(Clearwisdom.net) When the curtains went up for the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) 2009 premier at Madison's Overture Center for the Arts on Feb. 12, Romanian opera singer Marius Farcas felt that the veils were also lifting from his heart.

Romanian opera singer Mr. Marius Farcas

"When the curtain comes up it is opening my heart, and I think that is [so] with all the audience too. It raises the curtain in my heart [that had been closed] for a very long, long time, in a very good way," he said.

Having grown up in a communist country, Mr. Farcas could relate to the contemporary scenes in the show. "I ran away from communist country, I really do not want to be involved again with that--never again in my life!"

The show had awakened old memories for him. He said, "I feel lots of emotion, because I am very sensitive. I try to be strong and not cry. I try not to, but maybe I did cry... A lot of the parts hit home for me. During the show lots and lots of drama, that is the reason, maybe, I feel like crying."

As a professional opera singer, well-known in Romania, Mr. Farcas was well-equipped to appreciate the Chinese performances. "I am very impressed with every singer. I studied bel canto and I was very surprised with these singers. I was happy to listen to them tonight, both the sopranos and the tenors. They have a lot of dramatization with their voice. The tenor with his voice just sustained like bel canto during the last part of the song."

Mr. Farcas said, "It ... surprised me, with every legend. The expertise of their dance, the choreography was awesome. ... I am really impressed with all this performance as it was a lot of hard work."

He added, "I enjoyed [it], really enjoyed [it]." "Unfortunately they do not have another show in Madison."

Mr. Bootzin enjoys the Divine Performing Arts show in Madison, Wisconsin.
Mr. Bootzin, a music instructor and accomplished classical guitar player

Mr. Bootzin, a music instructor and accomplished classical guitar player, said he finds it interesting that the Divine Performing Arts Orchestra combines the use of classical Chinese instruments with Western instruments.

For the last ten years, Mr. Bootzin has been involved in, and has managed stage productions, for many shows in the United States. He is a dedicated student of guitar pedagogy and other musical forms.

Mr. Bootzin said, "The costumes are amazing and absolutely beautiful." He further commented, "The lighting director accentuated the costumes very nicely, very well done. The choreography is very tight and again very well done!"

With its state-of-the-art interactive backdrops, Mr. Bootzin said that the mountain scene in the legend of Monk Ji Gong, a beloved figure from Chinese history, was a very effective work of animation.

Senator Fred Risser, President of the Wisconsin State Senate and a lawyer, and his wife were also in the audience for this evening's performance.

"It was different and I really did not know what I was going to be seeing. I found it extremely colorful and quite fascinating. I thought the backdrops were very well done and fit into the performance very well."

The Senator concluded, "I found it quite an enjoyable evening and if they come back to Madison I would definitely consider taking it in again."

Ms. Lozier, a ballerina and concert pianist, and her fiance Jim

Ms. Lozier, a ballerina and concert pianist, and her fiance Jim, attended to the Divine Performing Arts performance.

"The choreography is very interesting and excellent. The core work is very good," Ms. Lozier said. She noted that there is a lot of arm work in the upper torso and that it is extremely graceful and even though the movements of the dancers look easy they are extremely difficult.

"The dancers are very much together, which is excellent," Ms. Lozier said. She was impressed with how the backdrops flowed back and forth to blend with the stories and legends being told with the traditional Chinese dance.

The spiritual aspect of the show held her interest, especially in the ancient aspect of a life hereafter. "I am not having any trouble going from the human world to the heavenly world," said Ms. Lozier.

Drummers of the Tang Court, a dance that brings to life the great Tang soldiers into battle with drums and dance, was Ms. Lozier's favorite. "This is what makes it very special. They were very cool!"