioners who are having the same issues as I, to immediately eliminate the attachment of relying on others and become diligent on the path of cultivation. Everyone of us has our own path of cultivation. If we want to achieve consummation and become kings and lords of different paradises in the future, we can't rely on other practitioners, not even our parents.