(Clearwisdom.net) I have met Teacher four times and have always wanted to share my experiences of these moments. I have cultivated for fourteen years. There have been hardships, tremendous pains and tribulations; there are aspects in which I did not do well, so I did not write them down, worrying that I could not live up to the great compassion of Teacher. However, today I can't help picking up the pen to record these unforgettable memories.

Now looking back, it is clear that this is the predestined relationship of cultivation. Teacher started teaching the Fa in Changchun on May 13, 1992. I was recommended for admission to a university at that time, so I came to Changchun. In May 1994, I encountered Falun Gong practitioners on the campus. At that time, Teacher was holding a workshop in Dalian City, the recordings of which are on the current Dalian lecture DVD. At the practice site, I was watching practitioners doing the exercises and then I felt a breeze. The Falun banner moved towards me and there was a rainbow in the sky. I always thought that I came to the world for a purpose. I learned several different kinds of qigong while I was very young and I always wanted to find a teacher. It was interesting that I kept writing down two sentences in my notebook: "I always feel that there is a compassionate eye looking at me" and I would draw an eye, and "History will tell people everything." So while I stood there, I asked myself whether this was what I came to the world for. Actually, I never saw anything with my celestial eye during cultivation, even up until now.

Seeing Teacher for the First Time

During summer vacation of my freshman year in August 1994, I went by myself to Harbin City to attend Teacher's workshop. It sounded simple, however, even at the human level, it was very hard for me. That summer, I was chosen by the university to join a national event. It appeared that there was no way to leave. Also, because of the summer holiday, I could not find anyone on the campus practice site, so I was not sure whether they had bought the lecture ticket or bus ticket for me, nor could I confirm whether I would have lodging.

I managed to get in touch with a staff member of a Dafa general assistance center. She asked me: "Are you sick?" I said no. She asked me, "Why do you want to learn it?" I said I just wanted to learn it. Finally, she told me that the tickets were sold out already. At that time I wondered why she was so cold to me, as that was not the case when I learned other qigong. Now, I realize that this was interference. I made the most important choice in my life even when everything ahead of me remained unknown. I asked for leave from school and promised to return on time to attend the activity. I truly thought that this might be what I came to the world for. So I decided to go, and believed that as long as I went, I would be able to listen to the lectures even without a ticket. I would be able to, and must, listen to the lectures. If this was the reason I came to the world, I definitely could not miss it.

After I came to Harbin, the situation turned positive right after I got off the train. I immediately saw that people from our practice site had come to pick me up. They told me that everything was arranged and they already had gotten a ticket for me. In this way, I embarked on my journey of returning to my true home.

Some practitioners have already shared down their memories in Harbin, and I will not repeat them here. In Harbin, it rained heavily since the first day that Teacher began the workshop. This was all interference and Teacher cleaned it up. It was very cold and not like summer at all. I remember that the rain and thunder were so powerful and sometimes the lightening hit the trees. During the lectures, there were also interfering noises. The interferences in Harbin were very serious. Later, Teacher said: "There's over four thousand people here, but as for how many can successfully complete cultivation or how many will attain the Dao in the future, I'm not optimistic."("Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun" from Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa)). All of these let me realize the seriousness of cultivation. I also realized that as a practitioner, I should not disappoint Teacher, given that He had sacrificed so much. More than 500 people from Changchun attended the workshop in Harbin. We all lived in the dorm of Harbin Ship Engineering College. Every day we did exercises together and shared experiences. It was the happiest period of time in my whole life.

Seeing Teacher for the Second Time

At the end of 1994, Teacher gave a lecture in Dalian after he finished the workshop in Guangzhou. At that time. my final exams had already started. If I took the night train to go back to Harbin right after the lecture in Dalian, I would just be able to catch the exam. However, if the train got delayed, I would miss the exam. My classmates suggested I not go, just like when I attended the first workshop, but I was determined to go. Actually, cultivation means making difficult choices. Once you choose Dafa, nothing will be missed. During several hours of lecture, Teacher talked a lot, and purified our bodies. He also purified the bodies of family member of those practitioners in attendance. At the end, Teacher walked around the conference room and rotated the big Falun. The sacred and magnificent scenes will stay in my memory forever. I came back right in time to catch the exam.

Seeing Teacher for the Third Time

This is the most precious moment in my life. Because I was very close to Teacher, His smile and voice left a deep impression on me.

Between May and June in 1997, there was an art exhibition in Changchun, celebrating the five-year anniversary of Teacher teaching the Fa. Practitioners from our campus practice site did what we should do with the most sincere heart. Because we would soon graduate and go to different cities, an assistant (a practitioner) invited us to have a gathering.

