(Clearwisdom.net) When seeing the notice on the Minghui website about contributing to the Sixth Internet Experience Sharing Conference of China, I felt that I had not cultivated well, and had not been diligent in doing the three things. Therefore, I felt I had nothing to write, or even was not qualified to participate.

Later many practitioners wrote articles to encourage us to participate, I gradually realized: no matter if we did well or not, if I am a Falun Gong practitioner, I should participate in the Fa Conference actively, and should not be attached to my reputation or showing off. Since a Fa Conference is one of the forms that Master passed down to us for cultivation, as practitioners, we should follow the requirements of the Fa, and follow the path that Master arranged for us. Many other thoughts I had before were just hesitation, attachments, and were all human notions.

"Not cultivating well" is just an excuse, but we can find our own shortcomings in writing an experience sharing article. It can make us think about our own attachments on the whole, and how to catch up in the future. We should cherish this opportunity, cooperate with the form left for Dafa disciples, and also cultivate our own minds. While thinking about this, I decided to participate in the Fa Conference with my own article.

I hope this sharing will encourage practitioners who, like me, have hesitated to participate in this Fa conference, feeling that they had not done well enough.