Recently I've noticed something in our local area. The supply of Dafa books is sufficient and nearly every practitioner has at least two or three copies of Zhuan Falun. Since many practitioners have Dafa books at home and at work, when they attend group Fa study, they do not bring their own books. Instead, the group prepares books for everyone. When the practitioners come to the study group, they use the books there. When Fa study is over, they collect the books for next time. It seems like practitioners can read the books anywhere and that this is a convenient solution for Fa study. But, actually, using Dafa books "conveniently" is not really treasuring the Fa. So many lives that want to acquire the Fa cannot. We have already acquired the Fa. How does our xinxing tell us to treat our Dafa books? This should be brought to everyone's attention.

Many practitioners divided their Dafa books into two categories: new books and old books. Since we revised the characters in Zhuan Falun many times, every time we revised the characters, some practitioners made new books. Some practitioners felt that it was not convenient to revise the characters, so they saved their older copy of Zhuan Falun and got a new one. After a while, they had accumulated two to three copies of Zhuan Falun.

Also, when some practitioners clarified the truth and asked predestined people to study the Fa, some people did not clearly make a decision and just wanted to try it. A practitioner then kindly gave the Dafa books to that person. But the practitioner does not know how much the person really understands the Fa and how he treats the Fa. I heard that a practitioner gave the book to his relative to read. His relative understood the Fa poorly and used an unclean bag to wrap up the book and put it inside the stove hole. This is disrespectful to Dafa and this is also not good for the sentient beings.

Another phenomenon is that practitioners put the Dafa books just anywhere during Fa study. Many practitioners do not respect the books as much as they did when they had just acquired the Fa. Back then, they wrapped and carried the Dafa books very carefully. Actually, the closer it is to the end of Fa-rectification, the higher and stricter the standards we will be required to meet. If we can see the Falun and Teacher's law body in the book, we will definitely not do this anymore.

There is another phenomenon that we were unaware of. Since practitioners continued to produce copies of Dafa books, these books were stored in some practitioners' homes. Some of the practitioners who stored the books thought of passing them on to predestined people as soon as possible to let the sentient beings acquire the Fa. So they provided people with Dafa books as long as money was exchanged. In this case, the practitioners regarded the sacred Dafa books as an everyday people's book to sell.

The practitioners who produce the Dafa books should also pay attention. Many practitioners have already discussed the issue of producing Dafa books. We should all pay attention to it. We should treasure Teacher's compassionate salvation. The old forces destroyed the Dafa books before, using the excuse that the practitioners did not respect the Fa and that it was too easy for them to acquire the Fa. Since we did not do things righteously, we let these sentient beings create enormous karma. We cannot treat producing Dafa books as everyday people's work, and we cannot follow the routine of just producing more books when there are plenty available. We should seriously pay attention to this.

The evil's persecution of Dafa disciples and confiscation of Dafa books from practitioners' homes, not to mention how some sentient beings have slandered the Fa, should really wake us up and let us look inward. Rectifying our own unrighteousness is also being responsible to the Fa and responsible to the sentient beings.

April 18, 2008