Information on Shanghai Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Shi Jun, who was arrested by the Shanggang Police Station and then disappeared, was first reported on June 14, 2005, on the Minghui (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) website. Mr. Shi has now been missing for four years. Nobody knows his whereabouts, which has raised many suspicious points about his case.

Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Shi Jun

Mr. Shi used to live in Apt. No. 603, 201 Dongdezhou Road in the Pudong District, Shanghai. He was in charge of the Equipment Department in the No.3 Factory at the Shanghai Steel Factory. He is also a university graduate. As a result of Mr. Jun practicing Falun Gong since 1995, all of his illnesses were healed. Mr. Shi was a kind and honest person, he worked diligently, and he was a good person well recognized by everyone. He was also a wonderful son at home.

The year Mr. Shi disappeared, he was only 42 years old. He left behind his parents, both over 70; his 12-year-old son; and his wife, who had already divorced him. During these past four years since he disappeared, his mother has missed him a lot. She is also very depressed and now bedridden. Due to lack of financial resources, his son had to give up his plans to go to a university and chose, instead, to study at a vocational school. Even still, it is impossible for them to make ends meet because of the very expensive tuition. The boy's grandmother's income from her small pension is all they have to support the entire family.

On the Chinese New Year's eve 2005, when Mr. Shi was having dinner with his friends, he mentioned a local police officer who was responsible for local residency. People from the Wuzhou community management committee in Dezhou City came to look for him and talked to him a couple of times. In their conversations, they mentioned that, because some people were arrested after clarifying the truth, he should be careful as this pertained to him as well.

Two days later, which was the morning of February 10, 2005, during the middle of the Chinese New Year celebration, Mr. Shi said to his family that someone was looking for him and that he needed to go out. He didn't specify where he was going, but it may have been that people with the 610 Office were causing trouble for him. He was afraid that his family would worry, so he didn't tell them where he was going. He never came back. When he went out, he was wearing a black winter coat with a red stripe on the collar.

A few days later, his family reported his disappearance to the local management committee and police station. Police station officials denied that they had arrested him. They also told his family members that they had checked up on Mr. Shi, and he was not listed. Later, when the police went to his home, they searched his personal belongings and took away some technical documents from his workplace. When Mr. Shi's family went to the police station to get them back, they were turned away.

So it appears that every detail pertaining to Mr. Shi's sudden disappearance has been recorded However, that is not the full story.

There have been three police officers in charge of the local residents. The first one, a woman, retired. Then Jin Kuoyin came on board, and now a third one is in charge. In the summer of 2007, when Jin Kouyin went to Mr. Shi's home, she inadvertently opened her notebook to a certain page, and Mr. Shi's family members saw Mr. Shi's picture right at the top of the page. In the photo, Mr. Shi had on the exact same clothes as the day he went missing. His family members kept stressing that Mr. Shi had never had a photo taken of him with those clothes on. His family said that, because they missed him so much, they had been recalling the very moment when he had left home for the very last time and that it was indelible memory. They would never forget what he wore that day.

The year Mr. Shi went missing is also the year when the overseas media began to expose the evil organ harvesting carried out by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime. Mr. Shi is on the lists of missing Falun Gong practitioners, which made people wonder, "What kind of role did the "610 Office" play in this incident?" There are quite a few suspicious points:

1. The day Mr. Shi left home during the Chinese New Year celebration, he didn't say where he was going or whom he was going to visit, but he was very uneasy. He did mention to his friends that people from the local community management committee and the police station had had talks with him. This is the first suspicious point.

2. Normally, when practitioners abandon their homes, the local community management committees and local police get very nervous. The local authorities of each jurisdiction are afraid of practitioners going out to clarify the truth, to hand out truth-clarification materials, or to appeal to the government, because their chances for a promotion may be affected and they may lose financial benefits. However, in Mr. Shi's case, the local authorities appeared not to care. Their attitude was very questionable.

3. When Mr. Shi's family reported him missing, the officers were very firm in saying that they had never arrested Mr. Shi and that Mr. Shi was not listed. But Mr. Shi had told his friends that people from the local community management committee had talked to him. Was it the police officers intention to disavow any connection between them and Mr. Shi?

4. After Mr. Shi's family reported that he was missing, a group of police officers went to Mr. Shi's home to ransack it. They confiscated his personal and technical materials, and his family couldn't get them back. Why would they have done that?

5. In the latter half of 2007, police officers called Mr. Shi's family to come to the station. They said there was a dead body with no head that nobody had claimed and asked them to take a look at it. When they went to the police station, instead of being shown a body, the family was shown a photo of a person sitting down. It was not Mr. Shi. A picture of a dead body needing to be identified might have made sense, but that was not what they were shown. Why were the police playing tricks on his family?

6. It has been mentioned hat earlier in the summer of 2007, when the local residents' police officer went to Mr. Shi's home, by mistake she showed a picture of Mr. Shi in the clothes he was wearing on the day he disappeared. His family said that he had never had his picture taken in those clothes. The officer got very nervous and quickly put the picture away. This is the most solid piece of evidence among all the above-mentioned points.

From our analysis, Mr. Shi's disappearance does not look like a random incident. We believe that the government was involved behind the scenes.

We formally warn everyone who participated in this incident, no matter how you were involved in any capacity, you cannot evade your responsibility. With the passing of time, the truth will surface, and you will be found out.

We advise everyone that was involved: Do not cover up the truth anymore, step forward and tell what happened to Mr. Shi. This is the only way out for you. Nobody can deny the consequences of one's actions. We also hope all good people at home and abroad pay attention to this matter.