(Minghui.org) Out of various considerations, we have decided to make adjustments, starting this week, to the universal edition of Minghui Weekly Mainland Edition. “Cosmopolitan Oasis,” “Fellow Villagers,” and “Supplement” have been combined into a four-page newspaper on two sheets. After the adjustment, the style of the newspaper will be more formal, which is suitable for mainland readers with middle school or higher education. “Morning Chats” remains unchanged, which is suitable for the youth.


The four-page Minghui Weekly, after the adjustment, will be more uniform and avoid repetition among the different editions. Content on each page is more focused. The front page carries mostly important news or relatively attention-catching articles. The second page is overseas information. The third page is mainland news. The fourth page is the supplement.


Practitioners producing local editions of Minghui Weekly in different regions in the mainland may substitute content on the third page, which reports on local news. We advise local editions of the weekly newspaper not to casually make changes to other pages. When substituting content on the third page, please pay attention to the style of articles and design so as to be consistent with the weekly newspaper and avoid making it look like a leaflet that might carry propaganda.


Out of consideration for mainland China practitioners' safety in the purchasing of paper and supplies, printing, and distribution, Minghui Weekly Mainland Edition will continue to use A4 paper.


Prompt feedback is welcome. Let us do better in producing truth clarification materials and save more sentient beings.


Editing Group, Minghui Website Truth Clarification Materials


November 6, 2009