The three things are what Dafa disciples currently need to do well. Human rights are something that human beings pursue and value, whereas cultivators make a goal of transcending this world. Dafa disciples' working against the persecution is what takes place on the surface, but the reality is that these are acts of saving people, saving sentient beings. The Human Rights Torch Relay does involve working against persecution and helping people to see the evil party for what it is, but it cannot take the place of clarifying the truth to save people. The Human Rights Torch Relay has everyday people as its driving force and was initiated for the purpose of exposing and resisting the evil party's persecution of the Chinese people, so it is not Dafa disciples that this event is for. Dafa disciples in Mainland China should not set aside their truth-clarification work and participate on a large scale.

Li Hongzhi
April 14, 2008