"You People Are Really Great"!

While distributing an Epoch Times special edition regarding the attacks in Flushing, a man from Shandong Province came to us and said: "You people are great! Under such a situation, you can still be like this. You are really great." What he referred to was that under the CCP's brutal persecution of Falun Gong, practitioners still hold on to justice and tell people the truth. He then continued to state that the CCP is truly bad and he and his whole family have already withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Those Who Cause the Disturbances Lose Face For All Chinese

A 74 year old lady who looked much younger than her real age said: "I have already taken two of these newspapers." I said: "Then you don't need another one." She replied: "I'm taking it for my friends and neighbors. I take one to them every weekend." I then told her that she could take a few more if she would like. She said: "I like the Epoch Times. It tells the truth. I used to like the World Journal but it has changed now. Has the CCP bought it?" I said: "Many people had same doubts. The Epoch Times is not affiliated to any political group thus it gives fair reports."

She continued: "Look, those people who beat up and insulted others in Flushing might be controlled by the Chinese Consulate." I replied: "Most likely they are. Chinese people in general are civilized and tolerant toward each other. Only people who are poisoned by the CCP's hatred would be so unreasonable. Some of them got paid by the Consulate and others were pumped up by CCP hate propaganda."

She said: "Those people were barbaric and obscene. They lost face for other Chinese. Here is the United States, not China." I said: "Correct. This is not the CCP's land. Those people will be kicked aside by the CCP after they have used them. If anything happens to them, the CCP's embassy won't come to help them."

"Of course. Look at the cases in Australia and South Korea. The Chinese embassy told students and some local Chinese to come out. When those people were arrested by the police, the Chinese embassy did not care about them at all. They were stupid," she said. I said: "I feel sorry for them. Just a moment ago several of them were here cursing at people."

She stated: "Ignore them." I replied: "I don't mind. But it's sad for them. They were sold by the CCP but they did not realize it, instead they were still counting the cash received from the selling for the CCP!"