(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts came to Asia last week and will stage seven shows in four different cities in Japan starting February 11, 2009. People from all walks of life sent their congratulations, including former Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu and other Members of the Parliament. A costume designer, a well-known actress, and other celebrities also sent messages expressing their heartfelt congratulations on the Divine Performing Arts 2009 World Tour in Japan and wishing the tour great success.

Japanese government officials and celebrities sent messages to wish Divine Performing Arts a great success

Former Japanese Prime Minister expresses his respect for Divine Performing Arts staff

Former Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu, who has been a member of the Parliament for nearly 50 years, sent a congratulatory message, wishing Divine Performing Arts success and expressing his heartfelt tribute to the personnel involved in Divine Performing Arts.

He expressed his expectations in his congratulatory message, saying that he believed that the DPA performances, which have rich connotation and artistic achievements that they can take pride in, would be presented to a broader audience worldwide in the coming years.

"It has a far-reaching significance that transcends national borders and achieves a mutual understanding through traditional culture and the arts. Although the advancement of the Internet shortens distances internationally, this tradition that is built on such a long history is the country's unique traditional culture, and it has to be experienced personally, there is no alternative."

"The arts transcend time and space, making the divine, nature, and human beings become one."

Member of the House of Representatives Mr, Takeo Hiranuma wished Divine Performing Arts complete success. He also said that he "wholeheartedly welcome Divine Performing Arts that has earned praise from around the world to perform in Japan. The Divine Performing Arts' extraordinary performances will enrich and harmonize the audience's heart and soul. The arts transcend time and space, integrating the divine, nature, and human beings as a whole. Anything that attempts to restrain people's inner love of freedom and their yearning for traditional culture will end up in failure. I sincerely hope the moment when all nations around the world can enjoy freedom and national pride will come as soon as possible."

House of Representatives Member on behalf of the Democratic Party in Osaka Mr. Hiroshi Hirano stated in his congratulatory message that Divine Performing Arts, just like a divinely-bestowed inspiration, can strike a chord in many people. "Beauty and purity of heart and soul are owned by all humanity. The emotions created by Divine Performing Arts will lead the world's cultural development and bring humanity peace. It will also arouse unselfish love hidden deeply in people's minds."

Former Japanese House of Representatives Member Mr. Nakatsugawa said that he would attend the DPA show this year. He stated in his congratulatory message, "The growing number of spectators at the performances indicate that DPA has been warmly received by Japanese people. This year I have the same desire to attend the show to experience the valuable messages conveyed by the dance performances, such as freedom, justice, courage, and peace."

"Heartfelt wishes for a grand performance and success! Many thanks!"

Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly Member Mr. Ishibashi stated in his congratulatory message that he sincerely hoped that one day this traditional culture could be recovered in China, and he was grateful for having this opportunity to be exposed to China's thousands of years of traditional culture.

Mr. Takayuki Tsuchiya, a member of Tokyo's Democratic Party of Japan, has seen DPA shows twice. He stated in his congratulatory message, "Divine Performing Arts' World Tour has received rave reviews in the art community. But what we must pay attention to is that each performer on the stage has embodied the essence of traditional Chinese culture. [If] one comes to attend this artistic performance with such an understanding, one should be even more moved. If, one day, we can achieve a fusion of Japanese and Chinese culture through Divine Performing Arts and performances of our Japanese traditional culture, that day will become a real day of Japan-China friendship. I pray for the arrival of that day, and sincerely wish the performances a success."

Musashi Murayama City Council Member Mr. Amameishi stated in his congratulatory message, "Though the Divine Performing Arts' performances, [I] can feel the long-standing ethnic and cultural history of the Chinese nation, the Tibetans, the Uighur, and the Mongolians. Under the continuing political repression, the peaceful message of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance conveyed by DPA will reverberate in the hearts of the audience."

Tokyo's Edogawa District Council Member Ezoe Ryouiti commented on the Divine Performing Arts' success in reviving excellent traditional Chinese culture in modern times. He expressed his hopes for a flourishing future for the company and its great success in Japan. He sincerely wished more people had access to such real traditional Chinese culture.

Human rights activist Mr. Anton stated in his congratulatory message that, regardless of one's background, if a person sees the DPA show and is exposed to the real traditional Chinese culture, he or she will be moved. People's bad impression of Chinese culture--fostered by the Chinese Communist Party--will also vanish.

Japanese Art Community: Divine Performing Arts a reproduction of the essence of traditional Chinese history and culture.

Japanese fashion critic Hiromi Ichida and costume designer Mariko Koga have also sent congratulatory messages. Hiromi Ichida said, "Divine Performing Arts' performance deserves to be a reproduction of the essence of traditional Chinese history and culture. Each individual's performance on the stage and the overall performance are all full of strength and moving. I wish more people could appreciate such art."

Japanese painter Mr. Omori has seen DPA shows for two consecutive years. He said that the rich connotation of Divine Performing Arts is incomparably tremendous, deeply impressive to the audience. Divine Performing Arts will certainly be successful all over the world.

Japanese art world famous costume drama actress Mitsuyo Asaka, in her 70s, said in her message, "Although I only saw the video of the DPA show, I was impressed in a way that I have never been in my life. The beauty of Divine Performing Arts is beyond words. I sincerely hope that more Japanese audience members will attend the show in person."

Japanese singer Keiko Tagami also sent congratulatory message, saying, "Take the opportunity of the Divine Performing Arts show to form a predestined relationship." She wished the show complete success.

Some Chinese communities in Japan are also excited about Divine Performing Arts. Chairman of Japan and China Joint Association Zan Dexun offered praise for every performer in Divine Performing Arts, saying "they are all first-class!"

Mr. Zan stated in his congratulations, "The Divine Performing Arts' show features elegant dancing, traditional music, and ancient legends. Such a performance has strength and harmony, making people amazed and yet calm. It is very beautiful. I enjoyed every program, and each and every performer is top notch. I'm looking forward to a pleasant surprise from this year's show."

In addition, representatives from tourist bureaus of countries such as Hungary, Croatia, and Poland that are stationed in Japan also sent congratulatory messages, welcoming the Divine Performing Arts to Japan again and wishing the show a grand success.

Divine Performing Arts International Company has completed 11 shows in two cities in Korea amidst rave reviews from renowned individuals in the art and cultural communities. The company staged its premiere in Japan on February 11 and will perform six more shows in the coming days.

The first stop of the DPA tour in Japan is Hitomi Memorial Hall at Showa Women's University in Tokyo. After that, the DPA will perform in Nagoya, Hiroshima, and Osaka.