Name: Liang Mei (梁梅)
Gender: Female
Age: About 40
Address: Unknown
Occupation: Worker

Date of Most Recent Arrest: October, 2009
Most recent place of detention:
Shangshui Detention Center (商水看守所)
City: Zhoukou City
Henan Province
Persecution Suffered:
Detention, reeducation through labor, torture, forced-feedings, forced labor, drug administration, fired from workplace.

( (By a correspondent from Henan Province) Falun Dafa practitioner Liang Mei of Zhoukou City, Henan Province is now detained at the Shangshui Detention Center for distributing truth-clarification materials in Libukou Township, Chuanhui District. She was falsely accused, and forcibly arrested by the Domestic Security Division, deputy chief Wang Yong, and officers from the Shanan Public Security Sub-bureau of Zhoukou City. The detainment is in violation of China's own laws.

Ms. Liang Mei is in her forties, and worked at Zhoukou City Countryside Highway Department. She had previously suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and sought medical help everywhere with no obvious improvement. After she became sick, her husband didn't look after her, and instead he regarded her as a burden, often scolding her and beating her, all of which deeply wounded her heart.

After some time, Liang Mei was introduced to Falun Dafa. Gradually her body was renewed, so much so that she could fulfill her work duties. Meanwhile, the family atmosphere also improved. Upon witnessing her physical and mental changes, people familiar with Liang Mei praised Dafa.

In July 1999, the Chinese Communist Party launched a widespread persecution of Falun Dafa. Liang Mei went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa, and help restore justice for her Teacher. Liang Mei was arrested by police.

After Liang Mei was detained, the cadres and those in charge of the Zhoukou City Traffic Department dismissed her from her job. Meanwhile, her husband, Qin Weidong (who worked at Zhoukou City Longda Electricity Generation Limited) and father-in-law Qin Jinzhu (former Zhoukou City Traffic Department assistant commissioner) made trouble for her, as they scorned her for giving birth to a girl. Together, they showered the Politics and Protection Brigade police with meals and gifts, all of which were intended to aggravate the persecution of Liang Mei. In fact, they had specifically requested to have her "quickly sentenced and sentenced heavily," so that Qin Weidong could remarry and beget a son. As a result, Liang Mei was sentenced to three years of forced labor and taken to Zhengzhou Shibalihe Women's Forced Labor Camp. Shortly afterward, Qin Weidong bribed a court officer, and then went to the forced labor camp to force Liang Mei to divorce. The divorce decree awarded the majority of marital property and custody of their only daughter to the husband.

In the forced labor camp, Liang Mei was inhumanly persecuted. Prisoners monitored her every move. She was not allowed to talk to anyone and was even followed to the toilet. Prison guards frequently tortured her in sundry ways. She was once tied with ropes and tortured. Her thinly-framed shoulder was injured from the ordeal, and her four limbs were painful and numb for quite some time. She was also force-fed through her nose and her cheeks were ruptured in the process. Her teeth also became loose from the jarring attempts to pry her mouth open. She was reduced to non-stop coughing afterwards, as food had become lodged in her trachea. Add to all this chest congestion, difficulty breathing, massive hair loss, and emaciation, as her weight dropped from 55 kg. (121 lb.) to 35 kg. (77 lb.). Meanwhile, she was still forced to work and injected with unknown drugs. But none of this affected Liang Mei's lofty faith.

After she left the forced labor camp, Liang Mei lost her job and her family, as even her rights to visit her daughter at school were denied by her ex-husband.

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