(Clearwisdom.net) Towards the end of last year, a personal letter from Xu Qiyao, a corrupt official in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), began to be widely circulated on the Internet. Xu Qiyao is the former Department Chief of Construction in Jiangsu Province. He was investigated as a part of a power struggle. According to the investigation, the amount of bribes he received and other forms of financial crimes totals over 20,000,000 yuan, and he supports dozens of mistresses. Although the numbers reported by the CCP could be exaggerated or shrunk depending on their needs, these numbers do reflect a certain degree of truth. I would like to discuss the issues raised in his letter. In this letter, Xu Qiyao gave his son, who is planning to become active in politics, the following advice:

"Don't pursue the truth. Don't inquire about the truth. Let the intellectuals do such things. This is part of their job. You have to memorize this belief well: It is correct if it benefits you. If you really cannot tell whether it benefits you, you could simplify it as: It is correct if the upper level leader advocates it.

"You not only have to learn how to lie, but you also need to let lying be your habit. No, let lying be your job to the degree that you could even believe yourself. Prostitution is most similar to the profession of serving as an official, the only difference is that when serving as an official, you use your mouth to betray. Remember that to serve as an official, your mouth does not only belong to you. You have to say certain things based on the needs of others.

"You have to have a degree, but you don't need to have knowledge. If you have the true knowledge, it will hurt you. You will think independently if you have knowledge. But to independently think is the big taboo for politics. Although the leaders now all own some title such as "master's" or "doctorate", these are fake. Some people apply for a government position right after they graduate from getting their doctorate degree and try to be on their way to politics. Those people did not want to pursue academics from the first day of their studies. They definitely did not learn anything or gain some skill. Remember that a true learned person for sure could not be an official.

"What's the purpose of being an official? It is about personal gain. You have to seize all kinds of gain and do it tirelessly. Seizing all kinds of benefits should be your only purpose in being an official. Your superiors promote you because you can bring gains for them. Your subordinates obey you because you can do the same for them. Your colleagues and friends take care of you for the same reason! You don't keep that gain for yourself, as you can give it to somebody else. Remember that once you are not clear about the end goal of seizing gains wherever you can, you are not far from failure."

Xu Qiyao continued, telling his son that he has to learn how to form good relationships and how to make his superiors happy, etc.

I have thought a lot about this letter. It describes incisively, some collective features of the CCP's officials, whose primary goal is enriching themselves and those around them through lies, deceit, and any means necessary.

In November 2004, the Epoch Times published the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party that helped to expose the CCP's true nature. Xu Qiyao's letter to his son is another reflection of the extent of the CCP's degradation. He propagated fallacies as "truth" and considers those as the "primary principles" of being an official. Xu Qiyao told his son specifically that he has to learn how to lie and take pursuing personal gain as the ultimate goal of being an official.

I also thought about the cruel persecution of Falun Gong which has been ongoing since July 20, 1999. During this persecution, the CCP again showed what it's about. When Falun Gong practitioners told people about the principle that "good will be rewarded with good and bad deeds will be met with karmic retribution," those following the CCP replied, "The CCP gives me money, so I will sell my life and principles to them." The reality is that the persecution against Falun Gong was not initiated because Falun Gong is this or that as the Chinese government charges. Fundamentally, the CCP saw Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance as posing a threat to the principles that it holds dear.

The CCP official's letter is a glimpse into the CCP's collective mindset. It has bred a culture of corruption, taking personal gain as the only goal that matters. This has made possible the series of brutal political movements and their tragic aftereffects.