(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings Master! Greetings fellow practitioners of the world!

Happy to be a Dafa practitioner. Cultivation and schoold in hand.

In 1996, with my mother's help, I started practicing Falun Dafa. I had just graduated from junior high school at that time. After learning Dafa, I understood that I should be a good person, basing my actions on the ideas of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I must be truly good to others, and always think of others before myself. Dafa dissolved the barriers in my mind, so whenever classmates asked me for help, I unconditionally and patiently offered whatever help I could, until they completely understood the problem. Since what I had in mind was Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, this was very effective. Since I focused my mind on my school homework, my test results have always been among the highest for the last three years of high school. After studying the Fa, I've become more broadminded, which has enabled me to maintain a peaceful mind in worldly disputes, and to always treat others with compassion. Dafa has opened my mind to real wisdom, and helped me eliminate selfishness. I am grateful to compassionate Teacher from the bottom of my heart.

Maturing After the Persecution of Falun Gong Began

After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, I began my college life in the big city, far away from home. I was asked to have a talk with my department advisor, just before the school term was scheduled to start. After chatting about a few miscellaneous things, I was asked about my attitude towards Dafa. Within the next few years, whenever there was any movements designed to smear Dafa, school authorities asked me about my attitude by posing different questions. I was also asked to help make banners to try and smear Dafa, even though I wasn't a member of the propaganda team. Even though I have never been a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I was required to take part in a rally to slander Dafa.

At that time I was timid and simple, never having any idea why the teacher in charge of politics always kept his eye on me. Due to the fact that I had little opportunity to study the Fa after leaving home, and that my folks back home have been seriously persecuted because of their solid faith, my human notions took control, and I did something against Dafa that I still regret. I was living an ignoble existence.

Later, when graduation time approached, a roommate of mine and also a good friend for four years told me a secret out of her conscience, "Someone reported your family's cultivation situation to the college prior to your freshman entrance, and she was the one assigned by the teacher in charge of students' political thoughts to monitor your activities!" I was shocked by what she said. I wouldn't have thought that the persecution included Dafa practitioners' children. I had no idea that they had sent someone as a schoolmate to monitor me for all these years.

I was later admitted to another university, much closer to home, as a graduate student. I regretted that I had wasted four years as an undergraduate student, and I was determined to do better to make up the loss that I brought to Dafa.

At that time, admittance to our school as a graduate student required one to pass a political test in a review-exam. In the political test there were questions about smearing Dafa. I was thinking that incoming students shouldn't be poisoned and take on more karma, and it is also not good for the professors in charge of the political test. So I decided to send out "advice-to-do-good-deeds" letters to change this. I did as fellow practitioners have done by using the most sincerest words, "You've worked hard to educate students. It's been tough. As you all know, every political movement in China has been wrong, and this time it's no different, Please don't push innocent students into politics." I continued by clarifying the truth about Dafa. The letter was enclosed with two copies of Minghui Weekly. I sent one copy to the secretary of the CCP at graduate school and another to the teacher in charge of students' political thoughts.

While on my way to the post office, as my mind wasn't stable, I began repeatedly reciting Teacher's Fa,

In One Thought

Openly and magnanimously, I rectify the vast firmament
Great adversity accompanies me on my journey of heaven and earth
Attaining credit and virtue is of no concern
Rectifying heaven, rectifying earth, rectifying all beings
With true thought, a grand wish and diamond will
Creating the great vastness again in one thought

The 13th day of the fifth month, the Year of Guiwei in the lunar calendar
(Hong Yin Volume II, English Translation Version B)

My mind was full of righteous thoughts, feeling that the attachment to fear was completely disintegrated, having a sense of "clear sky within transparent celestial body." I dropped the four letters into two separate mailboxes with righteous thoughts requesting teacher to help make sure the letters were delivered into the hands of the respective teachers. A few months later, when I approached a schoolmate who was helping in the new student enrollment department, she told me that the subject of smearing Falun Gong did not appear on the political test.

I understood quite well how terribly the CCP has poisoned teen-aged boys and girls through brainwashing in the educational system. Before reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, even a person like myself, being monitored for four years in college, suffering mentally because my family members are being terrorized in detention, brainwashing center, and labor camp, still had not realized how the CCP persecutes Chinese people in such terribly inhumane ways!

I am quite clear about young students' states of mind, for they believe the CCP lies, because they were brought up in such a way since childhood. I can't hold back because they refuse to listen once or twice. I should be more compassionate and patient to save them, help them understand the truth, and avoid the lies. In the process of advising withdrawals from the CCP, some schoolmates were very stubborn. One person didn't agree the first and second time I discussed the topic. Nonetheless I tried a third and fourth times, until he finally agreed. He could feel that I was doing it for his own sake - once he had a complete understanding, he decided to quit. When I brought him a VCD later, he was thrilled, saying that he would definitely watch it, and he also introduced me to his friend, and said a few helping words as I advised his friend to withdraw from the CCP. I was happy for this individual who had chosen a bright future!

A few years back, as I was doing well the three things in the city where I lived, and because there was no Internet available, lacking Teacher's Fa lectures and Clearwisdom/Minghui website articles in my hometown at that time, I assumed the responsibility to supply Fa lectures and truth-clarifying materials to people, as the two cities are not far apart. I was able to go back home once a month, bringing Teacher's lectures and materials to local fellow practitioners. At the same time fellow practitioners and I were able to set up a family materials production site, where I took on the job of purchasing materials and technical support.

The materials site went well early on. But in the process some fellow practitioners started having an attachment of doing things (human notion) thereby creating a loophole for the evil, and rendering some relatives of fellow practitioners to be arrested one after another, and the materials site to be ruined. Upon hearing the news, I wasn't moved mentally, because thanks to Fa study, I thought differently than when I was attending college. Right after this happened back home, I moved decisively out of the dorm to a rented apartment to continue doing truth clarification and sending forth righteous thoughts as well as negating the old forces.

I sustained my strong righteous thoughts, "I do not allow police to go to school looking for me. The evil forces aren't qualified to test me! Teacher will protect true Dafa practitioners! I only want Teacher's arrangement!" Without fear in my mind, what else was I afraid of? I kept doing the three things. In the end, from what I heard, although it seemed to everyday people that I was involved superficially in this matter, under Teacher's protection as well as fellow practitioners and my folks' righteous thoughts, my tribulation was dissolved.

Looking back over my cultivation for more than ten years, I've learned that cultivation is a very serious matter, and a true cultivator is one who can pass the heart-piercing tests, truly changing his incorrect behavior and thoughts, and who can renew himself with the Fa to assume the historical responsibility of saving sentient beings. I am so thankful and happy that I grew up and matured in the Fa, and that I can finally follow the advancement of Fa-rectification. Teacher, I thank you for giving me opportunities again and again, enabling me to correct myself in the Fa to become a true Dafa practitioner.

Fellow practitioners, I am grateful for your help and encouragement. Your unselfishness and kindness has enabled me to separate myself from worldly dirty enticement, to walk steadfastly on this precious path of Dafa, which is a once-in-a-million-lifetimes opportunity.

I realize that there are still many sentient beings out there waiting to be saved. I shall urge myself to work harder with a purified heart to eliminate barriers, and to save more sentient beings in order to fulfill our commitment to assisting Teacher!

October 31, 2009