On June 24, 1997, we came to the home of this practitioner. While they were all in the room, I came to the living room to read a comic book. After a while, someone came in - I looked up and saw that it was Teacher. Teacher left his bag on the table, while I sat there stunned. Although I had studied the Fa for nearly three years, I never thought that I would have such good fortune to meet Teacher in person. Therefore, although I saw Teacher, I could not believe it in my heart. I couldn't help myself and started to shout! Teacher smiled and told me to lower my voice, then He turned around to look for some slippers.

That day there were more than twenty people in the room. Teacher could not find the other slipper. This could be my most regrettable memory: I looked for the slipper together with Teacher, however, I did not realize that I could have given my slippers to Him. It actually is not a small incident, since it reflected the selfishness in me, deeply embedded from the old universe. While Teacher faces so many beings with a bad nature, He saved us with forgiveness and compassion just like a father.

Nobody knew that Teacher would come. Actually, at that time Teacher had already started teaching the Fa overseas. We saw the pictures of Him teaching overseas, thus we thought that Teacher was abroad. Actually, Teacher had just come back and nobody knew about it. Teacher talked with several staff members, while the rest of us sat quietly on the floor in another room. Some practitioners had tears all over their faces. Teacher came over. His figure was tall. He gave us more than one hour of lecture. Teacher knew that we were going to different areas, and he said we were seeds of Dafa. That day there were many new practitioners, and they asked some naive questions. Teacher answered them with great care and forgiveness.

I sat at the very front and I was the closest to Teacher. Teacher dressed simply but looked compassionate and majestic. He wore a very ordinary white shirt and long pants. I looked down and saw that Teacher wore a pair of nylon socks. These kinds of socks were sturdy but outdated, so few people wore them at that time. His socks were not new but they looked neat. At that time I knew it was extremely precious to see Teacher in person, so I kept looking at Teacher and did not want to miss even just one second.

After the lecture, Teacher took His photo with more than twenty of us. It was interesting since although I missed my college graduation photo that day, I had the sacred opportunity to take a more precious graduation photo with my compassionate Teacher.

While Teacher was leaving, we stood there seeing him off. I was sad and reluctant to see him leave, just like a child seeing off his rarely-seen father. It was during the period of personal cultivation; how could we imagine that just after two years, extreme hardships would fall on us and shock the whole universe, and we as Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners would shoulder the sacred mission of saving sentient beings and helping Teacher to rectify the Fa.

At that time I only thought about consummation during personal cultivation. I stood in front of Teacher, looked up and said to Him, "It is very hard to see Teacher in person, I swear to Teacher that I will be persistent in cultivation to reach consummation." Teacher was compassionate to me, and I just spoke from my heart to declare my most sincere wish. He smiled and said, "I trust you, I also trust everyone here!" (Those were the original words according to my memory.) Probably every true Dafa cultivator had this thought in their hearts; our wish to cultivate in this lifetime was of course the vow we made in heaven, and we made this promise to Teacher. Even if it is just our vow in this lifetime, we definitely cannot fail in our mission and fail the trust and hope of Teacher.

Seeing Teacher the Fourth Time

On July 26, 1998, Teacher came to Changchun and gave a lecture to local assistants, so I saw Teacher again. To let all practitioners see Him, Teacher raised His chair even though it was uncomfortable for Him to sit there. During the break, many practitioners surrounded Teacher since they missed Teacher very much. Teacher kept answering practitioners' questions and He did not even have a sip of water before he resumed the lecture. At the end of the day, Teacher encouraged practitioners to be more diligent.

Ten years have since passed and I have not seen compassionate Teacher. While I was detained and resisted persecution in jail, I missed Teacher even more. I cried whenever I thought of Him and soon after, my heart would calm down and become more firm.

I had the predestined opportunity to see Teacher, and was awarded the most sacred and dignified Dafa: to be a disciple of Teacher during the Fa-rectification of the universe. It is the greatest honor and glory that people have never received since the beginning of the universe! We are all the most fortunate, the happiest and the most admired lives.

Through nine years of tribulations, we have honored our pre-historic vows and created the greatest glory in the history of humanity. We serve as the best validation of Dafa. We are more grateful now for Teacher's grand compassion. Thank you Teacher for your compassion, sacrifice and salvation. We will definitely be diligent so that we will not fail Teacher, not fail sentient beings, and not dishonor our most sincere wish and the numerous reincarnations we went through in the universe.

Written on July 28, 2008