(Clearwisdom.net) Guards at Guangyuan Prison of Sichuan Province continue to torture Falun Gong practitioners cruelly. They are especially cruel towards practitioners who refuse to renounce their belief. The following are selected incidents of persecution.

Between August and December 2003, practitioners Xie Hongming, Lin Jun, Xiao Hongmo and Xu Weidong erased from a blackboard articles that slandered Falun Dafa. As a result, the police arrested and beat them. Police involved in the beatings include Ran Wei, He Zhong, Gou Jianfeng (the most viscous among them), Miao Yun, and others. All are employees at the Guangyuan Prison, Ward 2. They held several public meetings in the cafeteria of the 5th Sub-Division of Ward 2, where in an assembly, Guards Gou Jianfeng, Miao Yun, Xu Yi and He Zhong shocked practitioners Xie Hongming, Lin Jun, Xiao Hongmo, and others with electric batons. They also kicked and beat the practitioners until they passed out. Every inmate in the 5th Sub-Division witnessed or heard about the brutal beatings.

On April 12, 2005, practitioner Lin Jun was transferred from the 3rd Sub-Division of Ward 2 to the Intensive Control Division. Counselor Deng Peixin and a guards used "Wolf's Fang" sticks to beat practitioner Lin Jun openly on the exercise field. When they grew tired from beating the practitioner, they rested and then continued with the beating.

On May 11, 2005, Ran Wei (leader at Ward 2) and Wang Yijian (now Ward 2 Administrative Captain) beat practitioners Ming Qingjun, Zhang Rui, Lu Shengyun, and others. Ming Qingjun was seriously injured. He vomited blood for several days. (Note: Wang Yijian and Deng Peixin were known as the two of the four murderers in Guangyuan Prison)

In July 2005, Guards Ran Wei, He Zhong and others confined Xu Langzhou in a solitary cell for 15 days for greeting another practitioner. Inmate He Bin beat practitioner Xu Langzhou. Practitioner Zhu Weibin was tortured and beaten by murderer Yang Shijun cruelly. Practitioners Xu Weidong and Zeng Yuxian were tortured and beaten by their personal monitors Yang Gongchun and Luo Jun and others.

From May to November 2005, Guangyuan Prison used a newly formed "Forced "Reform" of Falun Gong Practitioners Task Force," headed by Deputy Prison Head Xie Ping to torture practitioners. Task force members included Ward 2 guards Yao Baochen, Ran Wei, He Zhong, Tian Yong and Yang Jun. Ran said during a personal monitor meeting, "The provincial Prison Administrative Office assigned a quota. We have to reform 800f all practitioners. We have to achieve 1000sing all methods available and at any cost."

During the sessions of forced "reform" of practitioners, led by former deputy head of the Ward 3 Deputy Zhan Weimin, guards beat practitioners Zeng Yuxian, Ming Qingjun, Lin Jun, and others many times. They even beat Wei Yi who was 60 years old. Zhan was involved twice in the beating and torture of practitioner Zeng Yuxian. He boiled water and poured the hot water over Zeng's head. He also burned Zeng Yuxian's face with a cigarette lighter. The burn marks can still be seen on Zeng Yuxian 's face.

From May 2003 until today, especially between May and November 2005, Guangyuan Prison's Ward 2 initiated forced "re-education" (brainwashing) of practitioners. They took individual practitioners to an "inmate relaxed control cell." Guards He Zhong, Tian Yong, Yang Jun, and others, including several personal monitors took turns monitoring the practitioners around the clock. For the first few days the practitioner suffered sleep deprivation. For the next few days the practitioner was only allowed to sleep between 2 and 4 hours a day. During that time, they beat, harassed and threatened the practitioner in an attempt to force him to write the three statements. Practitioners who were tortured like this included Zhu Weibin, Yang Guobin, Lu Shengyun and Kang Li.

The so-called "Administrative" method used by guards at Guangyuan Prison include: assign 2 to 3 (sometimes 4 to 5) personal monitors to watch one practitioner around the clock. The monitors watch the practitioner during meals, personal time and sleep. They take written notes of the practitioners' activities and report back to the guards. Other than the assigned guards and personal monitors, no other guard or inmate was allowed to be in contact with the practitioner. Practitioners are not allowed to greet each other. (Before May 2005 practitioners were not allowed to watch TV, play chess or be involved in any kind of entertainment. Some regulations stipulated that the practitioners were not allowed to eat as much meat as the non-practitioners.) Practitioners who refuse to be "reformed" are denied personal phone calls or family visits. They are not allowed to buy meat and vegetable dishes. Their monthly shopping is capped at 50 yuan (other inmates are not subject to this limitation).

Guangyuan Prison Telephone: 86-839-3956042 86-839-3956444 86-839-3956422 86-839-3956062 86-839-3956421 86-839-3956302 86-839-3950100 86-839-3956141

Head of Guangyuan Prison: Wei Chengjian
Deputy Head: Xie Ping
Political Secretary: Shan Rong
Party Secretary of Ward 2: Yao Baocheng
Deputy Head of Ward 2: Ran Wei
Counselor: Ren Rui

Guards At Guangyuan Prison who most viscously tortured Falun Gong practitioners: Xie Ping, Zhan Weiming, Ran Wei, He Zhong, Tian Yong, Yang Jun, Mao Xiaolong, Gou Jianfeng, Wang Yijian, Deng Peixin, Xu Yi, Tang Bin, Miao Yun,

Guards in charge of "reform": He Zhong, Tian Yong, and Yang Jun

The Guangyuan City Police Bureau spent over 400,000 yuan for a vehicle exclusively used to survey and capture Falun Gong practitioners. On February 2006 they captured practitioner Tan Zhouping from Wanyuan City. They did not allow Tan Zhouping to sleep before midnight and forced him to get up before 5 a.m. every day. They tortured him by forcing him to stand for a long time.

Guangyuan Wangchang Prison Telephone: 4034166 4034226
Chuanbei Prison Telephone: 4032148