I spent three days in Flushing, New York, clarifying the truth about Falun Gong and helping to dispel the lies that have been implanted into the minds of people by the Chinese Communist Party.

As soon as I found out that the members of the Chinese Communist Party had set up a stand with leaflets slandering Dafa and Teacher on one of Flushing's main streets, I decided to head over to the area for a couple of days. As I spent time on the streets of Flushing, I felt that I learned a lot from speaking to people face to face and from sharing experiences with other practitioners who were there with me. I will attempt to recount several incidents which I witnessed, and I will also try to relay what I have learned from them.

A non-Chinese gentleman of advancing age picked up a T-shirt from the stand set up by the CCP. The shirt was printed with Chinese words of slander about the practice of Falun Dafa. I went up to him and asked whether he understood what was written on the shirt. He said no and asked me to explain. After he was informed that putting on this shirt meant that he was against the principle of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance he immediately crumpled up the shirt and promised to throw it away. The man then proceeded to thank me, said goodbye, and departed. A minute later, he returned, picked up my hand and put a bracelet on it, saying that he was very thankful that I helped him realize the truth.

A middle-aged man, a non-Chinese resident of Flushing, spent a lot of time questioning me about the reason I was handing out informational materials. He said, "The Chinese are fighting amongst each other, why do you want to get involved in this?" I told him about the wonderful practice of Falun Dafa and about the unlawful and cruel persecution of Falun Gong in China. I also said that he was lucky enough to be born in a free country where people only know about the Communist regime in theory and have never actually experienced it. I explained how I had grown up under the Communist regime in Russia, where people lived and breathed lies, where mistrust flourished, and where human rights violations were a common occurrence. He listened to me attentively and shook my hand at the end of the conversation as a sign of approval. He left only to return several minutes later with a cool bottle of water, and said: "Drink some water; it's so hot out today!" I felt the utmost happiness for him because even in the most difficult and most evil of surroundings he was able to realize the truth and take the right side.

Throughout my entire stay at Flushing I continued to wear a yellow T-shirt with the words Falun Dafa written on it, and went to the busiest places where a lot of people could see me. I then took notice of the effect my T-shirt had on the Chinese people. They looked at my T-shirt, then at my face, and once again glanced at the shirt. Very frequently I noticed an expression of surprise and wonder on their faces. Several other western practitioners also came to Flushing. They were handing out newspapers and explaining the truth to everyone who had been lied to by the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda.

One young practitioner said to me, "Even if we don't hand out fliers and simply walk the streets of Flushing wearing Falun Dafa T-shirts, this act alone would already be very helpful in suppressing the evil and saving sentient beings."

I handed a newspaper to a middle-aged Chinese woman. She gave me a suspicious look and motioned that she wouldn't accept it. I told her about how I started practicing Falun Dafa 11 years ago and about how much the practice has helped me to raise my level of morality and improve my health. I also mentioned that a lot of my relatives and friends in Russia as well as in other countries also practice Falun Dafa. As I spoke I noticed that her facial expression was slowly changing. At first, the dislike and suspiciousness disappeared from her face, then she began to express great surprise and her eyes began to glow warmly. She smiled, thanked me, and took a newspaper from me, continuing on her way. What brings about truly wonderful results is the power of our righteous thoughts and the determination to clear our minds and reach the point of total benevolence while we are clarifying the truth, keeping in mind only the wish to save the person from destruction and eliminating the evil. The evil is eliminated layer by layer, and their benevolent nature is gradually awakened and brought forth. I had the opportunity to witness this amazing process of transformation over and over again, right before my eyes.

I'd like to address all practitioners, especially practitioners of Western descent: "If you get a chance, and you have the right conditions, consider going to Flushing!" We have to suppress the evil concentrated there using our combined efforts. Sentient beings are waiting to be saved. Remember that right here in America there is a place where there is a stand with information and materials which rob sentient beings of their futures.