(1) Chinese Policeman Overcomes China's Firewall to Access Facts about Falun Gong

(2) A Chinese Manager Stops Police from Arresting a Falun Gong Practitioner

(3) An Open Apology to Teacher Li Hongzhi, Founder of Falun Gong

(1) A Chinese Policeman Overcomes China's Firewall to Access Facts about Falun Gong

When I returned home to spend the 2008 Chinese New Year with my family, an older neighbor had just bought a PC. Since I am well versed in computers, I helped him set it up. While I was explaining to him how to use it, his younger brother said, "You do know your way around computers! I have had a lot of problems with my PC, especially when I try to access Freegate (Zi You Men, free software designed to break through China's firewall.)" I was shocked that he wanted to access information outside China's firewall because he is employed at the management level in a local police station. I promised to check on his PC.

It turned out that while he was chatting on the Internet, he was given the software. He had been using it to access websites blocked by China's firewall, until his PC was detected and blocked again. I explained to him the logical solutions to his problems. Because he has read a lot of information censored by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he has built up a good understanding of the CCP's true nature. I solved the problems for him and taught him what he needed to know to prevent his IP from being blocked again. Then we visited The Epoch Times website, where he announced his withdrawal from the CCP and its two student leagues that he once was a member of. He said, "I have no fear. I know those gangs working at the State Security Bureau."

(2) A Chinese Manager Stops Police from Arresting a Falun Gong Practitioner

There is a dance titled "Awakening" in the 2008 Chinese Spectacular produced by New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV). It tells a story of how people in China are seeing through the CCP's lies and are courageously boycotting the CCP persecution of Falun Gong.

It is not just a story on a stage. I personally know that a Chinese manager stopped the police from arresting a Falun Gong practitioner who works in his organization.

Before the Beijing Olympic Games were about to begin, a local policeman harassed a practitioner at his workplace. The practitioner's manager refused to cooperate with the police. He explained to the police calmly, "He is an excellent employee. He is always hard at work and brings his colleagues together. Why are you taking him away?" The Olympic Games is no excuse to disrupt people's peaceful lives." He stood up for the practitioner and helped him escape from the scene. The police finally left in defeat.

An Open Apology to Teacher Li Hongzhi, Founder of Falun Gong

My daughter and I have heard the facts about Falun Gong and we both have announced our withdrawal from the CCP and its student leagues that we were members of. We have always supported Falun Gong, but the CCP has forced both of us to commit sins against Master Li before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

On June 28, 2008, while my daughter and I were riding on a bus to Beijing, the bus driver decided to take a detour to bypass the traffic jam on the highway in Hebei Province, just as we were about to reach Yanqing County in Beijing. At around 2 a.m., a group of police officers armed with automatic rifles and in steel helmets stopped our bus. They ordered all the passengers off the bus, lay giant photos of Teacher Li Hongzhi on the ground and ordered every passenger to stamp on them. Any passenger who refused would be arrested. Facing the police armed with guns, no passenger dared to disobey. After they released us and the bus took off again, every passenger on the bus was outraged. We complained to the bus driver and repeatedly cursed the CCP's despicable and shameless behavior.

Today I called on a relative and told him what had happened. I felt guilty remaining silent. My daughter and I would like to offer our most sincere apologies to Teacher Li.

Teacher Li:

We have sinned by insulting your photos. We are very sorry and ask for your forgiveness. Please forgive our fellow passengers who were forced to commit these terrible sins. The CCP is using the Olympic Games to push those who have learned the truth about Falun Gong towards the depths of evil. We don't want to be destroyed by the evil CCP. Please save us! Falun Gong is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! We are determined to support Falun Gong!

Fan Yu Lian and Liu Yuling from China

August 12, 2008