(Clearwisdom.net) Some people outside of China make and promote electronic books in which the recorded contents of Teacher's works are read by a female voice. Many practitioners around the world have bought the electronic books, which is absolutely unacceptable. As long as it is not Teacher's voice in the recording, it doesn't matter if the voice that's present is computer-generated or that of an actual person, the sound will carry that person's enormous karma and the entirety of his or her thoughts. Practitioners absolutely cannot use that to study the Fa, or worse yet, circulate it. Practitioners around the world should remember not to purchase this kind of electronic book. Those who have already bought such books should return them. The people who produced such electronic books should recall them all. They must get back all such books that they sold so as to undo the damage. True disciples who study the Fa with calm minds, as Teacher asks us to do, will know Teacher's requirement for studying the Fa without needing a reminder. They will also know when something amounts to undermining the Fa, and know the consequences of doing so.

For Dafa to "remain unchanged forever," it is each practitioner's responsibility to hold himself to strict standards. We need to adhere to the format of cultivation that Teacher gave us. There is a wide variety of modern technologies, and some practitioners have a strong attachment to wanting to create new things so as to be different. But they often forget Teacher's instructions. For example, for the sake of convenience or to save effort, they put Dafa's contents into certain electronic devices or find someone to read Dafa articles and record them. Studying the Fa thus becomes more convenient and takes less effort, but is it really more effective? What does that mean in the context of safeguarding Dafa? If we change the format of cultivation a little bit today and a little bit tomorrow, over time, we will have changed the format of cultivation that Teacher set forth for us. To study the Fa is to listen to recordings of Teacher's lectures or read Teacher's books ourselves. Under some unusual circumstances, such as when a practitioner is illiterate or has bad eyesight, that person should read along with other practitioners and progress to being able to read independently.

Since 1992, in but 17 short years, so many people have unwittingly added things into Dafa, and so many others have blindly followed them. Let's consider this carefully. If we don't exercise caution with such things, what will become of this cultivation format ten thousand years from now? Someone might make a robot to teach the exercises, with the person for sure being a demon. The reason Buddhism disappeared from India is that later generations kept adding their own things into it, gradually altering that discipline. Some people love to come up with new things and be different, rather than follow the Fa's requirements with all due strictness. When someone has undermined Dafa, how could he or she ever pay for that sin? Cultivation is serious. If such people don't stop before it's too late and undo the damage they have caused, the consequences will be unimaginably horrible.

Any audio-recordings of Fa lectures must use Teacher's own voice, since that is the Fa. Only then will it possess Dafa's pure, righteous might. Outside of China, even the audio-recordings with English translation have Teacher's voice in conjunction with the English voiceover. That way, the practitioner who narrates is only translating Teacher's lecture and not reading the Fa to others. No one may mix his or her own voice into audio-recordings of Dafa lectures. Anyone who does will be spreading his or her own karma while serving to undermine the Fa and interfere with practitioners' studying of the Fa.

Teacher has told us long ago,

"You must be clear that the form of cultivation practice that I leave you can never be altered. Don't do anything that I do not do, and don't use anything that I do not use. In cultivation you should say things however I say them. Pay attention! Inadvertent alteration of the Buddha Fa is undermining it all the same!

I also want to tell you that your nature in the past was actually based on egotism and selfishness. From now on, whatever you do, you should consider others first, so as to attain the righteous Enlightenment of selflessness and altruism. So from now on, whatever you do or whatever you say, you must consider others--or even future generations--along with Dafa's eternal stability." ("Non-Omission in Buddha-Nature" from Essentials for Further Advancement) 

"Every step I, Li Hongzhi, take is to establish an unchangeable and unalterable way for the transmission of Dafa in future generations. Such an enormous Fa will not be over after a moment of popularity. There cannot be any slight deviation in the countless years to come. Safeguarding Dafa with your own conduct is forever the responsibility of Dafa disciples, because Dafa belongs to all sentient beings of the universe, and this includes you." ("Stability of the Fa" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

The practitioners who handle local Dafa websites should consider posting a link to www.falundafa.org content for Dafa lectures (rather than posting such content on their own). This way you can avoid issues such as having words missing in any books you post, characters that appear incorrectly due to website settings, typos, out of date versions, and so on.

There are also people who break up recordings of Teacher's lectures into smaller chunks and put them on ordinary people's multimedia websites and personal blogs. That equates to quoting Teacher out of context, and it is highly disrespectful. If someone puts Teacher's lectures on a website without permission it is, in ordinary terms, a serious copyright violation. From a cultivator's perspective, it is in fact a disruption to practitioners' cultivation and interference to people obtaining the Fa. One can imagine just how serious the sin is. Do not undermine the Fa for the sake of convenience and a desire to be different, and stop ruining yourselves and harming others. Dafa and Fa-study are extremely serious, solemn matters. By all means, with such things you must not just do as you please.

Comment from Master: Dafa disciples should not let human thoughts guide their actions. Nobody is able to disrupt the Fa, so any behavior that serves as interference can only be a stain upon one's own cultivation. For someone who cultivates, failing for a long time to pass a test or doing bad things after taking up cultivation will become a massive, imposing barrier standing between you and the finish line. And how, then, will you deal with that?

Li Hongzhi
November 13, 2009