(Minghui.org) On June 18, the Minghui website, with Master's permission, published Master's "Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference", which did not include the question and answer session. Shortly thereafter, maliciously fabricated counterfeit versions of the scripture and videos appeared on Boxun, Youtube, and other websites outside of China, with the intent to confuse public opinion, disrupt the Fa, and mislead people. In recent days these fake scriptures have made their way to some areas in China. We hope that Dafa disciples, especially those in Mainland China, will not be moved or be interfered with by these despicable tricks on the part of CCP agents.

Nothing that we encounter on the path of cultivation happens by coincidence. Let us turn these spies' interference and disruptions into opportunities for improving our xinxing and clearing away bad things, and do a better job of seizing the time to cultivate and rescue people.

June 28, 2008