(Clearwisdom.net) People say "A toothache is not an ailment. Once it starts to hurts, one is better off dead." A fellow practitioner mentioned that he was old and he had a few teeth that were loose and he thought that, sooner or later, they would fall out. I think that this mentality is wrong.

Let me tell about myself. I am already in my 60s. I had lost a few teeth and there were some that were loose. Under normal circumstances they should have fallen out long ago. As a practitioner, I am becoming younger as I cultivate, and my teeth will not fall out. I thought to myself that they should grow stronger. In the end, the shaky teeth grew properly, and I even got a new tooth. This is because this is the state of mind of a practitioner. If a person's thoughts are that of an ordinary person, then he will be limited by birth, aging, sickness and death--the cycle of life in the human dimension. Aging and teeth falling out are all very normal. But we are Falun Gong practitioners, and we do dual cultivation of both nature and longevity. We are cultivating a diamond-like body that will ultimately be replaced by high energy matter. We are returning to youth--this is the path arranged by Master!

There was another incident. I wanted to ride my motorized bicycle to run some errands. I asked a fellow practitioner to charge up the electric battery on the motorbike. I was afraid that he would forget, so I called him that night to remind him. I also reminded him about the things to make a mental note of while charging it. But the next day, the bicycle ran out of juice after I had ridden it less than two kilometers. I checked it and realized that the electric battery was not charged at all. I started to get very emotional and thought to myself that I was very clear in my instructions and yet the practitioner still made a mistake. In my heart, I was putting the blame on him. I made a phone call to him to ask him to drag the bicycle home.

After I made the call, I changed my mind. I thought to myself, "This is not right. When I am doing a sacred thing (such as clarifying the truth) how could I have omissions?" I searched inward and realized that all these were caused by my attachments: I was worried that my bicycle would run out of power, and this attachment and fear was taken advantage of. I was also not considerate of my fellow practitioner. He is already very busy with truth-clarifying activities and I should not blame him for making this little mistake. When I enlightened to my impure thinking and attachments, the bicycle immediately started up again and nothing was wrong!

Suddenly I realized that a practitioner's single thought is very important. If you can consider matters from the standpoint of the Fa and constantly have righteous thoughts and consistently search inwards for your shortcomings and attachments, you will be able to assimilate to the Fa. Then the dimensions around you will be righteous and all the lifeforms that you interact with will be rectified in this righteous field. People, objects, and the environment will also change and be rectified along with your thoughts.

This is my understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.

February 22, 2009