(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Liu Lianyi, over 60 years old, was a Falun Gong practitioner in Nanjie Village, Liangji Township, Jing County, Hebei Province. He was taken away by officers from the Jing County Police Department in September 1999 and illegally detained in the Jing County Detention Center. Under orders from Deputy Director Yang Wenzhuang of the police department, Chinese Communist Party personnel interrogated and beat Mr. Liu Lianyi many times.

Personnel in the detention center utilized criminal inmate Xiaojiang to persecute Mr. Liu. Xiaojiang is the son of Deputy Director Jiang of the Public Security Bureau in Wuyi County. He was the former director of a credit union, but was detained due to corruption. Xiaojiang frequently designated another criminal to beat Mr. Liu. He would say, "The superintendent said, 'Let's see whether Falun Gong or his fists are more powerful.'" Then he would start to beat Mr. Liu.

Xiaojiang often made Mr. Liu stand with his back against the cement bed and then kick him in the chest. He would then fall backwards, the small of his back hitting the hard edge of the bed. Xiaojiang would then repeat this many times and ask, "Will you still practice?" until he was tired.

The beatings continued for more than ten days. On October 1, 1999, Mr. Liu Lianyi felt great pain in his chest and abdomen. Other practitioners who were detained with him asked for the prison doctor. The doctor came about two hours later, but it was too late. Mr. Liu died on the way to the hospital.

The guards notified his family that evening and told them to go to the Jing County Hospital to ask for the body the next morning. When they saw all the black and blue marks on Mr. Liu's body, they asked for the cause. The medical examiner said they were "death spots," and that everyone's body looked like that after death. Following the postmortem, his family members asked to bring his body home. However, Deputy Director Yang Wenzhuang hindered the process and then had his body cremated without the family's consent.

Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau Yang Wenzhuang figured prominently in Mr. Liu Lianyi's recent death, and has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners since 1999. Around October 1999, Yang Wenzhuang participated in detaining 33 practitioners in Jing County. At the end of 2000, 26 practitioners were sentenced to forced labor camps, five were sentenced to prison, and over 60 were detained in the detention center. Around 40 practitioners were detained in a brainwashing center. From 2002 to 2007, five practitioners were sentenced to forced labor camps, one was sentenced to prison, and six were driven into homelessness. In the nine-year persecution, practitioners in Jing County have been fined upwards of several million yuan.

As a result of the persecution instigated by Yang Wenzhuang, many families in Jing County fell on hard times and some were torn apart.

Before the 2008 Olympic Games, Yang Wenzhuang and other police officers arrested six practitioners and sentenced them to forced labor camps. The practitioners were Ms. Wang Zangqi, Wang Zangyan, Wang Xiaoping, Ms. Ji Jinrong, Ms. Xu Xiuyan, and Mr. Wan Zhongming.