(Clearwisdom.net) On March 20, Taiwan representative in Sweden, Dr. Jong-jen Chiu and wife watched the opening show of the Divine Performing Arts in Stockholm. Jong-jen Chiu said: "The performance of the Divine Performing Arts has extremely positive significance, can enlighten people's will, and is worth for everyone to support and watch."

Dr. Jong-jen Chiu and wife watched the opening show of the Divine Performing Arts in Stockholm

Haven't Had Such Feelings for a Very Long Time

After the show, Jong-jen Chiu said with emotion: "I haven't had such feelings for a very long time, and haven't seen such a wonderful show for a very long time, I'm very touched. Divine Performing Arts displays the exquisiteness and emotions of our Chinese culture, it is the best way to influence people's will."

"Actually every program is unusual splendor, I like all. The last program 'Victory Drums' was very touching, the formation was also big. All performers are very talented, costume, stage prop and high tech backdrop and captions are splendid, the entire feeling is very good."

Gentle Power Conquers All

"What's most impressive is expressing love between people with such a gentle way. I feel this will be very powerful; the power of gentleness and love conquers all. We see in ancient and modern history that military force can't solve problems, the use of forceful power can't solve the conflict, only the power of love can strike deep into people's hearts, can melt down so many conflicts and go on an expedition."

He continued: "We have seen too much misery in this human world, should not use forcible and violent methods, should take gentle and soft power to melt hatred and conflicts, so it is easy to have peace in human society, this is a very correct path and method."

Culture and Arts Have No Boundary, Should Not Receive Any Interference

In regards to the CCP's Embassy interference with the Divine Performing Arts' show in Sweden, using the threat of affecting the relationship between two countries, Jong-jen Chiu expressed: "I read this news on paper last month, I think culture and arts have no boundary, are not divided by race, area and level, and should be easily accepted by everyone. Cultural and art performances are accepted by general populace, and should not receive any interference."

Jong-jen Chiu said: "Hope via different methods, such as gentle expression as Divine Performing Arts to arouse people's understanding and support to Falun Gong. There are so many people practicing Falun Gong in the world, it must have his truth and principles. I think it will eventually develop in areas being persecuted."

On a moral level, Jong-jen Chiu said: "Human nature is human nature after all, can't be twisted, and human nature certainly loves peace. People hope to enjoy a good and prosperous life, this is the basic requirement. Therefore the evolution of the entire society and each country are towards freedom, democracy, peace and human rights, this is the mainstream of the international society, if you violate this mainstream, you will certainly encounter every kind of difficulty."

Regarding the performance by the Divine Performing Arts, Jong-jen Chiu said heartfelt: "This has extremely positive significance, can enlighten people's will. It is worth everyone's support and coming to see it."

Jong-jen Chiu finally said: "I really appreciate Divine Performing Arts, such a wonderful dance company, to tour around the globe. It definitely has a positive impact and strength. People of the western world can see exquisite oriental culture, Chinese culture, and like our Chinese culture even more, can play this vital role. I really appreciate Divine Performing Arts!"

Prior to the show in Sweden, Jong-jen Chiu sent congratulations to the Divine Performing Arts:

"Let exquisite cultural art, warm our hearts; Let's move into power of love; Let us strive forward together, melt hatred in the human world; Let us together use love, create peace for humanity; Wish everyone peace, success, happiness and joy in the year of Rat."